My art studio nestled in the forest

art studio plants

I painted my art studio green. I may have a lot of bright colors in my paintings but I love earthy colors too. Green seemed perfect for my art studio as it is nestled in the woods. I think I will paint the trim brown but that will be another day.

There is a path down to it. Here it is before I put some shade loving plants in front of it.

You have to walk down some wooden stairs to get to it. There are a bunch of wild cherry trees around it. And ferns and thimble berries and laurel bushes.

Won’t you come in?

I have lots of my favorite things in my art studio.

I have paintings up on the walls of course.

And my favorite art table. A table that used to belong to my Swedish grandmother.

My art studio seems the perfect place for my gnome collection.

My gnome Quinn sits on my table. Maybe it’s my Scandinavian blood that makes me adore gnomes.

I like sketching gnomes.

This is my other art studio gnome – Oleg.

Studio gnome "Oleg"

He was the inspiration for my painting “Spreading Enormous Joy.” He feels like he could inspire magic.

So I put him on a mug that says “My Magic Mug.”

Magic Gnome Mug

Maybe Quinn will inspire a new painting. He looks so wise and sweet.

wooden gnome

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a magical week ahead.

Hugs to you ♥


Original Painted Steer Skull

steer skull art by lindy gaskill

I love the look of a southwest style painted steer skull. And I thought it would be fun to paint one myself.

When we were in Baja last Spring I got the chance.

A man stopped by our place one day with a pick up truck full of plain, white steer skulls. All of them were beautiful. It’s often hard to find ones that are so complete and not deteriorated. I chose one to paint and purchased it.

We cleaned it up and set it out to dry. But guess who got into it? Our little snoopy dog Belle. Here she is smiling at what she did.

smiling border collie

She chewed the end off it. You can see the ragged edge of the nose.

Plain Steer Skull

I ended up rebuilding that part with papier-mâché. In the end, one can’t tell at all so I was pleased.

Now, what to paint on it? There are so many ideas for painted steer skulls on Pinterest.

I didn’t want to be too influenced by others although it’s hard not to be.

I eventually came up with an idea and sketched it onto the steer skull with pencil.

I first put down a layer of white gesso in the area I wanted to paint. This will make the paint last longer.

And then I painted it using my acrylics.


Steer skull art beginning painting

I didn’t worry about going outside the lines as I knew the background color would paint over it.

I think it came out nice.

It went through changes along the way though.

Notice the design has changed by adding orange flowers instead of the fanned graphic below.

original painted steer skull

I made it with a yellow background at first but I didn’t like how it fought with the turquoise top portion.

Painted Steer Skull by Lindy Gaskill


Painted steer skull by Lindy Gaskill

I liked the turquoise so I decided to paint more of what I liked which is always a good idea.

I like it much better now.

steer skull art

original steer skull painting

I’m not sure if I’ll ever do another painted steer skull but this one was fun for my very first one.

What do you think?



Update on Art Studio Remodel

sweeping walls of art studio

We’re back in Sedro Woolley and Greg and I have been working on my art studio remodel. I’m excited to say it’s almost done.

I loved my old studio and this one is similar and about the same size. Both are sheds turned into an art studio.

More Work to Do

We still need to paint the outside of it and put some molding around the floor but then I can start moving stuff in!

I can’t wait to start decorating it!

The photos below don’t show the laminate floor we put in but it came out really nice. I’m very pleased with the whole thing!

Working on the Studio

Here are some photos of Greg and I working.

lindy and greg working on studio

Greg working on drywall

art studio drywalling

Greg Gaskill

art studio remodel

I’ll be showing more photos of the finished studio soon.

What projects have you been working on?

Thanks for stopping by!

This shed is getting a remodel into an art studio

before studio shot

So many of you know we moved to Sedro Woolley to a place on the Skagit River. So I haven’t had a usable art studio for awhile.

Today, we were finally able to empty out this little shed. It was used as a storage shed this past winter and has been waiting to have it’s contents moved into the garage! And now it’s done!

I’m so excited because this is going to be the home of my new art studio! It’s small but it will be plenty big for what I need.

It will need a remodel to make it usable of course.

My sweetie said he could put a skylight and windows in it! Yay! That will be wonderful as it is a bit dark in the woods.

I can’t wait to get started. First up, clean it, inside and out!

I’ll post some more pics when it gets further along.

Creative Joy by Jennifer Louden

Creative Joy Art Studio

I just signed up recently for Jennifer Louden’s Newsletter.  One get’s a free download of her Guide “How to Follow Through on Your Creative Desires” when you sign up. It sounded intriguing so I signed up.

She also has a free download on her website titled Creative Joy Journal + Playbook. She says about it, “Write in, draw in, and dribble crumbs on, paint on, and cry tears over! Download for free at (near the bottom of the page).

There are some questions in it that she asks you to answer. So I did. I share my answers to them below.

Creative Joy by Jennifer Louden – The Questions:

When you hear the words creative joy, what springs to mind? First thoughts best thoughts, all are welcome, forget censoring.

Creative joy is letting go. Letting the creativity flow. No Blocks. Flow flow flow. Be a conduit. Happiness. Create from the heart. From the soul. Play!

What did your creative joy look like this week?

Painting. Walking. Taking a hike. Face to the rain. Smile.

What do you wish it had looked like?

More time in the studio. More time painting. More uninterrupted time.

What are 5 moments of creative joy from any time in your life – yesterday to 4 years old? Let whatever comes to you be enough.

Painting in my New York Manhattan studio.

Painting on a Peggy Zehring retreat in the San Juan islands.

Writing a poem that seemed to flow through me with no effort.

Making a giant mobile.

Writing the Moonhead mama story – The adventures of Milo Moon.

What gets in the way of your creative joy?

Too much busy-ness.

What else?

Not following through on my plans/ideas/goals.

What else?

“Shoulds” and my inner critic.

What feeds your creative joy?

Uninterrupted time. Color. Play. Nature. Light. Music. No stress. Dance. Meditation. Yoga. Healthy food. Letting go and not caring what others think. Fun. Laughter. Writing. Intuition.

If your creative joy had a voice, what would it say about what it loves, needs, and hates?


Be here now. Light. Space. Art and Music.


Color! Time to create. Creative tools to work with.


Hates it when I don’t spend time in the studio creating.


And what if your creative joy had a voice? What would it say?

Painting on a sunlit morning.

art studio window with forest

Painting on a sunlit morning.

The forest shines beyond my window.

Soaking up the light through the window, paint is selected.

Cadmium yellow, Phalo blue, a vivid red, Mars black, white.

A clear mind. Tapping into intention.

I become a conduit of energy, conjuring images, my brush moves across the canvas.

Pattern. Shapes. Texture. String dabbled in paint.

Pattern scraped and printed, brushed and stamped.

More color here…

more color there.

The art is magic.

Harnessing the sacred moment of creativity, the enchanted feeling of pure joy, the painting is unleashed with vivid color and a heartbeat of wonder.

Emotions released.

To heal, to learn, living the bliss of the creative moment.

I am blessed.

Art embraced and welcomed with all my heart.

Grateful and honored to make art, to live the creative life.

To spread the joy of color and emotion, of images and pattern, of feeling and beams of light.

Painting in the studio today

Artist Lindy Gaskill working in studio

It’s cloudy and rainy today. A good day to be working on my paintings.

I love painting in the studio! It’s not that cold out but I am bundled up so I can have the door open and the fresh forest air come inside.

Lindy Gaskill in Studio

This is what’s on my art table.


Belle likes keeping me company. 🙂 What a sweetie!


I like using my old 2007 Jubelale six pack packaging to store some supplies.


My studio gnome “Oleg” watches over the happenings!

Studio gnome "Oleg"

I love the view of the forest out my window!


Peace, Lindy


What I'm Learning in the Bloom True e-course

my work table
my work table today

I am really loving the Bloom True e-course by Flora Bowley. It’s such a nice mix of video’s, instruction, interviews, sketchbook time, gratefulness, yoga, etc. It is truly a mind, body, spirit type of class and it is just what I had hoped it would be.

I understand why it is titled the “brave, intuitive you” e-course. It definitely takes being brave to push oneself to make authentic paintings based on the symbols, and marks from one’s intuitive and true self.

There has been a level of frustration though with my painting. But no more than what I usually feel as I delve into the painting process. There is a point where my work looks pretty ugly! But I know from experience that they will get better as I continue to work on them. Flora calls this the ‘akward teenager phase”. Most of my paintings are in this phase right now. Yuck!

I know when I’m not trusting my intuition too. And that is when I start judging or comparing or analyzing what I’m doing.That’s when I get out of the flow but it’s a process of discovery as the paintings develop and I love it!

Flora talks about the artist being a vessel, allowing the creativity to flow through our hands onto the canvas. I like this idea of the the artist as a conduit because I often feel that way. When I’m painting, I’m not thinking too hard about what I’m doing. I try to let my intuitive self take over and be the channel to let the creative juices flow!

My Studio
My studio today

So I am learning a great deal about process and pushing the limits. Things that I knew before but often have let slide. So this course is a great one to get me back on track.

I’m learning about trusting my intuition and being bold. I’m learning about making my own personal marks. I’m learning about building layer, after layer, after layer and being okay with all this paint I’m putting on my canvas. I’m learning to trust that a painting will emerge from these colorful, textured layers.

There is a point when one starts to see things in the painting and I’m learning to not force it, to let it emerge slowly. I think in the past I was starting too early in my process with imagery. Now I am working slower and making more marks in the under layers which allows more variety for me to see things emerge. I love this!

And I’m learning that it is okay to cover up things with more marks because maybe something even better will emerge. And that definitely takes being brave! To cover up an image that I like for something else. But the beauty is, as Flora reminds us, if you mess up you can always keep building up layers with more marks and more paint until you start seeing things you like.

Meanwhile, as I work on my paintings for the e-course, I’ve been working on some other paintings. Here is a sneak peak of some of the detail from them.

Title of my new painting is Big Sun, Little Moon
Title: Big Sun, Little Moon
Title of this piece is The Wishing Bowl

Title: Where Dreams are Born

Happy creating!

Transforming my art studio

I was going to do a post about 2011 and my story about getting to where we are now in Prescott, AZ but then I decided nope, I’m going to start blogging about today, right now. Sorry the story is getting a skip in it since I haven’t been writing much lately. But just know that things are straightening themselves out and I’m getting back on track with my art.

First thing up, getting my art studio ready to work in.

The below photo shows where it started after I tore off the yucky wood walls. I have to tell you the previous owners had about 18 cats. And my studio was cat central so you can imagine the smell. The wood walls had to go! Luckily we got the cat smell to disappear! It had us worried for a while but luckily there are products one can buy that get rid of the odor for good. And it did.


I have a lot of stuff to put in this studio and it’s just waiting to get organized.

My studio is in the basement but the skylights bring in nice light! I like the big windows.


Today I finished plastering the walls. It came out pretty good. Next comes paint and some window sills and some shelving.

studio3Someday this room may get turned into a sunroom with lots of plants…but for now it’s my studio. This basement room is getting transformed into my art studio and I know I’m going to love it! I can’t wait to finish it so I can start working in it. I’ll show you more pics later.

The Journey Continues

I love the Brave Girls Club email from today.

Heresthetruth(Header art by the Brave Girl’s Club)

Dear Lovely Girl,

Are you suffering from destination frustration? It’s quite amazing that we often really really really let ourselves believe that ‘someday’ we will get ‘there’. Someday we will have it all figured out, someday we will have the perfect day, or the perfect body, or the perfect year, or the perfect family, or the perfect marriage. And then we hold on to that belief and we wait and wait and wait for the happiness it will bring, and work and work and work for it, making us blind to all of the things that are gifts in the every day.

The fact is, we never really do get ‘there’ and have it stay ‘there’ for any length of time without the same amount of work that it took to get ‘there’. The journey just continues until the day we die. This is why it’s so important to understand that it’s all about the journey. It’s about using your best china every day, and saying the words in your heart every day, and treating every day like it might be the last day and not waiting any more.

Because really, the only destination that we truly have control over is our mindset. And that can happen NOW. So why wait? THIS IS YOUR LIFE. TODAY. RIGHT NOW.

Make the most of it. See that you already are someONE wonderful even though you might have been tricked into thinking that it’s all about being on the way to someWHERE wonderful. 

You are there because you are you.

And you are so loved.

And what is my “there” that I’m trying to get to?

My painting style. Lately I’ve been frustrated with what I’m doing in my work. I want it to be something different but I’m not sure what I want it to be and I’ve been fussing over getting there. But this Brave Girl’s Club email reminds me to relax and enjoy the journey right now. That the shift I’m feeling will happen when it happens and I shouldn’t push it or worry about it or think there is something better than what I’m doing right now. It reminds me to be happy and stop worrying about having the perfect painting.

I think this shift in style I’m after will happen over time whether I want it to or not. It just will. If my mindset is that I want a change in style then it will most likely happen…slowly….it will. Things like this can’t be forced.

But it will only happen if I’m in the studio painting!

I’ve been trying to spend more time doing just that and less time doing other things like being on the computer! Although I love my computer and I admit to being quite the computer nerd, it does suck the time away from my studio time.

I have a bunch of projects under way that I’ve been working on. One of them is the Place::Twelve exhibit painting.

The theme of the show is How Bend’s Past Inspires the Present. The exhibit will showcase the work of 13 juried artists, with me being one of them. Twelve of the artists select a historic photo of Bend from the archives of the Des Chutes Historical Museum and create a work of art inspired from the photo.

The photo I chose is of Klondike Kate.

Kate Rockwell aka Klondike Kate
Kate Rockwell aka Klondike Kate

She was a Bend resident who was involved in the community back in the early 1900’s. She lived in Bend for 30 years! She volunteered her time and efforts to the hospital and the local fire department. She helped purchase Bend’s first fire truck.

My painting is a conceptual piece. It’s not supposed to be just a painting of Klondike Kate. This photo is to be inspiration for a painting about how Bend’s Past Inspires the Present. I’m painting a work that shows how one person can set the chain in motion to inspire others. It’s about women who give of their time and effort to the community. How one person can inspire another. My painting is titled “Women in Rhythm.”

I started with some sketches and then I made a preliminary painting before I started the final version. My preliminary painting is one I became very frustrated with because of that “style” thing….I wanted it to be different…and it wasn’t turning out the way I wanted. Then I started another painting and this one flowed. This one was more like it. This one I was feeling that shift. I’ll show you some pics after I do the final touches on it . So stay tuned.

So what is your “there” that you’ve been trying to get to and can you relate to the Brave Girl’s Club email too?

Happy journey to you.

See My Curiosity Cabinet

I came across a website called
There is a pdf one can get for free that is about 5 Ways to Rally Criosity, Delight & Dee[ Connnection into Your Creative Profession & Life.
in a nutshell # 2 was:
Keep a personal or professional curiosity cabinet
I had an ah ha moment when I read the words Curiousity Cabinet. That is exactly what I made one time but never had a word or title for it. I just alled it that old medicine cabinet filled with stuff! I LOVE my “curiosity cabinet.” I love the my curiosity cabinet finally has a name for itself. Curiousity Cabinet. Yay!
Here is a photo of it:

I came across a website called and there was a free download titled ” 5 Ways to Rally Curiosity, Delight & Deep Connnection into Your Creative Profession & Life.” Sounded fascinating to me, so I downloaded it!

In a nutshell # 2 was:     Keep a personal or professional curiosity cabinet

I had an “ah ha” moment when I read the words “curiousity cabinet.” I won’t go into what they meant by it because I was relating to the words in my own way.

“Curiousity cabinet” is exactly what I have hanging in my art studio! But I never had a word or title for it before. I just called it that “old medicine cabinet”! I LOVE my “curiosity cabinet.” I love that my curiosity cabinet now has a name for itself. Curiousity Cabinet. Yay!

I think it’s fun to see what people have in their art studios so here is my curiosity cabinet. Maybe it will inspire you to make one too.


I found this metal medicine cabinet when I lived in New York City back in the late 90’s. It was in a junk pile on the sidewalk. One cool thing about Manhattan is that you can find some pretty cool stuff left out on the street for the garbage collector. It was in pretty good condition with a mirror on the front. It was a bit rusty and needed a good coat of paint. So I took it off the heap and brought it home.

I covered it with blue paint and stamped it with black texture and painted yellow swirls on the sides.


I started filling it’s interior with photos, keepsakes, knick knacks, souvenirs and inspiringl items! It sure filled up fast. Here’s some photos of the individual shelves.

The top holds my handmade Christmas ornament that I call “Gift Giving Spirit Woman”. I made a bunch of these back in the early 90’s. On the right is my treasured “Fava Bean” pastel by New York artist Amelia Foster, and then there is some cool driftwood I picked up on beach combing excursions.


The next shelf holds my black and white animal collection started when I got the black ceramic pony made by my mom when she was little. I treasure that little guy. Now I have a rabbit, a couple little skunks and a panda to go with him.


Next shelf down holds my small buddha collection. That got started when I inherited some of them from my great aunt.


And then on the bottom shelf I have my blue dog postcard from when I went to the exhibit in NYC. Blue Dog is made by the artist George Rodrigue. And there is the little girl art who reminds me to “do art” that my friend made for me. And the painted yellow ceramic rabbit is one I made in an art therapy class along time ago and the glass paperweight is from my mom.


I love the inside of the front because of it’s eclectic collection of mementos.


Here’s some close ups. This is me, loving on a dog. When my parents took that photo I’m sure that’s when they knew I was going to be an animal lover.


A co-worker made this silly hand head cartoon.


There are ticket stubs from some of the exhibits I saw in NYC. And then I got this little flyer at a club that says “Now that you live in N.Y., start living like you’re in N.Y.” I like that one. And then there’s the cool magnet that a friend sent one time.


So that’s my curiousity cabinet. Now that you’ve seen mine, go make one of your own. If you do, I’d love to see it!


Have fun!

~ L.

We're going travelling


We’re going on a road trip to Baja. It’s going to be a nice getaway especially after the past month we’ve gone through with my Mom passing. Greg and I will be gone for 2 months. I sure am looking forward to it!

I have to say we don’t think of this time as a “vacation” though because we both will be working while we’re gone except when we’re driving of course, but we will be having fun and enjoying ourselves too. It’s always an adventure to go to Mexico!

We’ll be in contact because we will have internet service almost the whole time. So I’ll be writing blog posts and updating my Twitter and Facebook accounts. My Etsy Shop will remain open but I won’t be filling any orders until the beginning of July when we get back.

I love travelling with Greg. We are the best travel buds because he loves to drive and I don’t. He likes to have long conversations about nerdy things like online marketing and so do I. He likes playing loud music and I do too.

He loves stopping to get a coffee while driving on a long road trip and since I don’t drink coffee very often, I love it when we do that because it always feels like a treat!


We’re driving to southern Baja. We’re planning on 7 days to get there. Our first night will be at a Hot Springs Resort that Greg surprised me with for my Birthday! Okay, that part IS vacation time.

Then we will camp a night and then spend a night with Greg’s Mom near L.A. Then we’ll be in Mexico for the next 3 nights till we reach Todos Santos, located in southern Baja on the pacific side.

We do like to follow a plan but we also like to be flexible and love checking out new places. We’ll be staying in a new area on our way down. More about that later.


I’m planning on doing some new paintings in my Baja art studio. And I’ll be making some art videos for my youtube channel while I’m down there too.

I’ll tell you more about our travel adventure in other blog posts this week. We’re packing this week, lining up the housesitter and getting ready for the trip. I’m excited to go. We leave Sunday. We’re taking the dogs with us too.

There is a saying that I got on one of my birthday cards that goes like this, I really like it:

“I think it’s true what they say

Life really is a journey –

and it’s not always easy to know

which maps to trust

or what to pack for the trip.

But whatever the weather,

wherever the road leads,

I think the best possible

traveling advice would be this:

Bring a friend.”

– Keely Chace


So come along. Check this blog often and find out what it’s like driving through Baja, Mexico and living there for 2 months.