ceramic raven mug

My Favorite Raven Art Mugs

I love raven art mugs! Ravens are such mischievous, interesting creatures! Some people love them, some people hate them. I love them! I don’t have any raven mugs for sale yet but maybe one day I will. But you can find raven art prints in my Etsy Shop.

A number of years ago, one of my art collectors, sent me this gorgeous mug by Natalie Warrens, a Portland, Oregon artist. I love the black with the blue background and the red spirals. It’s very dreamy!

Natalie Warrens Raven Art Mug

It’s funny how one tends to pick certain mugs to drink from and I love having favorite mugs to choose from depending on how I’m feeling.

I thought you might like to see some other cool raven mugs that I found online. I know some of these might seem expensive but you can’t put a price on art and how much joy it brings you every time you see or use it! Plus they are handmade!

I will note, some of these mugs are no longer available for sale but perhaps the artist will do a custom order for you if you find one you love.

This one is from The Clay Bungalow on Etsy. I love how the raven is bowing to pick up the cherry. The spots of red and yellow leaves with the black is striking. The way the leaf and berries wrap into the inside is cool too.

The Clay Bungalow Raven Mug

Gaean Allusions Studio has made this ceramic raven mug below which has a very whimsical quality. And you know I love whimsical!

Kick The Moon Studio has made this black and white one. I like the raw quality of it. I also like the little button on the handle to put your thumb!

You can find lots of cool mugs at Crazy Cat Lady Ceramics on Etsy. This one is great with the icons and the raven. I love a magical looking cup! And I like the sepia tone on this one with the white background. It’s unique.

Chris Hudson and Shelly Hail are the artists at Crazy Cat Lady Ceramics and they write, “The raven is a symbol of eternal life and the link between heaven and earth. The other talismans like the hamsa and the hexagram all represent good luck and protection. With every sip, the user is calling in the good and keeping out the bad. It’s a good luck magic cup!”

The Pagan Slip has these handmade and slab built raven mugs available. I like the colors and the position of the crow that looks like it is dancing.

Wild Crow Farm Pottery (don’t you love the names of these pottery studios) has this whimsical raven butterfly mug. So cute!

whimsical butterfly wing raven mug

This little crow is comical and sweet on this mug. It’s by Burnt Thistle Ceramics.

This one is gorgeous! I love the wings spread on this raven by Retro Ramics. Charlene and Amy are the ceramic artists who make these beautiful illustrations on their mugs. As they say, “It is a hand-crafted one-of-a-kind artwork (small imperfections are implicit in the process). Each mug is unique.”

Hope you enjoyed looking at the raven mug images.
Do you have a favorite ceramic artist? Let me know in the comments below.

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sugar skull pink on yellow background

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Tshirt

I love working in Photoshop or Illustrator to create designs to put on tshirts and home decor. Recently I created a Day of the Dead Sugar Skull tshirt design.

Since I am in Mexico, I think it is no surprise that I would be influenced by this Dia de los Muertos Mexican heritage festivity. I have made some other Day of the Dead designs and one of them I put on a recycled flower planter box made from a washing machine drum.

And one with the pink sugar skull.

Tshirt comes in 6 different colors with a hot pink sugar skull.

Or get a tank top with a sugar skull at:

Day of the Dead white sugar skull design on a blue pillow.

Find it on Amazon at

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Pillow

If you would like to see more of my work on fun products, check out the bottom of this page.

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positive affirmations card

Digital Download Affirmation Card Deck

My digital download Affirmation Card Deck is one tool I use for creating the life that I want to live. I believe these positive words help me manifest my goals and keep positive energy running through my life.

To help you with having positive affirmations in your life, I’ve created a few digital download Affirmation Card Decks which you can purchase inexpensively in my Etsy Shop. Print them out and use them in your personal projects. They are not for commercial use or for reselling.

Above all, they can help you get to the heart of what you want to create in your life. It’s sort of like reprogramming your mind to think a certain way. I believe we are what we think we are. So using positive affirmations is self-talk that can benefit you in lots of ways!

intentions card deck etsy

Positive Affirmation Card Decks

The best way you phrase positive affirmations is if they are already true. Not that you would like them to be true but that they already are true!

Sometimes your mind will register a negative word even though you are saying it positively. So be careful how you word affirmations. You may say, “I no longer feel stress” but the word stress is what your mind hears so if you say instead, “I feel peace within” you are more apt to actually feel peaceful.

There are so many places you can put these cards so you see them during the day. Put them on the fridge, on the bathroom mirror, your window sill, in your pocket or purse. Tape it to the dash in your car or on your computer screen. Remind yourself how wonderful and creative you are with these affirmations!

Card Deck for Wellness and Weight Loss

In addition, I have a Deck for Wellness and Weight Loss. A DIY card deck to help you commitment to your health and fitness goals.

Sometimes I will pick a card for the day and repeat the affirmation throughout my day. I love the little reminder and to help me with staying fit.

Intention Words Card Deck

And there is a deck with individual intention words. Get started using intentions with this colorful card deck.

By setting an intention before you get up in the morning or before your meditation or yoga practice, it allows the Universe to know how you would like your life to proceed. My Intention card deck comes with an instruction sheet on how to use them with intention sentences.

Artist Use of the Intention Deck

If you are an artist, you can also use these cards to inspire you while you paint! Are you stuck with what to paint next? Pick a card from the deck, for example it might be the “Passion” card. What mark or image can you make that represents that word? Maybe use red in your next paint stroke, or make a heart or kiss shape.

Then pick another card. Maybe it is the “Quiet” card. What represents that word? Is it a soft breeze? A light stroke? Paint what you feel when you think of that word. Or use the colors from the cards. Pick a card and use the colors from it in your next paint strokes. Let your imagination take over and tap into your intuition.

Free Bookmarks

There are also 3 free om lotus bookmarks with all the downloads.

Create the life that you want with these positive affirmation cards. Have fun using them!

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stars and light

Celestial digital download print

I’ve always loved celestial things. They are magical. I love the stars and the moon and what they represent.

For me, their symbolism is about how we are all connected. How the permanency of earthly things is fleeting but the universe is endless!

The universe is always there and always will be. Long after we are not on this earth.

Inspired by Celestial Quotes

Quotes that mention stars, the galaxy, planets and the universe are so inspiring! I’m always attracted to them.

“I think the Earth and everything around it is connected – the sky and the planets and the stars and everything else we see as a mystery.” — Sarah Brightman

“Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” — Sarah Williams

“Be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high. Then life seems almost enchanted after all.” — Vincent Van Gogh

Celestial Events

A couple years ago, the solar eclipse left a huge impression on me. There was an infinity of half moons floating around our yard. Not many people know about this but I took some photos to prove it. And I captured them in two paintings I titled “In the Shadow on the Floating Moons I and II” And recently, we experienced the lunar eclipse.

When we were in Baja we were able to see the lunar eclipse very clearly! It was if the moon was a little ball hanging in the sky and you could reach up and pluck it from the sky. The 3-D imagery of it was incredible.

These celestial events have inspired me to create this print.

I’ve created a celestial digital download print using some of the imagery from one of my paintings. It is a single mason jar filled with the universe. Pure magic in a jar.

You are stars and light

“You are stars and light” digital print

With a file size that is 8″ x 10″, it will print out nicely on a 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper.

I’ve used Photoshop to enhance and create the imagery. I really enjoy creating digital art using my paintings! Moreover, I’ve been using Procreate to make art so stay tuned for more imagery from that.

Have fun with this celestial print!

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Be Happy Tshirt

Amazon Tshirts for sale by Art by Lindy

I am re-posting some of my old blog posts since my blog was hacked and I lost everything.

One of the things that lights me up is making things. That is probably obvious since I’m an artist. But I really like making art and putting them on products to send out into the world! Spreading the love you might say. So I sell prints of my work on Etsy and I have a Zazzle shop for home decor.

With the same thought in mind, I applied for a Merch account on Amazon and now I have Amazon Tshirts for sale! That means I can now sell T-shirts on Amazon. Amazon Merch is a tier system. So I started with 10 designs and once I sold 10 T-shirts, they bumped me to 25. After selling 25 T-shirts, they bump me to 50 and now I am at 100.

This is a fun one below as it is one of my favs. The Be Happy. Follow Your North Star T-shirt.

Be Happy. Follow Your North Star

It is inspired by all those people working hard to follow their dreams! Like me and many of my friends and family! What about you? Are you following your dreams? If so, be happy and keep on keeping on!

Next up is my Yoga Girls T-Shirt. A favorite as I love yoga and I love the saying “We Are One” plus I love flower power floral designs! It’s a great combination.

For some other products besides Tshirts. I have colorful lotus art for sale as a print in my Etsy shop and a pillow in my zazzle shop.

Hope you like my Tshirts on Amazon and other art decor for sale!

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