Lumaprints Partner Spotlight Artist

Lumaprints, who I partnered with a few years ago, asked me to be a Partner Spotlight Artist for their blog. It features an artist interview and photos of my work.

I love artist’s interviews and have done a few over the years such as the one for Art is Fun. So I was thrilled to do it. I love partnering with Lumaprints as they make beautiful prints!

My customers love the prints too! You can read some of my 5 star Etsy Reviews in my Etsy Shop.

Lumaprints Partner Spotlight artist Lindy Gaskill

I like the article’s introduction. Particularly where they say – “Lindy, an acrylic painter and creator of vibrant, whimsical art, resides in the Pacific Northwest and draws inspiration from the region’s lush landscapes. With a passion for infusing her creations with vivid hues, her work reflects her energy and joy. Her art marries the beauty of nature with expressive artistry, offering a feast of color for the eyes and soul.”

Inspired by vivid color and nature

I feel energized and happy when creating with vivid colors. Nature inspires me with birds, trees, and shapes like my favorite, the swirl! You can see my style in these pieces below.

Lindy Gaskill Etsy Shop

A few things I love about my artist feature, besides the introduction are the great questions such as about my creative process and other questions like – How do you handle creative blocks or challenges in your work? and Can you share some of your most successful pieces on Etsy, and what you believe contributed to its success?

I enjoy reading the Partner Spotlight series myself! Reading what other artists are doing and finding new art to admire is inspiring! Every artist has a story and I especially love learning an artist’s process and what inspires them.

Lumaprints Blog

You too can read the Lumaprints blog. Read the Partner Spotlight series, and more and be inspired!

Check out my artist interview here:

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I make colorful, boho art to uplift the spirit! I love that hippie laid-back vibe of boho decorating. The paintings I create show my love of colorful artwork, joy and positive energy! The spirits within nature – tiny birds, the intriguing raven, trees that dance in the wind, all spring to life in my paintings.