hibiscus mural

Colorful Painted Hibiscus Mural

Inspired by the beautiful orange hibiscus flowers in our yard, I decided to repaint the mural located on the street in front of our place in Todos Santos. The mural is on what we call the old pila (water tank) that we turned into a planter a few years ago. It had a fish mural scene that I had painted but it had faded badly and looked dated. So it needed a fresh face.

orange hibiscus flower

First I made a sketch of a hibiscus flower design.

hibiscus mural sketch

Then I put it into Photoshop layered over a photo of the pila to play with the design. I tried out different colors. This is what it looked like for my inspiration.

photoshop sketch of mural
hibiscus mural freehand sketch

Next I freehand sketched it on to the pila and outlined it in dark brown. Then I started to put the colors on.

in in process painted hibiscus mural
in process painted hibiscus mural

I continued painting and filling in my sketch with colors of paint I had on hand. Once the final coats of acrylic paint were on, I outlined it in a dark brown.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the process of my hibiscus mural.

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