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Hi! I’m Lindy. I’m an acrylic painter and maker of colorful, whimsical paintings, home decor, greeting cards and wearables. I live in the Pacific Northwest where trees, birds, mountains, rivers, and other natural beauty inspire me.

I feel energized and happy when creating with vivid colors and I hope that shows in my work.

I love the visual beauty of Spirit expressed in Nature and when you combine that with art, it satisfies that craving for colorful feasts for the eyes. You can enhance your home and your mood by living with colorful art.

Some of my favorite colors are sunshine yellow, sky blue and mediterranean green – happiness, creativity and peace.

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I think we align ourselves with the colors that make us feel good. Delight in the simple pleasure of looking at colorful art. Here’s your chance to grab a free print – go here>

What happy customers are saying.

One person said:

So colorful and vibrant. Lindy’s print would be a focal point to any room!”
– Medit8

And another said:

“I don’t know how it can be but, this piece of art is even more beautiful in real life than what was on my display screen. I am so happy I purchased this thank you.”
– Kate

You will find links to my shops below where there is colorful home decor and fun, whimsical art gear. Simply click the blue link below to visit one of my shops.

Etsy Shop for Prints >

Art prints are a wonderful way to make your home show off your personality. Not only do they add beauty to a space, but they can also have a positive impact on our mental health. Studies have shown that art can reduce the stress hormone called cortisol, and colorful art can make us feel happier, calmer, or inspired.

Therefore buy some colorful art today and bring positive energy into your home or office! Because Happy walls = Happy people.

Lindy Gaskill Etsy Shop

Zazzle Shop for Home Decor >

And another way to have colorful art in your home is by decorating with art on lamps. My art lamps glow like stained glass and really make the vivid color shine! I love them!

You can also consider adding colorful art to your home by using vibrant pillows. These pieces can add a pop of color to any room and create a cohesive look with your colorful lamp. Plus, they’re easy to switch out if you want to change up your decor in the future.

Lindy Gaskill Zazzle Shop

Tshirts Here >

Designing T-shirts has been a fun experience. They are a great way to add color or a meaningful message to your wardrobe. My unique Tshirt designs will make a special gift for someone you know. You can find them in my Redbubble shop and on Amazon.

Lindy tshirts

Greeting Cards >

My greeting cards are an inexpensive yet beautiful way of having art in your home. You can purchase them by clicking here and then putting them in some frames to create a stunning montage of colorful and whimsical art on your walls. Not only that, but you can also send these greeting cards to your loved ones and make their day even brighter!
So go ahead, add some art to your home and spread some joy with my art greeting cards.

Art by Lindy Greeting Cards

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