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Hi! I’m Lindy. I love color and feel energized and happy when creating with vivid colors! I hope that shows in my work. For me, making colorful, whimsical art leads to more aliveness, healing and growth!

Using spots of bright color can add vibrancy and life to a room. It can uplift your mood and when you see that colorful spot on an otherwise boring wall, it feels celebratory!

Some of my favorite colors are sunshine yellow, sky blue and mediterranean green – happiness, creativity and peace.

I want to share the inspiration I get from nature with you, so I’m offering you one of my gallery quality giclée 6×8 inch art prints for FREE. 

I think we align ourselves with the colors that make us feel good. How do you want to feel around the art in your home? Go here to snap up one of my free prints>>

What happy customers are saying.

One person said:

So colorful and vibrant. Lindy’s print would be a focal point to any room!”
– Medit8

And another said:

“I don’t know how it can be but, this piece of art is even more beautiful in real life than what was on my display screen. I am so happy I purchased this thank you.”
– Kate

You will find links to my shops below where there is colorful home decor and fun, whimsical art gear. So just click the blue link below to go to one of my shops.

Etsy Shop for Prints >

Art prints are a wonderful way to make your home show off your personality. Because Happy walls = Happy people.

Therefore buy some colorful art today and bring positive energy into your home or office! Artwork can reduce the stress hormone called cortisol. And colorful art can affect our moods making us feel happier, calmer or inspired.

Tree print in Artwork by Lindy Etsy Shop

Zazzle Shop for Home Decor >

And another way to have colorful art in your home is by decorating with art on pillows or lamps. My art lamps glow like stained glass and really make the vivid color shine! I love them!

colorful pillow art by lindy

Tshirts Here >

It’s been fun designing Tshirts. They are a lovely way to adorn your body with color or a meaningful message. My unique Tshirt designs will make a special gift for someone you know. You can find them in my Redbubble shop and on Amazon.

tshirt by art by lindy

Greeting Cards >

My greeting cards are a great way to have art in your home in an inexpensive way. Buy some art cards and put them in frames to create a montage of colorful, whimsical art on the wall. Or send one to your bestie and brighten their day!

greeting card by art by lindy

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