artbylindy on wayback machine

My website got hacked.

Well, it happened. My WordPress website got hacked and I lost my blog. All of it. And I’ve been blogging since 2009.

The image above is what it used to look like.

I have a back up of images and some info so I will consider trying to recreate some of the posts using the Wayback Machine.

And not only did that happen, but Etsy closed my shop! It has since reopened but it took awhile!

Yep, I was bummed!

Etsy closed it without an email or telling me why. I tried to contact them multiple times to ask them why with no avail. Eventually they opened it again and said it was their mistake. Just goes to show how you shouldn’t rely on them too much!

Besides Etsy, you can find my work in these other places:

My Zazzle shop has home decor and tshirts.

You can find art prints at my Society6 shop.

Greeting cards are at Greeting Card Universe.

Peace, Lindy

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I make colorful, boho art to uplift the spirit! I love that hippie laid-back vibe of boho decorating. The paintings I create show my love of colorful artwork, joy and positive energy! The spirits within nature – tiny birds, the intriguing raven, trees that dance in the wind, all spring to life in my paintings.