border4bMy acrylic painting process uses lots of acrylic paint of course and my favorite tools – like my fingers, string, wax paper, a spray bottle, sponge brushes and regular brushes too.

L. Gruger painting in studio

I’m inspired by the patinas of old painted wood and ancient tapestries and petroglyphs. For my acrylic painting process, I build up layers of acrylic over an undercoat of textural pattern which creates depth and an aged look.

I start with either heavy weight paper, wood panel or canvas that is covered with white gesso. Using wax paper, I scratch into it and stamp it into the painting to create texture. Some of the lines are made with dipping string in paint and then applying it freely to the surface.

I use the shower faucet to rub some of the paint off with water which gives it that aged look I love.

One of my favorite tools is my spray bottle and I use it often. I also use textured cloth and sponges to create pattern.

I like to make drawings of birds and sketch trees and images from nature and I implement those into my paintings.

My sketchbook is near and I jot down words or phrases while working which helps me when I’m thinking of a title for my work. I do want the viewer to make up their own story behind the painting, but I hint of it with the title of the piece.

I’m drawn to titles that have a lyrical quality to them.

A few favorite titles of mine are “Big Sun, Hidden Buddha,” “She Built Her Nest with Flowers and Bits of Sky” and “Red Dog Sleeps Under the Light of the Moon.”

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