Lindy in her baja studioGreetings!

Does colorful art make your heart sing? Does it spark your spirit with joyful energy! Me too! I’m Lindy and it makes my heart happy to make colorful paintings that bring joy to others.

“My paintings are about colorful, joyous art for the soul. My art is made to uplift the spirit and bring vivid color into your life.”

When I create art, I infuse it with positive energy to uplift the spirit. Art is so amazing. It can enliven a living space and create sparkling little areas for your eyes to catch during the day!

Color radiates energy and can change the feeling about a place. I gravitate toward sunshine yellow, sky blue and mediterranean green – joy, happiness and peace.

My hubby (and our border collie Belle) love to travel and explore this beautiful planet. We split our time between Mexico and Washington State and parts in between. When we get the itch, we go on an adventure and travel. I like to say “people do.” To read my 5-part series about my artist’s journey, go here>


Lindy in StudioMy acrylic paintings explore my interest in symbolism, nature and the idea that all things have energy and are connected. One of my goals, not taking life too seriously, helps me to create a positive and playful atmosphere in my work.

An important element of my work is vivid color. This vibrancy represents joyfulness and a life force overflowing with love, peace and positive energy. I love things that are colorful, whimsical, and uplifting with a bit of mysticism, spirituality and fantasy thrown in. As a kid, I loved drawing castles, celestial things and fantasy characters. My background in graphic design helps me work with composition, shape and a variety of mark makings.

Inspiration is everywhere – a red next to a blue, a line from a song, gardens, dream scenes, a photo, a snippet of conversation. The spirits within nature – tiny birds, the intriguing raven, trees dancing in the wind, the simple lotus blossom, they all speak to me with the miracle of their creation and this imagery springs to life in my paintings.

Being still and meditating are part of my daily practice, and when I’m in the middle of painting this is where I go. As I clear the mind and let my intuitive self take over, I often find I’m painting glowing elements which signify the radiant energy of all beings and things. Spirals swirl through the painting and remind me that life is always expanding. The connection of energy rippling outward between all things, as well as knowing that we are “all one” is my spiritual foundation and the deepest inspiration for my work.

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If you would like to see how I make my paintings, check out my process here>