“Protected by Warrior Spirit” Whimsical Painting

Warrior spirit painting

Today I’m thinking about my latest symbolic painting. I don’t often share the symbolism behind a painting as I like the viewer to create their own story about it. However, I’m going to share a bit about my newest whimsical painting titled “Protected by Warrior Spirit.” Symbolism of Protected by Warrior Spirit It is not a warrior as in the traditional soldier, fighting type. Rather it is a warrior of grace. A warrior of the divine. Of Spirit. It’s a…

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icons and symbols

Being a lover of icons, symbols and shapes, I thought I would revise a post that I did on my old blog. Sometimes I like to put a little icon in an email, blog comment or in some feedback on and I keep having to go back to my old blog to grab one. Guess I could cut them and paste them into a document on my desktop to have handy but instead I think I’ll post them here…

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Spirals, symbols and shapes

I can’t remember when I first started drawing the spiral shape in my art. Or when I claimed it as “my” symbol. I love that little swirly shape. I wear it around my neck. I bought my spiral necklace in Greece in 1995 (you’ll hear more about that trip in my Part 4, One Artist’s Journey post on Feb. 11th). I love wearing it. It’s my favorite necklace. I put the spiral in my paintings a lot! The swirl, the…

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