Creative Joy by Jennifer Louden

Creative Joy Art Studio

I just signed up recently for Jennifer Louden’s Newsletter.  One get’s a free download of her Guide “How to Follow Through on Your Creative Desires” when you sign up. It sounded intriguing so I signed up. She also has a free download on her website titled Creative Joy Journal + Playbook. She says about it, “Write in, draw in, and dribble crumbs on, paint on, and cry tears over! Download for free at (near the bottom of the page).…

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Nov. 13th An Artist's Day Notes

I AM GRATEFUL for soft falling snowflakes I CAN SEE the sun has set and it’s dusk I AM HEARING music in the distance I AM WEARING black and light blue I AM CREATING some holiday ornaments I AM MISSING having pizza, maybe we will have some tonight! I AM HOPING to start writing my Art e-Newsletter for November I AM PLANNING to have my friend from AK stay here next week PHOTO TO INSPIRE

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