palm tree

New Colorful Whimsical Acrylic Paintings

Whale, Raven, Sugar Skull Paintings

I’m in Mexico. I can see I’m being affected by it’s beauty, color and magic. I’ve always loved the sugar skulls in Mexico. I’ve done one other one a few years ago which you can purchase as a print. I felt the calling to create another. Full Bloom Sugar Skull, 8″ x 10″, Acrylic on Wood Panel, (sold) I’m fascinated by the raven and I’ve made quite a few paintings with him in it. This time I’ve added him to…

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Palm tree paintings in the works

I’m still working on this palm tree painting but I thought I’d show how it’s going so far. I had my studio all set up with the paints out, the paper ready, water in a container, my spray bottle at hand, my apron on, the brushes out and then…blank…what to paint? Pressure was on. I had made some sketches but they didn’t strike me as what I wanted to paint at that moment. Then I looked out at my view…

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