Colorful Tree Art – Watch the Sun, Follow the Stars

Colorful Tree Art – Watch the Sun, Follow the Stars

Sometimes I visualize a story behind my painting and write a few words to illustrate it as if my image were in a storybook.

This is what came to me for this painting titled “Watch the Sun, Follow the Stars.”

“If you look up during the day you can watch the sun. It moves over the forest and fields. At night, branches cover overhead like a blanket of thorny thicket. I make my way through the forest by following the stars as they peek through the branches. I look over yonder and see shooting stars fall like fireworks in the sky. I know life is a miracle and the forest holds magic.

There was one tree that was my favorite. It was an elder Tree. As ancient as the sky is wide.

It wore the tapestry of it’s knowledge, etched in patterns and colors to match the rainbow….”

21507-Watch-the-Sun,-Follow-the-Stars-low© Lindy Gaskill, “Watch the Sun, Follow the Stars,” 12″ x 12″, acrylic on paper

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