News from Todos Santos, Baja Mexico

Hola, we made it to Todos Santos in Baja Mexico on Saturday with no problems. That is one looong 7 day drive from Bend, Oregon!

Greg did the driving and he did great! There are some pretty hairy areas with steep twists and turns and narrow roadways, large trucks and fast drivers with lots of passing (Greg included), and some long, boring stretches that go on forever and then there were the windy, windy roads that wrestled with our truck but we stayed on the road and kept on going and going, and well, I’m so proud of Greg for getting us here safe and sound!

I will do another blog post with some photos soon. My camera batteries died this morning so I have to charge them overnight before I can download the photos.

Meanwhile all is well. We are pleased with how big all the plants have grown in the yard. We spent most of Sunday cleaning our casita, unpacking and getting organized.

Today I am setting up my art studio under the palapa. That is where I made my youtube videos last year and where I will make some more in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

Today, one of my metaphysical landscape prints of my painting, Slivers of Light, is being shown in an Etsy Treasury curated by WorksofWhimsy.

Slivers of LightSlivers of Light by L. Gruger

I am honored to be included in this bright and cheerful Treasury that features artwork by Central Oregon artists. It’s fun to find some other Etsy artists from Bend, Oregon too.

Another way to find local artists is to go to the feature on Etsy under “Buy” where you can “Shop Local”. You can search by location and it will list all the Etsy Shops by artists in your area. I think that’s a pretty neat feature.

Etsy TreasuryEtsy Treasury “Local Color” by WorksofWhimsy

Sneak Peak Giveaway and Etsy Treasury

Sneak Peak Giveaway and Etsy Treasury

My whimsical bird notecards are in an Etsy Treasury (middle, second row). I blogged about Etsy Treasuries once before the first time I was in one. I always consider it an honor. I really like the name of this one – Tangerine Dream. I’m writing that down in my sketch book because I might use it in a title for one of my paintings sometime.

"Tangerine Dream" Etsy Treasury

I really love the colors in these images together. Juicy, luscious orange, dripping with sweetness and sunshine! Yum. I want to thank Tina and Karen from the Etsy Shop thisandthatbykandt for adding me to their Treasury.

This is also an introduction to a whimsical bird art giveaway that will be starting here on my blog on March 1st.  It will feature some of my whimsical bird art! Let’s celebrate spring with birds and color! Come back on Monday to see what I will be giving away. Stay tuned for more!

Singing a Fiesta Song
Singing a Fiesta Song