“Protected by Warrior Spirit” Whimsical Painting

Warrior spirit painting

Today I’m thinking about my latest symbolic painting. I don’t often share the symbolism behind a painting as I like the viewer to create their own story about it. However, I’m going to share a bit about my newest whimsical painting titled “Protected by Warrior Spirit.” Symbolism of Protected by Warrior Spirit It is not a warrior as in the traditional soldier, fighting type. Rather it is a warrior of grace. A warrior of the divine. Of Spirit. It’s a…

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There is Blue

Shades of light blue and shades of dark blue. The bluest blue. I like the color blue. Images that come to mind…. pure, clean, soothing, fresh, calm, still. There is blue… in my home blue glass in my studio in my window blue on the sill blue paper wings blue with a rainbow of color blue. What images are conjured up with blue for you?

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