This 1964 International truck is inspiring me

1964 International Pickup

This truck is like a tank. It’s the hardiest vehicle I’ve ridden in. It’s our 1964 CL1100 Harvester International pickup. I’ve been thinking of putting one in a painting. I’ve used other vintage vehicles in some of my paintings and this truck has been calling me. This truck originally belonged to my late husband, Peter. The first time I rode in it I felt like I was in a tank because it’s so sturdy! It has 4 wheel drive and…

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I've been taking a little vacation

Hi, I’ve been taking a little vacation in Seattle to celebrate my birthday. It’s been a week of celebration. It’s been really terrific. We spent some time at the beach on Camano Island. It’s been raining but it’s still been great! We’ve been sitting by the wood stove, reading, listening to the rain. We took long beach walks. We collected cool, patterned wood. And colorful rocks. And admired what the neighbors did with their collected beach rocks. So pretty in the…

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