My orchid is in bloom

pink orchid in bloom
pink orchid in bloom

Two years ago for my birthday Greg gave me this beautiful orchid. I’d never owned an orchid before. I fell in love with it. It lasted a number of months and then the blooms faded away and only the leaves were left.

I cared for it and watered it once a week. Being sure to use ice cubes as the instructions said. I gave it plant food. I watched over it diligently and wondered when it would bloom again. Over two years it shed two large leaves and also grew two leaves.

I packed it carefully and brought it to Prescott with us. It was only one of about four plants that I brought with us. I made sure it was safe and sound. I put it in it’s new home in a semi-sunny spot in the kitchen.

I have to admit I was a little disappointed it wasn’t blooming again. I had fed it, watered it and waited for it to do something. But nothing.

Then for some reason I got the idea to scoot it next to the jade plant and let their leaves touch each other. Low and behold, my orchid started to very quickly grow some new roots and sprout blooms! It was a lovely blooming orchid again! I can’t help but wonder if it was the touch of the other plant that did it. Needless to say, I moved all my plants close to each other and let their leaves touch.

I’ve gathered a few more plants since we moved and they are all very happy and flourishing. I really think they like touching each other. Makes sense to me. I love a good hug and being touched. Why wouldn’t a plant like that too?

Our Backyard Garden in Bend, Oregon

A couple weeks ago we went on Bend’s Backyard Farm Tour. It was really fun. I think there were about 18 backyard gardens to go to. There was a handout and map to follow. We hit about 7 or 8 of them before we had to be somewhere else.

Backyard farmers are a happy bunch. They love sharing their knowledge and the fruits of their labor. I got some great seeds from one farmer. We talked to a Master Gardner for quite awhile at one community garden here in town. And we came away with lots of ideas.

We got really inspired. Greg got especially inspired. So much so that he came home and started building a solar greenhouse over two of our raised beds so we can grow food as long as we can into Fall and Winter.


He build a cool door that lifts up.


The door has a natural wood handle.


He dug down into the earth between the raised beds to make more head room for when we go in there.


He added twinkly lights to the ceiling and we can sit in there and pick veggies, even when it’s dark out. We added wood chips to the path too so we don’t get muddy.


I’m thrilled. Maybe by next year, we’ll be in the Backyard Farm Tour as one of the stops. Maybe. People do.


This is Greg surveying his work. The solar part of it hasn’t been built yet. It will have tubes with water in them that will get heated by the sun.


This is what we see from our back deck. I love the below shot. Those are aspen in the background that will turn a beautiful yellow as Fall progresses.


Happy full moon and sweet smell of fresh pine!