This is how I'm staying fit

Ever since I created my Inspirational Card Deck for Wellness and Weight Loss, I’ve been on a bit of a health kick. This mini Card Deck is one where I’ve paired my art with 26 Positive Affirmations that will help you along your path to greater health!

It’s such a cute deck and it’s really inspiring me!


The best thing I’m doing is…. dancercise …in my living room.

Every other day or so, I’ve been working out to a remix of a song by Dido. It’s the first song I’ve found that I just don’t get tired of listening to! I can play this song over and over – well, not too many times but atleast 4 times which is a half hour of dance and movement – and for me, that’s awesome.

Have a listen:

And then, the other day, we got a flyer in the mail from our local grocery store and starting on March 5th they’re having a 30/30 community Exercise Challenge. Exercise for 30-minutes a day for 30 days! There will be a mini Health Fair to kick it off.

I kept the flyer on the kitchen table. I kept looking at it. I kept telling myself, I could do this.

I asked Greg if he wanted to. Nope. He didn’t.

Hmmm, but I could.

So finally this morning, I made up my mind…I’m doing it. I WILL do it. Exercise for 30 minutes a day, for 30 days. I love a challenge. Now I just hope I don’t poop out before it even starts.

I have to fill out the form on the flyer and bring it to the store’s customer service center on March 5th. That’s still a couple weeks away!

They’ll give me a score card calendar to fill out and then the Challenge is on. Can’t wait!

I’m going to have a Giveaway too to celebrate…so this is the head’s up. I’ll be giving away to one person, the choice of one of my Inspirational Card Decks…either the one for Wellness & Weight Loss or the one for your Creative Spirit. So check back on March 5th to find out how to win one of these mini decks!



Here’s the Creative Spirit Card Deck below.



Here’s to Health and Creativity!

~ L.