Number 4 blog post in Zen and the Art of Doing What You Love

I am doing a 10 day blog series on Beth Kempton’s  PDF download titled Zen and the Art of Doing what you Love.” This is Day 4.

Beth says, it “is a simple 10-step guide to help you be more present, get quiet and focus. It will help you see more beauty. It will let you travel lighter. And it will get you on the road to doing what you love, for life.”


She Knew Peace Lived Within Painting by Lindy Gaskill



Journal prompt: When you take the time to look, listen and seek, what are you drawn to? What do you notice? What patterns do you see in what interests you?

Although this step is to open your eyes, I added an image showing the eyes closed. That is because I don’t think you literally have to have your eyes open to see. Sometimes, it is in seeing with other senses that one “sees.”

I like to listen, smell, feel and see with my eyes closed. The smell of Fall is in the air right now. The crisp mornings. It just feels like Autumn is here.

I like to “see” by writing in my gratitude journal. I can look back in it and see where I have been, and what has been important in my life. I like to write 5 things I am grateful for in my journal. I would love to say I write in it everyday but I haven’t. But I have kept it going for years now and I’m on my 3rd journal.

What do you see?

Number 3 blog post in Zen and the Art of Doing What You Love

I am doing a 10 day blog series on Beth Kempton’s  PDF download titled Zen and the Art of Doing what you Love.” This is Day 3.

Beth says, it “is a simple 10-step guide to help you be more present, get quiet and focus. It will help you see more beauty. It will let you travel lighter. And it will get you on the road to doing what you love, for life.”

Cosmic Garden Painting by Lindy Gaskill


Journal prompt: How do you want to feel in your life? In your career? In your relationships? What environment will help you feel that way? What kind of people? What activities? What level of authority? What conversations? What flow of time? Think about each aspect of your life and journal how you could change things to help you feel the way you want to feel each and every day.

These are a lot of questions. So I took a couple to think about to apply to my life right now.  Recently, I’ve been thinking about how I can move more into the life I want to live. A life that brings me happiness each and every day.

I decided I want to start eating better, exercising and living a more sensory experienced life, with the clothes I wear, the things I eat, touch, taste, and smell every day.

To start, I’m taking daily walks, eating a diet based on the lovely cookbook called “The Kind Diet” by Alicia Silverstone and I’m doing more yoga.

I recently discovered Seane Corn and her yoga. I love everything I’ve been learning about this lady. I have been watching a lot of the videos about her on youtube and doing some of her classes from her website where she is teaching yoga.

I was listening to Seane talk on one of the videos about how every emotion we experience has a certain vibrational energy and our bodies keep this memory within us. I think our bodies are like a sponge in that way, absorbing the vibrational energy of things and people around us as well. So that is why it is important to me to keep an uncluttered living space and surround myself with the things that raise the vibrational level in a positive way.

I feel this way about handmade art. It affects our emotions, our spirit to have art around us that we enjoy. I love how color and pattern and imagery can do this. I want to have around me lovely art and color and pattern that bring me joy.

How do you want to feel in your life?

Number 2 blog post in Zen and the Art of Doing What You Love

I am doing a 10 day blog series on Beth Kempton’s  PDF download titled Zen and the Art of Doing what you Love.” Beth says, it “is a simple 10-step guide to help you be more present, get quiet and focus. It will help you see more beauty. It will let you travel lighter. And it will get you on the road to doing what you love, for life.”

Where Dreams are Born painting by Lindy Gaskill


Journal prompt: Where does your uncluttered mind wander when you give yourself time to daydream?
What could a simpler version of your life look like?

I have been simplying and uncluttering since we moved to Prescott, AZ about a year and a half ago. We had at least 5 garage sales before we moved. Yay! It feels so good to get rid of stuff!

I used to daydream about what it would be like to live in the Southwest. And now here we are. I do love daydreaming. I think it helps us to get to where we want to go.

Letting go of the things in my life that don’t nurture me, give me peace or beauty, help me or lift me up has been a valuable lesson. I’m learning to “let go” the longer I live on this planet.

I am learning to get rid of clothes that I don’t wear. I’m learning to let go of the “junk” that is sitting around and taking up space. I keep a constant bag sitting in my closet that holds things to give to the thrift store.

If I buy something like at the thrift store then something in my closet has to go to take it’s place.

I am making space to find the simple things in life that make my spirit feel happy, uplifted and joyful.

Greg and I were talking recently about what makes a luscious, rich life. I think living simply but with nice things around us, like a scented candle, handmade art, a luxurious lotion, organic food, flowering plants — the simple things yet joyful things that make our senses sing.

What could a simpler version of your life look like?



A new blog post series using Beth Kempton’s download

I was just over visiting the website and found Beth Kempton’s download titled Zen and the Art of Doing What You Love. I was immediately drawn to the title and immediately signed up and downloaded the PDF.

I love it!

It is a 27 page pdf and has photography, inspiring quotes, words for thought and journal prompts. Beth wrote the PDF while she was in Japan on a 6 month sabbatical. She says, “Zen and the art of doing what you love’ is a simple 10-step guide to help you be more present, get quiet and focus. It will help you see more beauty. It will let you travel lighter. And it will get you on the road to doing what you love, for life.”

Just the kind of inspiration I would like for my life. As “Focus” is my word for the year, when I read “more present, get quiet and focus”, I felt an instant connection.

So this is what I’m going to do. I’ll take each step and use it to create a blog post about my experience. I’ll use the journal prompts from the PDF. I’ll also think about my art and what image will go with the post and add it.

Buddha Peace painting by Lindy Gaskill


Journal prompt: What do you hear when you welcome in the silence?

Breathe in. Hold it. Breathe out. I am a practitioner of slowing down and being still.

Being still helps me gather my energy so I can go back into the world and be fully present, fully creative. For me, silence is holy. The cliché, silence is golden, comes to mind.

I am an introvert at heart and although I’m perfectly capable of being “on”, being lively, being a conversationalist, being out going, it’s not my natural state and takes a lot of energy. I feel most myself when I am quiet. I welcome in silence.

And what is it that I hear when I bring on silence? I know that this is where I am supposed to be at this very moment. I let go of worry, bringing myself to the present. I hear myself begin to relax as I listen to my breath and hear it’s rhythm. I feel my heart slow down and my muscles relax.

I know it’s all good. That everything that is in my life experience is what has led me to where I am right now. That things always work out. That all we really ever have is “right now.” That I am on the right path. That I love life and all that it offers, the ups, the downs, the curve balls and the enlightening lessons to be learned after the fact.

What do you hear when you welcome in the silence?


More about the author of Zen and the Art of Doing What You Love. To quote the PDF, “At heart Beth Kempton is a wanderer, adventurer, and a seeker of knowledge and beauty. She is also an award-winning entrepreneur with a Master’s degree in Japanese. She wrote Zen and the Art of Doing What You Love during a six month sabbatical in Kyoto, Japan. Beth founded Do What You Love to give women all over the world tools and inspiration to carve their own paths and design their own futures. Her online courses have been described as ‘life-changing’ and ‘revolutionary’. She shares her many adventures on her popular blog at”


Bicycle and Raven Art Painting Commission

I love making these bike and raven art pieces! This one was a commissioned painting. It was requested to use primary colors and put their little doggie in the painting. I think it is a fun piece and it was really fun to create!

All my bicycle and raven paintings have a hidden word in the painting that is from the title of the piece. Sometimes the word is very obvious and this one’s word is “Ride.” You can see the word at the bottom of the painting. I use a stencil process to create the word.

bicycle and raven artCatchin’ A Ride, 12″ x 12″, acrylic on wood, sold

CatchinARide2Detail of Catchin’ A Ride

CatchinARide3Detail of Catchin’ A Ride

If you would like your own custom painting, shoot me an email to

New whimsical “Peace” tree commissioned painting


A new whimsical tree commissioned painting.
“Jewel of the Forest”, image size 5″ x 7″, acrylic on paper, sold

For your own custom painting made to order, go here>

Art Show at ‘Tis Gallery in Prescott, AZ

“She Said Reclaim the Treasure”, framed 27″ x 31″, acrylic on paper, $1,200


I am showing “She Said Reclaim the Treasure” in a group show titled “Burst of Light” with the Southwestern Artist Association in July and August. The Show runs from July 25th to August 20th, 2013. It is a vivid, colorful and creative art show in the main floor gallery.


‘Tis Art Center & Gallery
105 S. Cortez St.
Prescott, AZ 86303

If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll stop by.

With the Arizona monsoons comes new growth

Our yard really comes alive with new growth

during the Prescott, AZ monsoons.

Arizona Monsoon

Who knew that it was going to rain so much in July when we moved here?

We didn’t.

I had never heard of the monsoons before.


It can be beautiful blue skies

in the morning

and hot. Soon a thunderstorm will roll in

and a deluge of rainfall will

create rivers in our backyard.


New growth where once there was just plain,

dry dirt, springs forth life!


It’s quite a sight as within a few days


there are new plants everywhere.


P1010885 P1010884

P1010878 P1010880

Bird Art and Music Giveaway


I am celebrating my love of bird art and music with a

Whimsical Bird Art and Rumi Flute CD Giveway!


As many of you know, I designed the CD jacket for Rumi Flute’s new CD titled “Rumi & Zabumba Rumba.”
I think it’s pretty exciting. So I want to share some of my enthusiasm with a giveaway.

This is what one winner will receive.

A 9″ x 9″  limited edition giclée print of the painting “Rumi’s Tropical Garden” and a copy of Rumi’s new CD!

Rumi's Tropical Garden Art
© Lindy Gaskill, “Rumi’s Tropical Garden”


Rumi & Zabumba Rumba CD
Rumi & Zabumba Rumba CD



Rumi & Zabumba Rumba CD
Rumi & Zabumba Rumba CD

The contest giveaway will run for one week from July 25th until midnight (PST) on August 1st, and the winner will be announced on my blog as well as my Facebook Page on Friday, August 2nd.

I will use a random number generator to choose the winner.

Also, please remember to leave your email in the posts so I can contact you if you’re the winner!

Note: Please remember to list each comment separately. If you put all your entries into one comment, it will only be counted once!


Here’s how to enter:

Eligibility: Any one from US and Canada only.

Do one (or all) of the following:

1. Go to artworkbylindy Etsy shop and pick out your favorite item then come back here and post your choice (1 entry)

2. For new followers, “Like” me on Facebook, and tell me you did so as a separate comment (1 entry).

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7. Sign up to receive my Art e-Newsletter and tell me you did so as a separate comment(1 entry).

8. Make a purchase from my Artworkbylindy Etsy shop and tell me you did so as 5 separate comments (5 entries).

9. Follow Rumi on Twitter, and tell me you did so as a separate comment (1 entry).

10. Tweet about Rumi’s new CD, and tell me you did so as a separate comment (1 entry).

Thanks for participating and supporting art and music!

Good luck and good thoughts,

~ Lindy

To find other cool giveaways, check out the blog giveaway directory.

Celebration + the Declaration of You!

This post is part of The Declaration of You’s BlogLovin’ Tour, which I’m  so happy to participate in alongside over 100 other creative soul bloggers. The Declaration of You! is written by artist and designer Jessica Swift and creative career coach Michelle Ward. The Declaration of You! will be published by North Light Craft Books this summer.

“I’m celebrating.” It’s Wednesday! Hump day. Mid-week day. A good reason to celebrate. Of course there is always celebration in art! And I’m always grateful for art being in my life!

But sometimes, it’s about something small. Something mundane. And that is all I need to make a little celebration of my day. I send out a thought and a thank you to the Universe. That small, little thing can bring out the “I’m celebrating” feeling and turn my whole day around.

Maybe I received a nice email from a customer or one of my plants bloomed with a beautiful bud, or maybe I had a terrific time in the studio and things flowed. Whatever it is, I’ll tell myself “I’m celebrating!” and then that’s usually a celebration in itself. Just the “thought.” Just the words to myself. That gratefulness and thank you I send out to the universe as I think to myself “I’m celebrating” and saying “Thank you. Thank you.”

It helps to pause and take notice. There is a saying by Doug King that says, “Learn to pause . . . or nothing worthwhile will catch up to you.” I love that. Being mindful and pausing to say thanks and to remind myself “I’m celebrating.” I remind myself that Life is to be enjoyed and cherished and it’s full of abundance if we take the time to notice and give thanks.

For me, every day needs to have little celebrations during the day. Thoughts of “I’m celebrating.” It keeps me uplifted and my spirit happy.

Besides, you just never know when things will change as life has it’s ups and downs. So I am very grateful. Everyday, I try to write 5 things in my gratitude journal and say a little prayer of thanks!

In the honor of celebrating, I’d like to tell you about a very special book titled “The Declaration of You!” It’s written by two creative ladies, Jessica Swift, I adore her art and design, and Michelle Ward, whom I didn’t know before I heard about this book, but she’s a creative career coach.

It’s all about YOU! Finding the path you love, your own uniquity (yep, that’s a word they made up) and creating the life you dream of. To find out more, visit

And in honor of Celebration, check back tomorrow because I’ll be doing a fun giveaway!


Art + Healing continued

Inspiration and Dedication
Every artist finds inspiration in a different way. For some, their creativity is as essential as breathing. It is an absolute necessity to life and frequently an unconscious but burning desire, part of their psyche and their persona. But this creativity simply has to be expressed and they come to know this yearning and hunger early on in life.

Theirs is a gift that brings great joy and also a deeper understanding of the world around them. That understanding is one we can all share when we communicate through the art we create.

Others, of course, come to art and its healing powers from a very different perspective. Personal tragedy, trauma and bereavement are every bit as much part of the human condition as triumph, hope and good luck. Few of us are blessed enough to avoid the bad things in life and the path out of the despair and misery caused by life traumas can often seem too dark and terrifying to travel alone. Imagine your joy then if, just as you feel life is too bleak to go on, you find a way to the light through art.

Nurtured by Nature

Nature is the most wondrous of inspirations – think of those magnificent landscapes created by the likes of Turner and Thomas Cole. Immerse yourself in Monet’s extraordinary water lilies and drink in the vivid colour of Van Gogh’s sunflowers. All around us are quite magnificent vistas, the smallest of flowers and the tallest of trees anchoring us to the earth and sparking our imagination and our desire to create. Nature has a magic, an aura that has the capacity to move us to tears but also to catapult us into another world. Such a world is a blissful alternative to what might be a painful reality and it is a world in which the only boundaries are the limits of your imagination.

Continuation of a Family Healed by Art

I love nature and use it for inspiration when I’m creating my art. Yesterday I was telling you some thoughts on how I’m a big believer in the power of art to heal. I believe nature and art both have healing powers and when you put the two together to create an image, it can be transformative.

I was telling you about how I received an email from a woman who found my art and used it to heal herself and her family.

My “Peace Tree” paintings of which you can see two below are some of my favorite images to create. As said above, Nature has magic in it, and I wanted to capture some of that magic in my art.


Left: The Trees Sing to the River: Right: The Trees Sparkle and Sing

The woman who found my art, watched some of my youtube videos, and on the suggestion of a therapist tried her hand at painting her own “Peace Trees.” She put herself and her family under the trees, dancing under the healing light of the moon with starlight and magic and swirls of positive energy surrounding them. I love this painting!

Dancing People Under Peace Trees


Although she may not call herself an artist, I would say she definitely is! And although it was her first painting, one would never know it because it tugs at the heart strings and I know that is how great artists paint, affecting the emotions of their viewers!

The artist wrote me about her process of making the painting, how she was using positive thinking and how the art she created felt healing. She wrote,

…”I thought of what I wanted, to hear the news that this nightmare was over. I felt the joy, I pictured us dancing with absolute joy amongst the Peace Trees, free at last and happy and whole.

And so I painted it. With every brushstroke, I let the joy ooze into the canvas. I danced in the twilight with my husband and my son, among the trees, the fireflies and the stars. Joyous and free like children in nature. The painting that resulted was my first. I love it and what it represents. It gave me peace as we battled for those two years to prove my husband’s innocence. It gave me hope.”

She goes on to tell me what happened in her community and the injustice of the police investigating the accident and the rumors that were spread that took advantage of her husband’s memory loss. It was tragic and I admire this woman’s strength and courage to stay the course, having faith that things are going to turn out okay.

Eliminating the Negative

Here is one of the most wondrous things about art: talent isn’t everything. That’s right, you don’t “have” to have the extraordinary ability of a Michelangelo or a Picasso to become at one with art. What matters when you come to art as a way of healing is that you are willing to embrace and accept your emotions, your strengths and, yes, your failings. For art to help in the healing process, you must be willing instinctively to commit to the process as the best way of expressing your pain and hurt – and ultimately of letting it go, all that negativity washed away like sand on the beach.

More on This Family’s Story

“…We will file complaints about how poorly it was investigated and how so much evidence was not collected. They will never care nor be made accountable for the suffering caused. But at least it was over.

When we got the news, we screamed, we cried and we danced. My painting now symbolizes the joy we felt after the struggle. All things are possible. Miracles really do happen. We got through this very difficult time in our lives and we came out dancing. Things can still be tough, as dealing with an acquired brain injury is difficult for all involved, but we will get through it.

I just needed to let you know how much your art has impacted our lives and has become an inspiration for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating that magical place that was my escape for so long. Your art became my lifeline and the act of painting became the prayer of my soul. There is no way to say a big enough thank-you to really truly compensate for what you have done. I realize this letter is extremely long and probably borders on too-much-information, but I really need you to understand the depth of the darkness I was facing so that you can see just how much you helped.

With overflowing, heartfelt gratitude”

And my heart is overflowing with gratitude and good energy for this woman and her family! I am so happy it all turned out well and although they have challenges ahead of them, they are dancing!


Parts of this article on art + healing were written by Lisa Jones.

Art + Healing

I believe in art and healing. They go hand in hand as far as I’m concerned. From way back, I’ve felt that art had healing powers. It is why when I was in my late 30’s I decided to go back to school to become an art therapist (that’s another story). Although I didn’t become an “actual” art therapist, I’ve used art as a tool for my own healing and I’ve seen it help others lives as well.

And with those words, I am honored to be the featured artist on the June 2013 issue of Arts & Health magazine.



Healed by the Power of Art
Art has an extraordinary power that inspires creativity piques curiosity and unleashes all kinds of emotions. Creating a simple pencil drawing can have an incredibly intense and positive effect on an individual, while viewing a powerful piece of work can give us that same intoxicating, almost spiritual experience.

Art is instantly accessible to all – all you need is pen and paper and, of course, your imagination. And as feelings and emotions are expressed through sketching, drawing or painting, the burden of pain and hurt can often be lifted.

Seeds of Hope in Depths of Despair
The power of art has been harnessed by psychotherapists who use every aspect of the genre, from the visual arts to music and dance, in a therapeutic environment to aid healing and treatment. Substance abusers and alcohol addicts are particularly helped by this type of therapy. Some treatments in Utah, for example, offer recovery programs that offer in-patient services where the individual can find hope for a sober and addiction-free future by expressing their fears and concerns through their creativity. Even if only for a fleeting moment, art has the power to remove the recovering addict from the grimness of their situation and can help to set their spirit free.

How Art Helped Heal a Family

A few months ago I received an email from one of my Facebook followers. It was a heartfelt letter about how my art and her family’s healing process were intertwined. I’m not going to say who the person was to protect her privacy but it was very touching!

I’ve received other correspondence such as this through the years but none as powerful as this one. It really touched me to my core. It began,

“I need to tell you how your artwork saved my life.

I know that sounds very dramatic and cliché but it’s the truth.

Nearly three years ago, my husband was in a horrible car accident that took the life of his friend and nearly took his life too. Because of his injuries, he has been forever changed and now lives with a brain injury.”

I was gripped by this letter. I read on with intense interest and concern plus the question, how did my art help this person and her family?

She went on to tell me her story about her husband, his loss of memory, the false accusations about the accident and how they prayed for healing and for things to get better. She wrote,

“I have no idea how I found your website. It was fate or Divine intervention. Your Peace Trees spoke to me. They reminded me of our cabin in the forest, surrounded by poplar and birch trees. They also seemed to have such a magical spirit to them. A magic I so desperately needed. I stared at them, willing myself to enter that forest and be sheltered by their magical tattooed branches. I cried so many tears under those branches, felt the breeze tame my fears and started to heal.”

I had goose bumps reading her story.

“I had started trying my hand at painting, at the suggestion of one of the therapists at the hospital. I have no training and very little talent but I saw your videos on youtube and thought I would try….”

To be continued….

Check back tomorrow for more of this inspiring story.


Parts of this article on art + healing were written by Lisa Jones.


An Artist’s Day Notes – 6/21/13

that we finished painting
the outside of our house

like I need to drink more water

clouds covering the sky

my doggies heavy sigh as
she naps

a large abstract painting

calm days without the wind howling

to paint most of the day in the studio

to work in the yard this weekend

Following Atticus
by Tom Ryan


Lindy in Sprout On-line Magazine Artist Interview

Sprout on-line magazine

Click here to visit Sprout On-line Magazine.

I’m thrilled to announce an interview and feature article in Sprout, the online magazine that is sure to inspire. It is issue 20 with a theme of “Wild – find your roots.”

The magazine is filled with photos, poetry, essays and stories that will

inspire, uplift your spirit and get you thinking about nature, growth and how you view the world!


Sprout On-line magazine

Amanda Fall, the editor and publisher of Sprout, interviewed me with some great questions about my artist’s journey. Some of the questions really got me thinking and I share some of my life experiences and beliefs in this interview. Amanda asked questions like:

Connection to nature is the lifeblood of your work. When and why did your love of the natural world take root?


The symbolic imagery in your work references “the miracle of creation,” reflecting the spiritual energy and unity you see in all beings. Would you share more about this point of view?

Plus more!

Sprout On-line Magazine

Each monthly issue explores a different theme. I think you will really enjoy reading it! I know I did. It even got me thinking about writing some poetry. I have a number of poems I’ve written over the years but haven’t done any writing like that in a long time. So now I’m inspired!

Click here to visit Sprout On-line Magazine.

Wild Sprout Magazine


I love nature – being in it, being inspired by it, reading about it, painting it and even talking about it. Let “Wild” intoxicate you with its wonders.

“We need the tonic of wildness…At the same time that we are earnest to explore and learn all things, we require that all things be mysterious and unexplorable, that land and sea be indefinitely wild, unsurveyed and unfathomed by us because unfathomable. We can never have enough of nature.”

― Henry David ThoreauWalden: Or, Life in the Woods


An Artist’s Day Notes – 6/14/13

for fresh air and blue sky

glad it’s Friday

the wind rustling through the trees

Greg shoveling dirt in the backyard

a painting with two ravens reflecting

the ingredients to bake peach cobbler

to get to the store soon

to have a root beer float later tonight

Walking in This World
The Practical Art of Creativity
by Julia Cameron


Cactus Flower
© Lindy Gaskill, Cactus Flower in our yard.

Commissioned Painting and CD Design for L.A. Flutist Rumi Flute

I wanted to share with you a recent commissioned painting and a little about the story behind it.

Tropical Garden Art
© Lindy Gaskill, “Rumi’s Tropical Garden”, 9″ x 9″, acrylic on paper

Rumi Flute is a performer, composer and recording artist in L.A. She specializes in jazz and other music on flute. She holds a Master of Music degree in Afro-Latin Music Performance from California State Los Angeles.

This would be Rumi’s first CD and she wanted to find an artist that she connected with who she could commission to do a colorful painting for her new CD cover.

Rumi found my work by doing an online search for “colorful art” and “tropical painting.” She found my colorful images from my website and some from my Etsy Shop where I sell colorful, archival prints.

Rumi contacted me and told me about her idea for a commissioned painting that would be used on the cover of her new CD titled “Rumi & Zubumba Rumba.” I was thrilled to create a painting for her!

I also let her know that I was a graphic designer and I could do both her painting and her CD jacket design. We were both happy to collaborate on this exciting project.

First I created a proposal that fit within Rumi’s budget and when it was approved, the work was began.

This is one of my favorite types of projects where I can combine my graphic design skills with my painting.

In beginning a project such as this, it’s important to know the audience and the style and feel of the piece. We had a phone conversation and went over the project.

I asked Rumi to pick out some of her fav images from my Etsy Shop so I could get a feel for what she was attracted to. She sent me 4 images and described what she liked about them. This helped me get a feel for the style and content she was attracted to. I also asked her to give me some words to describe the feel of the painting and CD design she was looking for.

The words were colorful, natural, simple, tropical, world music, improvisation, rhythmic, fresh. I printed them out and had them near me as I painted.

tropical bird painting
Detail of tropical garden painting

Most of the time I like to send sketches to the person commissioning the painting so they can tell if I am on track with what they are looking for. But this time, I felt that wouldn’t be a good idea because I was painting from my intuition and I wasn’t sure yet how it would look. I asked Rumi to trust me with creating the painting without her seeing anything first. She was happy to do so and I think it really freed me up to let the painting evolve and create itself.

About 3/4’s of the way through the painting, I sent Rumi a proof of it. I knew the detail work wasn’t finished yet and I hoped she would be okay with the way it looked. She was and I continued on with putting the outlined flowers and more of the line work into the piece. It really began to shine with these accent pieces. And then it was finished! There is a bit of fear after completeing a commission because I don’t know if my client will like it as much as I do. Turns out Rumi was very happy with it and so was I!

Then it was on to creating the CD package design. This seemed to flow as well. I picked up colors from the photo Rumi supplied and put in some of my textures I create for my paintings and it began to have the fresh, tropical, world music feel I was looking for.

Rumi also was pleased with the art and design, saying “Lindy had many paintings already that would have worked wonderfully as album covers, but I was so thrilled to be able to commission her for an original piece. She was incredibly responsive and intuitive, giving me exactly what I was looking for and so much more. When she first showed it to me I loved the painting immediately! It was also great that she was able to design the complete CD jacket to work so beautifully with the artwork. I couldn’t be happier.”

Rumi Flute CD Design
© Lindy Gaskill, Rumi Flute CD Jacket Design
Rumi Flute CD Design
© Lindy Gaskill, Interior of Rumi Flute CD Design

Congratulations to Rumi on her beautiful, new CD! You can visit Rumi’s website at

To purchase Rumi’s new CD, visit

If you would like to commission your own painting or need help with a design project, call 928-458-5209 or send me an email at