Sending Love and Healing Light Painting

Sending Love and Healing Light Painting

I painted this painting intuitively as I often do with my art.

Sometimes my paintings feel as if they develop all by themselves and I am just the channel for the creativity.

When I was through with it the title instantly came to me as that was what I was feeling from it. It uplifted me and I felt the positive energy radiating from it.

I decided to dedicate it to my hubby, Greg, as he was feeling under the weather and could use some healing energy. So I told him I was “Sending Love and Healing Light” to him with this painting and he said that made him feel good. Yay!

Since then, Greg is feeling a whole lot better so that is great. And every time I look at this image, I feel the love and healing light coming from it. Maybe it’s because I repeat the words in my head when I look at it but either way, it lifts me up! 🙂

Sending Love and Healing Light© Lindy Gaskill, “Sending Love and Healing Light”
12″ x 16″, acrylic on paper

Prints in various sizes are available
in my Etsy Shop and Society 6 Shop.

10 Ways to Attract Positive Energy into Your Life

10 Ways to Attract Positive Energy into Your Life

I’m a big believer in positive energy. I like to think I can attract it into my life. Positive energy helps me stay centered and calm. And this peacefulness is what keeps me grounded. So more the better!

Some say to watch your thoughts because negative thoughts and energy can attract more of that and the next thing you know you’re down in the dumps.

Truth serenity

So, I’ve listed 10 things that I try to do to attract positive energy into my life. I’ve put a positive affirmation to go with each one.

1. Accept myself and my situation as I am living right now, in this moment. Live here right now. Practice non-judgement and just let what is be.

I accept and appreciate my current situation.

2. Still my thoughts and meditate a little bit every day. Be silent and just be. I’ve been doing Reiki self healing on myself every day and that feels really good.

I feel fully connected to my experience of life.

3. Visualize myself in positive ways. You are your thoughts, so choose the good ones as they say.

Every cell in my body is healthy and radiates health.

4. Give myself or others a gift and be grateful. It can be a compliment, a smile, a hug, a little piece of dark chocolate or a flower but think of it as appreciation and love for myself and others. Feeling grateful for what I have lifts me up.

I am grateful for all the positive things in my life.

5. Take time out to Daydream. I have a dream journal and visualize myself accomplishing my goals. You can write out some steps on how you can accomplish what you want out of life.

I am devoting time and energy toward my goals.

6. I set my intention to be happy and I don’t get wrapped up in drama. You deserve happiness and success and don’t let anyone tell you different.

I am a magnet for happiness and success in my life.

7. Have faith. I believe I am right here in the right moment, doing exactly as I am supposed to. I trust in the universe that if things are not going as planned that there is something better out there for me. It will show itself in time.

All that I need comes to me at the right time and place in my life.

8. Let go and detach. Accept others for who they are. I think it’s true if you hold on to anything too tightly, there is a blockage of energy that happens. So let go and relax. It will all be okay!

I accept everyone as they are and continue to pursue my dreams.

9. Seek out my own unique talents. For me, that’s doing my Art. Every person has something unique about them. If you live your life by asking yourself how you are best suited to serve others with your highest and best self, I believe things will start to unfold for you.

I acknowledge and honor my talents, and share these with others.

10. Laugh! I can feel the endorphins spread through my body after a good laugh. It’s healthy so find ways to laugh more. Watch a funny movie, read a funny book or watch funny videos. It’s all good!

I’m smiling inside.

For more affirmations, see my Positive Affirmations to Uplift Your Creative Spirit A-Z download.



Chikara Reiki Do Review

Chikara Reiki Do Review

lotusOver the years I’ve had a fascination with Reiki. I didn’t really know what it involved but I’d read some amazing stories about people being healed from Reiki.

Being a big believer in energy and the power of art to heal, and my belief that we are all one, drove me to want to learn more about Reiki energy.

I remember reading in my horoscope over the years that I was a natural healer. I felt that in my soul but I felt a little embarassed to say it out loud or admit that to anyone. Who am I to say I’m a healer? I wasn’t allowing myself the permission. It’s easy for me to say I’m an artist but a healer? Yet, that is what I do with my art. The stories people send me about how my art has helped heal them shows me that yes, I am a healer.

Artists are healers. Truly.

I found this definition on the web of Reiki.
rei·ki, ˈrākē/ noun: reiki
  1. a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

It’s understood that for one to become a Reiki healer one has to become attuned by a Reiki Master. Simply put, anyone can gain access to this energy through an attunement process.

Recently, a friend of mine had a Reiki attunement and told me more about the Reiki healing energy that she felt and used on herself. I started doing more research as it sounded quite amazing.

In learning more, I found that sure it’s touch, but you can also send healing energy by not touching someone but rather through one’s aura and holding one’s hands over a person or even through distance healing!

Wow, is this for real? I did even more research. Some say it is just a placebo effect yet others are saying it really is a true method for healing.

My friend who was attuned and using it on herself said she was relieved of pain in her wrist. And there were other stories I was reading on the web that said it did work.

So after learning about Reiki, I too, like my friend, felt a strong calling to be attuned to Reiki so I could do my own self healing and on loved ones, namely my hubby Greg and our doggies, Cody and Belle. 🙂

However, I didn’t know where I would find a Reiki Master to give me an attunement.

I came across this really great website where it talked about doing a self-attunement. This made me do even more research because there is some controversy over whether one can self-attune or if one needs a Reiki Master to do the attunement.

Well, in the end, I decided to find out for myself and I purchased the program at

And I’ve just finished reviewing what is probably the 
best and most complete Reiki Master training package

 on the internet.

The presentation and content are awesome! And if you want to teach Reiki or attune others, there is info on that too.

So my Chikara Reiki Do Review says yes, this is a fine program and I give it a thumbs up!

I was happy to find all these things in this program.

• The best selling Ebook Radical Reiki – Radical Life
 which tells you all about how Reiki, life, the universe 
and how they all work.

• The unique Chikara-Reiki-Do Master self-attunement which
 takes you to the level of Chikara-Reiki-Do Master. I recommend taking your time and really learning about it instead of doing it in 48 hrs or even 24 hrs!

• The Usui Reiki Master self-attunement

• The Tibetan Reiki Master self-attunement

• The complete online self-attunement video

• The complete online Usui Reiki Master Distance

• The complete online Tibetan Reiki Master Distance

• Three professional Reiki Manuals to give to your 
students, or just keep for yourself

• Video showing you how to attune others the
 Chikara-Reiki-Do way

• Video showing you how to attune others to all 
levels of Reiki the Usui way

• Ebook showing you how to run your own Reiki 
Practice – so you’ll know exactly what to do

• Full certification for you and your students
 with very nice looking certificates

• Access to hundreds of other Chikara-Reiki-Do
 Masters in the online Forum…And lots and lots of help and support too.

Judith Conroy, the creator of this course has been a 
teaching Reiki Master for over 16 years now and has 
been teaching Reiki online for over 13 of those 
years to thousands of students – so she
 knows exactly what’s needed which is why the quality of her course is super terrific.

I wholeheartedly recommend this program! I loved the self attunement process and all the things that come with this program.

Click here to learn more about Chikara Reiki Do!

And if you would like to learn more about Reiki philosophy, you can read the 5 Inspiring Principles of Reiki at They write, “The five Reiki principles are uplifting phrases or affirmations that are often recited in Hatsurei-Ho, a method of Japanese Reiki meditation.” And you know I love affirmations. So check it out!

Homemade Mosquito Spray Repellent Recipe

Homemade Mosquito Spray Repellent Recipe

Naturally when you live in the tropics there are going to be insects.

And I’m one of those people that the mosquitoes love to bite. It drives me crazy sometimes.

Especially when Greg doesn’t get a single bite and I get a bunch!

I do not like spraying chemically infested mosquito repellent on daily that isn’t natural. So I decided to make my own.

Sometimes when you are traveling it’s hard to find the ingredients you need. In the small town where we are staying in Mexico, it is equally so.

The hardest thing to find were the essential oils but I found some. I found both at small health food stores.

citronella and lavender oil

Here’s my homemade mosquito repellent recipe:

What you will need: A small spray bottle preferably dark colored to keep the solution away from bright sunlight which helps to preserve it.


2 Tablespoons Boiled Water
2 Tablespoons Vodka
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
30 drops of Citronella Essential Oil
15 drops of Lavender Essential Oil

Here are the steps:

Gather your tools and ingredients.

mosquito repellant ingredientsBoil some water.

boil water

Add all the ingredients into the bottle one at a time. Shake the bottle between adding each ingredient.

Next, shake, spray on and smell the nice aroma of citronella and lavender.

spray mosquito repellant

I make this in small batches so it doesn’t get rancid.

I’ve read you have to reapply every few hours to keep it active.

So far it’s working great for me!


“Dream a Little Dream of You” Teardrop Trailer Art

“Dream a Little Dream of You” Teardrop Trailer Art

This is my new painting of a little hippy teardrop trailer titled “Dream a Little Dream of You.”

teardrop trailer painting

My new whimsical teardrop trailer art features a raven riding on top. It makes me smile. There are prayer flags waving in the wind under a tropical paradise of purple palm trees. And it all rides on dreamy waves of blue and pink.

raven on tear drop trailer© Lindy Gaskill, “Dream a Little Dream of You,”
12 in. x 12 in. acrylic on paper

Purchase the print in my Etsy Shop.
Multiple sizes available up to 16 in.

“Transcend” Lotus Painting Celebrates My 2015 Word

“Transcend” Lotus Painting Celebrates My 2015 Word

I finally chose my word to represent 2015. It has been a tradition for many as the new year approaches to choose a word to focus on to set the intention for the year.

Actually, last year, I don’t think I chose a word. But “Focus” was my word for 2013.

This year I chose a word a little late in the game. It was January before I finally decided what it would be.

It wasn’t until I painted this lotus painting before I knew. I titled this lotus piece “Transcend.” And then I knew that was the perfect word for me.

Lotus Painting

“Transcend,” 8″ x 8″, acrylic on paper, © Lindy Gaskill

I love the shape and symbolism of the lotus. When I started this painting I didn’t know that it would turn into a lotus.

The lotus symbol is used a lot with yoga and spirituality which I study so it was no surprise that a lotus came to life in this painting.

A lotus emerges from the waters of a pond with beautifully shaped petals and gorgeous color, symbolizing youth, beauty and life. The word transcend came to me as I gazed at the painting and felt a lift to my spirit. A floating feeling came over me.

The reason I like the word “Transcend” is because it feels so much like what I am trying to accomplish with all the changes going on in my life.

tran(t) send/
verb: transcend: to rise above or go beyond the normal limits of (something)

For me, it’s transcending the chaotic feelings of change. I could have chosen “change” as my word but that didn’t feel right. As I didn’t want to focus on change but rather transcending change. I liked the idea of rising up and going beyond change.

I want to let peace prevail instead of the chaotic feelings that often come with change.

We made some big decisions in 2014 to sell our house in Prescott, AZ and move half our stuff to Washington state and half to Mexico. People do.

Our house sold this past winter so it was a sure thing that “change” was happening and fast. The key is not to let it become overwhelming with all the tasks that come with moving. That is why the word “transcend” appealed to me.

I like looking at this painting and repeating the word “transcend” to myself. It calms me.

This is perfect for how I want to feel the majority of the time. Peaceful and calm and accepting the “now.”

Being here right now in this spot is where I am supposed to be. I like that.

What is your word for 2015?

Our travels to Todos Santos, Baja Mexico

Our travels to Todos Santos, Baja Mexico

We’re in Todos Santos in Baja, Mexico! Yay!

So how does one move to Mexico for part of the year and the States for part of the year? People do. We are one of them. Here’s a few photos and our story in a nutshell. If you have any questions, shoot me an email.

First you have to make the decision to just “do it.” It helps if you have some way of making a living while you are out of the country too! I have about 5 different income streams but I could go into that in a whole other blog post.

Then you have to set the intention and then get to work.

This past summer, we had a huge garage sale and unloaded a bunch of stuff at Goodwill. Then we got our house all ready to sell and took a road trip up to Washington to scope out areas to live and visit family.

We fell in love with the Bellingham area and since we want to be close to Camano Island where the relatives are, that area seemed ideal.

We came home and sold our Prescott house in November.

We packed 1/2 our stuff into 2 U Haul boxes to send to Bellingham, Washington to deal with later.


Greg is a master at getting everything to fit.


Then we packed the rest of our stuff into a big trailer.

Hmmm, we seemed to have A LOT of STUFF.


But….we were on our way.

Although, we didn’t get far before we decided the trailer was too heavy and we needed to get rid of more STUFF!

Here we are unpacking the trailer at the local thrift store in Blythe, CA.


We unloaded and made a giveaway stack for the thrift store and then repacked.


Greg worked his magic and got everything back in.

Cody and Belle were relaxed and good dogs the entire time. They had a nice little compartment behind the front seats to hang out in.


Things were going swell until it started to rain. Oh, and I left my purse in the hotel room accidentally after we left which actually worked out okay in the end.

So we stopped at the hardware store and picked up a tarp. Greg’s a master at wrapping up trailers too. 🙂


We made a quick stop back to the motel to get my purse and used their internet to check on the real estate happenings with the house sale. Turned out there were some more papers to sign so we did that and then we were off.

We pulled into Jacumba, CA and ended up staying 2 nights at the . It was a real treat and we did some major relaxing. We soaked in their mineral spring spa which I totally recommend!

Next day we crossed into Mexico with about a 30 min. wait at the border to get our papers and have the trailer checked out. Then we were on the road.

We stopped in San Quintin at the beach front Hotel Mission Santa Maria (Formerly Desert Inn) for a night. This hotel has been updated and was very nice, friendly and comfortable. Then we stayed the night at Don Gus in Guererro Negro. Don Gus has a restaurant there too which is very good. All have wifi which is nice.

Then we went to Playa Escondita and camped for 2 nights on the Sea of Cortez. This is one of our favorite camp spots. The same place Greg asked me to marry him. Ahhh. 🙂 Side note: the tourmaline stone in my wedding ring is the same color as the Sea of Cortez….bluish green. My favorite color.

Okay, where was I?

We met some great people there that we hoped would come visit us in Todos Santos. So far, they haven’t appeared so maybe we will cross paths at another time.

So now we are here in Todos Santos and enjoying being in one spot.
We spent Christmas with a nice dinner at the Todos Santos Inn. It’s so beautiful there and the food and drinks were killer.

We’re looking forward to the New Year with plans to head to Sayulita in February!

Happy New Year!

Love and blessings,
Lindy and Greg

Merry Christmas from Lindy and Greg

New Year Party Painting

New Year Party Painting

Hello Art Lovers,

I begin the new year with a splash of color!

It is fitting that my first painting for 2015 is titled “Fiesta de Año Nuevo” which is spanish for New Year Party.

It is a celebration of color, line and pattern! And since we are in Baja, Mexico right now, where you will find lots of that in the ceramics, art and culture here, what could be more perfect than that?

New Year Party painting© Lindy Gaskill, “Fiesta de Año Nuevo,” 12″ x 16″, acrylic on paper, unframed $275, framed with mat and glass $457

I have a new product to tell you about as well.

Gallery Wrap Canvas Prints

I’ve wanted to offer an affordable print that doesn’t need framing. I’m happy to now offer gallery wrap canvas prints with 1.5 inch black sides. They are wired and ready to hang.

This also means that more of my images can be larger prints.

Check out my Etsy Shop to see what I have available for purchase.

I’ll have more postings about our move in the days to come. So until then, I’m wishing you a spectacular New Year filled with love, laughter and everything your heart desires!

Good thoughts,

More Mini Jizo Paintings

I really am enamored with Jizo. I get a peaceful feeling when I look at him. He makes me want to close my eyes and smile to the sky with a little prayer of gratefulness. 🙂

I’ve made more mini Jizo paintings below.

Jizo Under the Mystic River
Jizo Under the Mystic River

Jizos Under the Medicine Wheel
Jizos Under the Medicine Wheel

Jizo Says Bless This Child With Creativity
Jizo Says Bless This Child With Creativity

Jizo Brings a Gift
Jizo Brings a Gift

Jizo Under the Spirit Tree
Jizo Under the Spirit Tree

Jizos Humming a Lullaby
Jizos Humming a Lullaby

Jizo Under the Eye of the Storm
Jizo Under the Eye of the Storm

Jizo Says Bless this Child with Love
Jizo Says Bless this Child with Love

Jizo mini paintings can be purchased in my Etsy Shop.


Jizo Mini Paintings for Sale

Jizo Mini Paintings for Sale

First, I’d like to thank Rita of Nurturing Art for suggesting I paint Jizo.
Thank you Rita for your inspiration and being a supporter of my art.

I love Jizo. He is so adorable with his child-like features. I love his sweet smile and the way he puts his face up to the sky, beaming his joy and gratitude.

I didn’t know who Jizo was when I heard the name and so I Googled it.

I read in Japan, “Jizo is one of the most dearly loved of all Japanese divinities and known as the protector of women, children, and travelers.”

My new Jizo mini paintings are below. They can be found for sale in my Etsy Shop.

Here are my first two.
Jizos Under the Light of the Moon
Jizos Under the Light of the Moon

Jizo Under the Cherry Blossoms
Jizo Under the Cherry Blossoms

In the next ones I simplified his nose and gave the background a bit more depth with more layers of paint.

Jizos Under the Rainbow

Jizos Under the Rainbow

Jizos Under Prayer Flags
Jizos Under Prayer Flags
Jizos Under the Light
Jizos Under the Light

Jizo Under the Energy Field

Jizo Under the Energy Field

Jizo Under the Lotus Lamp
Jizo Under the Lotus Lamp

Jizo Standing Brave Under the Serpent

Jizo Standing Brave Under the Serpent

To read more about Jizo, go here:

Delicious Water Bagel Recipe

Delicious Water Bagel Recipe

I haven’t posted a recipe in awhile.

So I thought I’d post my yummy Water Bagel Recipe I got from my sister Sherri. I made them the other day and they are so delicious!

Serves 8

1 Pkg Dry Yeast
1 Cup warm Water
2 Tablespoons Sugar
1-1/2 Teaspoons Salt
2-3/4 Cup Flour
2 Quarts Water

For flavor you can add other ingredients.

I added 1/3 cup chopped onion and 1 teaspoon powdered garlic.

water bagel recipe

Here are directions and I’ll add some photos.

Dissolve yeast in 1 Cup warm water.

Stir in sugar, salt and 1-1/4 cups flour.

Beat until smooth. Stir in remaining flour.

Turn dough onto lightly floured surface and kneed until smooth and elastic (about 10 minutes).

Place in greased bowl; turn dough greased side up. Cover and let rise in warm place until double (from 15-45 min depending on how warm of a spot you put it).

dough in bowl

I put mine outside in the sun and it took about 45 min.
covered bowl with dough rising

Dough is ready if an indentation remains when touched.

punch hole in dough

Punch down dough; divide into 8 equal parts.

Roll each into a rope at least 6-8 inches long; moisten the ends and form a ring.

Put all 8 formed bagels on a cookie sheet.

formed bagel dough

Make sure the ends that you joined are tight. As you will see some of mine were not and they started to unravel.

Let rise 20 minutes. I put mine covered with a towel back in the sun.

bagels rising in sun

You can tell they are ready because they will puff up like the below bagel.

formed bagel dough

Heat 2 quarts of water to boiling in large kettle. Reduce heat; add 4 bagels at a time.

You can see where the bagel is starting to unravel because the ends were not closed tight.

I kind of like the swirl effect though.

bagels in water

The bagels will start to expand. Simmer 7 minutes, turning once.

Bagels expanding

Drain on a kitchen towel.

bagels drying on towel

Bake at 375 degrees for 30-35 minutes.

bagels baking

They will smell so good!


And taste so delicious!

delicious water bagels

Enjoy them with cream cheese or toasted in the morning with a scrambled egg to make a breakfast sandwich. Yum!

Photos from our trip up to Washington

Photos from our trip up to Washington

Here’s our plan – we want to move our home to Mexico for the winter and Washington in the summer. We want to be closer to family and friends near Seattle and Camano Island. So we traveled up to Washington to check out the communities between Camano Island and Bellingham to see where we might want to purchase property.

We were gone for about 3 weeks. We did some camping and visited family and friends along the way.

Here are some of my fav photos from our trip.

I can’t believe we didn’t get any pics of the fam or our friends that we stayed with in Bellingham! But we did take a nice walk through beautiful strawberry fields along the river there.

strawberry fields in bellingham

I’m a little out of order with the photos because we actually went to Camano Island before we went to Bellingham.

Here’s our good doggies staying out of the cabin with their sandy paws.


We love taking walks up the road with Belle and Cody.



This is the farm where my grandmother grew up on Camano Island, Washington.


It’s one of my favorite places.

We picked blackberries from the bushes you see below those trees.

And Greg made delicious cobbler out of them!


And the sunsets are spectacular on Sundin Beach.


I can never take enough sunset pics. 🙂


We drove through Oregon too and the lush green forests soothed my soul.


We took a little walk.


And admired the green leaves.


Then we headed back to the car to make some lunch.



I wish I had more photos from our trip but we forgot

to take more. Oh, well, next time.

October Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

October Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

I skipped September’s Desktop Wallpaper Calendar because we were getting our house ready to sell and I got too busy! So here is Octobers.

In honor of all those people who have October birthdays including my hubby Greg, here is an October Desktop Wallpaper Calendar using the art from my painting titled, “It was a Magical Night, said Mr. Owl.”

Click on the image below and then download the 1600 pxl x 900 pxl October Desktop Wallpaper Calendar for your desktop.

Owl painting
“It Was a Magical Night, Said Mr. Owl”, © Lindy Gaskill

And here is Greg and I’s selfie that we took on Camano Island in September. I’ll be posting more pics of our trip soon.

Greg and Lindy  Selfie

Why I use Utrecht paints

Why I use Utrecht paints

I’ve been meaning to write about this for awhile now. One day I bought some black acrylic paint to save $. It was a well known online brand but it wasn’t the usual brand I buy which is Utrecht.

My lesson. Never do that!

I like the paint by Utrecht and this is why. Utrecht paints are opaque! They cover superbly. They are smooth with brilliant color.

This image shows one coat of the cheaper black paint on the left and Utrecht paint on the right.

You can see the difference! The one on the left is sheer, the one on the right is not.

I use a lot of black paint in my work with the outlining and I need it to be opaque.

Thank you Utrecht. I’m sticking with you. I’ll never buy that other brand again.

A favorite spot is Sayulita Mexico

A favorite spot is Sayulita Mexico

In recalling our recent trip through Mexico and Ecuador, I’m finding that my thoughts keep going back to Sayulita. It is one of my favorite spots from our travels.

There is a lot to love about Sayulita Mexico.

It has a cool main square.

Sayulita Art

Lots of beautiful art.

Greg enjoying Sayulita view

Great views for enjoying a margarita

Greg and Lindy in Sayulita

and a marvelous meal.

Live music at Bar Don Pato

Heard some rockin’ good music at Bar Don Pato.

Happening bar in Sayulita

Found some happenin’ cool bars

Leslie Art Opening

Met some nice people and had a lot of laughs. This is Leslie’s Art Opening.

Greg and Mojo in Sayulita Fine Art Gallery

Met some other nice artists. Greg with artist Mojo.

Mojo art

Mojo’s painting

Checking out the views of Sayulita

We took a great hike to check out the views

Walking on trails in Sayulita

and took some great walks too.

Sayulita Jungle

Lots of jungle

Sayulita view from hill

Terrific beaches

Semana Santa in Sayulita

We had fun even when there were crowds of people for Semana Santa.

Sayulita Sunset

Breathtaking sunsets

Sayulita Sugar Skulls

Cool Shops

Sugar Skull shop in Sayulita

Sugar skull art

Adorable Chihuaha

Adorable pups

bamboo cabana seen in Sayulita

Interesting places to stay.

Happiness Factory - ice cream in Sayulita

Gotta love a place with a Happiness Factory.

Tree within a tree in Sayulita

Cool trees

Sayulita Beach looking north

Deserted beaches

Sayulita beach

Beautiful weather

orange flowers in Sayulita

Gorgeous flowers

Iguana in Sayulita


Dia de Muertos painting by Lindy Gaskill

Here’s to celebrating Sayulita, Mexico!
“Dia de Muertos,” acrylic on wood panel, 20″ x 20″, NFS, ©Lindy Gaskill

Traveling in Ecuador

Traveling in Ecuador

We landed in Ecuador about 13 days ago. We took a bus ride from Guayaquil to Montanita and stayed in a small town nearby call Manglaralto. We stayed in a cool cabin on the property of Mercedes and George. They run an eco-lodge called La Factoría which is a center for the development of contemporary craft and design, and also offers eco-training programs. We enjoyed breakfast each morning with them which included locally sourced eggs, cheese, bread, honey, yogurt, and homemade granola. Yumm!

la factoria in Manglaralto. ecuador

manglaralto cabin

One day we walked up to a nearby town called Dos Mangas. Here are some of my fav pics.

Dos Mangas

greg walking back from dos mangas


Dos Mangas



Bamboo is used everywhereBamboo is used everywhere.

Volleyball in Dos MangasVolleyball is a popular sport in Ecuador.

Collecting sand in Dos Mangas

Gordon WhitefootWe called this guy Gordon Whitefoot (get it – Gordon Lightfoot) 🙂

And here is a great video to watch about work being done at La Factoria>