Costa Rica Travel Plans

Greg and I camped out last night under the stars near Todd Lake, near Mt. Bachelor. The sky was so beautiful with so many stars! Made me wish I could capture it in a painting. We talked about our trip to Costa Rica and made plans. Today we’ve spent most of the day researching Costa Rica on our computers. Lining up places to check out and stay, etc. Looking at all the transportation means of getting around, etc. We both sat with our lap tops and surfed, discussing and sharing and getting excited about our trip!
Here’s a couple great links we found for traveling to Costa Rica.
AND check out this beautiful tropical image by Chris Ambrose at her gallery shop.

Happy Travels!

Quit Work, Travel, Do Art

Today I submitted my resignation where I work. I’m going to be traveling to Costa Rica for 3 weeks with my boyfriend, Greg. We are leaving Oct. 3rd for 3 weeks! AND I am going to be focusing on my ART, devoting more time to painting and my online presence. It is not easy having 2 careers (I’m also a computer production artist) and focusing more on my Fine Art ventures will make me very happy. 🙂 I’ll write more about getting ready for our trip and my leaving my full-time day job in the days to come.

Here’s a link to some other artists telling about quitting their day jobs.

Native American Images in my Art

Generous spirit vs Hoarding space monger

While traveling, and for that matter on one’s life path, I believe one must keep an open mind and open spirit of generosity. Last night was a good example of the opposite of that in some people my boyfriend and I came across.
Generous spirit vs Hoarding space monger. Which would you rather be known as? We came across the latter type last night at the Sheryl Crow concert (wonderful concert by the way!). Some people threw a blanket down on the grass for two people, taking up space that eight people would fit comfortably in. We moved into their area, stepping between blankets, trying to avoid disturbing anything, and they acted like we were committing a crime! Instead of welcoming us as their neighbor to join in the fun and celebration of the evening, they became angry, hoarding their space and telling us to move! Folks, this isn’t your living room, it’s a concert! They wanted to sit in their low chairs, expecting no one to stand in front of them while the music joyously played! People, you are at a rock concert! Get up off your butt and dance and clap and laugh and sing to the music! Extend a hand to your neighbor, smile and be generous. Don’t make snide comments and be mean. Be peaceful and extend a welcome to others and you might make a new friend! Or at the very least, if you must have your blanket to make an area for yourself, make an area for two if it is only two people! Big coolers and large blankets don’t belong at a concert if there isn’t a generous spirit to go with it. Hoarding space mongers stay home! So what do you think?
Wow, this blogging is great for getting stuff off your chest.
A free spirit in search of peace and love for thy neighbor,


I will be updating this blog with images from some of my latest paintings and ramblings about them as well as images from my latest adventures. Stay tuned and thanks for dropping in to see what’s what.