Watch the Sun, Follow the Stars

Watch the Sun, Follow the Stars, 12″ x 12″, acrylic on paper


  1. Hello,

    I first saw your artwork when I bought some cards from GreetingCardUniverse and I just loved the colors, the magic and mystery that come from your trees.
    I think somewhere on their site that they’re called Spirit Trees, but I also like Peace Trees.
    I once lived where there were lots of trees and I too enjoyed walking thru the woods. Now I am in the desert and I miss trees. Not just for their lovely shade, but I miss them, their presence and watchfulness.
    Thank you for putting your lovely art “out there.” It’s inspirational and full of beauty. Peace & Love, Geri

    • Hi Geri, Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment. I’m so happy that you enjoy my “Peace Trees.” I also like the name Spirit Trees. I’ve always loved forests and woodsy areas since I grew up in the Northwest. We live on a river now in the woods and I adore this area! The desert has it’s mysteries as well! Peace and love to you too! ~ Lindy

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