Sending Love and Healing Light Painting

I painted this painting intuitively as I often do with my art.

Sometimes my paintings feel as if they develop all by themselves and I am just the channel for the creativity.

When I was through with it the title instantly came to me as that was what I was feeling from it. It uplifted me and I felt the positive energy radiating from it.

I decided to dedicate it to my hubby, Greg, as he was feeling under the weather and could use some healing energy. So I told him I was “Sending Love and Healing Light” to him with this painting and he said that made him feel good. Yay!

Since then, Greg is feeling a whole lot better so that is great. And every time I look at this image, I feel the love and healing light coming from it. Maybe it’s because I repeat the words in my head when I look at it but either way, it lifts me up! 🙂

Sending Love and Healing Light© Lindy Gaskill, “Sending Love and Healing Light”
12″ x 16″, acrylic on paper

Prints in various sizes are available
in my Etsy Shop and Society 6 Shop.

2 thoughts on “Sending Love and Healing Light Painting

  • April 7, 2015 at 6:06 pm

    Happy Birthday, baby girl!! I hope Greg gets to feeling better very soon. Love the new painting – joyous as all your work is. My black fridge has those mini print/magnets running down the side of it, and they refresh my soul every time I pass by them. Many kisses from our home to yours!!

    • April 13, 2015 at 7:05 am

      Hey K., Thank you so much! You are sweet! Sending hugs and kisses back. Wish we could come visit again. 🙂


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