Photos from our trip up to Washington

Here’s our plan – we want to move our home to Mexico for the winter and Washington in the summer. We want to be closer to family and friends near Seattle and Camano Island. So we traveled up to Washington to check out the communities between Camano Island and Bellingham to see where we might want to purchase property.

We were gone for about 3 weeks. We did some camping and visited family and friends along the way.

Here are some of my fav photos from our trip.

I can’t believe we didn’t get any pics of the fam or our friends that we stayed with in Bellingham! But we did take a nice walk through beautiful strawberry fields along the river there.

strawberry fields in bellingham

I’m a little out of order with the photos because we actually went to Camano Island before we went to Bellingham.

Here’s our good doggies staying out of the cabin with their sandy paws.


We love taking walks up the road with Belle and Cody.



This is the farm where my grandmother grew up on Camano Island, Washington.


It’s one of my favorite places.

We picked blackberries from the bushes you see below those trees.

And Greg made delicious cobbler out of them!


And the sunsets are spectacular on Sundin Beach.


I can never take enough sunset pics. 🙂


We drove through Oregon too and the lush green forests soothed my soul.


We took a little walk.


And admired the green leaves.


Then we headed back to the car to make some lunch.



I wish I had more photos from our trip but we forgot

to take more. Oh, well, next time.

2 thoughts on “Photos from our trip up to Washington

  • October 14, 2014 at 6:21 pm

    Lovely plans. Lovely photos. Did you find a place to stay?

    • October 14, 2014 at 7:27 pm

      We haven’t found a spot yet but somewhere near Bellingham is what we are thinking.


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