A favorite spot is Sayulita Mexico

In recalling our recent trip through Mexico and Ecuador, I’m finding that my thoughts keep going back to Sayulita. It is one of my favorite spots from our travels.

There is a lot to love about Sayulita Mexico.

It has a cool main square.

Sayulita Art

Lots of beautiful art.

Greg enjoying Sayulita view

Great views for enjoying a margarita

Greg and Lindy in Sayulita

and a marvelous meal.

Live music at Bar Don Pato

Heard some rockin’ good music at Bar Don Pato.

Happening bar in Sayulita

Found some happenin’ cool bars

Leslie Art Opening

Met some nice people and had a lot of laughs. This is Leslie’s Art Opening.

Greg and Mojo in Sayulita Fine Art Gallery

Met some other nice artists. Greg with artist Mojo.

Mojo art

Mojo’s painting

Checking out the views of Sayulita

We took a great hike to check out the views

Walking on trails in Sayulita

and took some great walks too.

Sayulita Jungle

Lots of jungle

Sayulita view from hill

Terrific beaches

Semana Santa in Sayulita

We had fun even when there were crowds of people for Semana Santa.

Sayulita Sunset

Breathtaking sunsets

Sayulita Sugar Skulls

Cool Shops

Sugar Skull shop in Sayulita

Sugar skull art

Adorable Chihuaha

Adorable pups

bamboo cabana seen in Sayulita

Interesting places to stay.

Happiness Factory - ice cream in Sayulita

Gotta love a place with a Happiness Factory.

Tree within a tree in Sayulita

Cool trees

Sayulita Beach looking north

Deserted beaches

Sayulita beach

Beautiful weather

orange flowers in Sayulita

Gorgeous flowers

Iguana in Sayulita


Dia de Muertos painting by Lindy Gaskill

Here’s to celebrating Sayulita, Mexico!
“Dia de Muertos,” acrylic on wood panel, 20″ x 20″, NFS, ©Lindy Gaskill

4 thoughts on “A favorite spot is Sayulita Mexico

  • July 29, 2014 at 9:06 am

    Wow, you’re leaving Prescott? I wish I’d made plans to take a couple of classes with you. How soon are you leaving? We visited your studio during the MAG tour in 2012 and admired your art at Van Gogh’s Ear gallery too. Best of luck in your travels and new destinations!


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