It has been said that it is the spirit within that counts. And with art, I would say that is true. Art touches the soul in invisible ways.

Art. Spirit. Soul.

Art lovers, they know a thing or two about that. They know that the spirit can be lifted by gazing at a piece of art they love.

They know that art that touches their soul has got to be in their life. Whether it hangs in their living room, plays on their iPod or dangles around their neck. It is to be in their life.

But then, there are those who say why don’t you be practical.

Huh! We know that art is the passion that overrides the rule.

Art lovers – they purchase artwork instead of that air conditioner to stay cool.

It can make no sense to want to own that shiny, glittering wrist adornment when the car needs an oil change. But we do.

Art stirs an emotion in a flutter of a heartbeat. The practical can’t take us beyond our dreams. Owning and creating original art helps us to do that!

It lifts our spirit and helps us fly and experience life in a deeper, more meaningful way!

art spirit soul

A creative way. It helps us down the path of a soulful life.

A way that is about feelings not heard out loud but felt inside. And, not explained with practicality.

I love art and having it in my life!

I’ve heard it been said that the happiest people in the world are those that own original art. And creating it too!

Maybe, just maybe, that might be true.

Take the power to make your life happy with original art. I know I will continue down that path!