New Flying Fish Painting

I have a new colorful, flying fish painting titled “A Fantastic Journey.” It’s a magical forest with a wise owl, one flying fish and wind swept leaves cavorting under a glowing moon.

I wanted to create something that is not of this world. Where do you find flying fish but in a magical forest.

flying fish painting titled A Fantastic Journey

© Lindy Gaskill, “A Fantastic Journey”, Acrylic on wood panel, 24″ x 30″

Prints are for sale in my Etsy Shop here>

One thought on “New Flying Fish Painting

  • January 6, 2014 at 6:34 pm

    Fantastic colors and composition…..reminds me of a kelp forest where the fish fly, owls lurk, kelp sway, and the moon on the surface shimmer!! I love this art!


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