We Love Baja Sunsets

Taken near San Carlos, Mexico

Our last trip to Baja was in July. We had an awesome time. Here is another post about our trip.

When we’re in Baja, just about  every evening we either go to the beach or go up to the upstairs patio to enjoy the sunset. We always are in awe of the beauty!

If we’re lucky, we can see the spot of green glow that the sun makes right before it goes down over the horizon. We pause and wonder if it will happen this time.

baja sunset


The horizon often has a mist over the ocean so you don’t see a crisp clean line with the sun setting over it.  But the photo above was one of the rare sunsets without the mist.

For about 3 nights in a row there was a very crisp horizon. But only one of those sunsets gave us the green glow. So it is rare!


The dogs love going to the beach with us! We pack up our backpack with the beach blanket and appetizer goodies – avocado for guacamole which I make right in the shell, salsa and chips and sometimes either margaritas or coconut rum pineapple banana pinacoladas which are awesome.


I throw the avocado pit for Belle and a game of chase begins between Cody and Belle. Running and circling close to the waves, they love this game. It’s always Cody chasing Belle with the avocado pit in her mouth. Luckily she never chokes on it!

Soon the sun has set and we return to our casita for a dinner of fish tacos or shrimp spaghetti. We eat a simple diet in Baja but a delicious one!


3 thoughts on “We Love Baja Sunsets

  • August 8, 2012 at 4:16 am

    Wow! that second sunset is absolutely gorgeous! Can’t believe the colors!

  • August 5, 2012 at 9:25 am

    I close my eyes and imagine that trip to the beach – feel it on my face – feel the peace in my muscles and mind. And wet dogs – such great dogs. You are very blessed to have this time together, to have the sort of souls who respond to beauty so simply and deeply. But now I’m going to worry about her and that avocado pit – that’s what kind of soul I have. Sigh.


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