my work table

my work table today

I am really loving the Bloom True e-course by Flora Bowley. It’s such a nice mix of video’s, instruction, interviews, sketchbook time, gratefulness, yoga, etc. It is truly a mind, body, spirit type of class and it is just what I had hoped it would be.

I understand why it is titled the “brave, intuitive you” e-course. It definitely takes being brave to push oneself to make authentic paintings based on the symbols, and marks from one’s intuitive and true self.

There has been a level of frustration though with my painting. But no more than what I usually feel as I delve into the painting process. There is a point where my work looks pretty ugly! But I know from experience that they will get better as I continue to work on them. Flora calls this the ‘akward teenager phase”. Most of my paintings are in this phase right now. Yuck!

I know when I’m not trusting my intuition too. And that is when I start judging or comparing or analyzing what I’m doing.That’s when I get out of the flow but it’s a process of discovery as the paintings develop and I love it!

Flora talks about the artist being a vessel, allowing the creativity to flow through our hands onto the canvas. I like this idea of the the artist as a conduit because I often feel that way. When I’m painting, I’m not thinking too hard about what I’m doing. I try to let my intuitive self take over and be the channel to let the creative juices flow!

My Studio

My studio today

So I am learning a great deal about process and pushing the limits. Things that I knew before but often have let slide. So this course is a great one to get me back on track.

I’m learning about trusting my intuition and being bold. I’m learning about making my own personal marks. I’m learning about building layer, after layer, after layer and being okay with all this paint I’m putting on my canvas. I’m learning to trust that a painting will emerge from these colorful, textured layers.

There is a point when one starts to see things in the painting and I’m learning to not force it, to let it emerge slowly. I think in the past I was starting too early in my process with imagery. Now I am working slower and making more marks in the under layers which allows more variety for me to see things emerge. I love this!

And I’m learning that it is okay to cover up things with more marks because maybe something even better will emerge. And that definitely takes being brave! To cover up an image that I like for something else. But the beauty is, as Flora reminds us, if you mess up you can always keep building up layers with more marks and more paint until you start seeing things you like.

Meanwhile, as I work on my paintings for the e-course, I’ve been working on some other paintings. Here is a sneak peak of some of the detail from them.

Title of my new painting is Big Sun, Little Moon
Title: Big Sun, Little Moon
Title of this piece is The Wishing Bowl

Title: Where Dreams are Born

Happy creating!