Our Taos, New Mexico Adventure

When we neared Taos we took a break and had lunch.


When we stopped, I kept seeing lovely green rocks on the ground so I started a collection.


We also stopped and took a walk along a path which led to this church. There was a gorgeous view of the surrounding area from the top of this butte that the church stood on.


We stopped and took some pics of these wild horses out in the brush too.

Finally we got to our camp spot up on the Mesa above the big Rio Grande canyon.


We toasted to another beautiful camp spot.


And grateful for  a clear night under the moon and stars!



In the morning, we rode our bikes to the Black Rock Hot Springs, located along the Rio Grande River, north of Taos, west of the town of Arroyo Hondo. They were really beautiful and again, we were the only ones there! Nice! It was a tough bike ride home up the winding switchbacked road to our camp spot but it was worth it! Felt great to be exercising. Although, the next morning we drove the truck there cause it really was pretty tough going up the mountain on our bikes.


And then there were the hot air balloons to watch being lifted off right near where we camped.


They were fun to watch.balloon2
Especially when they went down into the canyon.

balloon3Another highlight was meeting Thor Janson, wildlife conservationist, photographer, author and adventurer, who was camping near us on the mesa. We met him while he was photographing the balloon launch. He said he would use the images when he got back to Guatemala where he lives. He came over to our camp spot and we shared stories and compared travel notes. It’s always fun to meet interesting people when we travel.

We loved the small village called Arroyo Seco, located east of where we were camping above Arroyo Hondo.


We loved the town so much that we ended up staying there so we could experience it a little longer.

snowmansionThere we met the family who run the Snow Mansion, Seco’s local Youth Hostel. It was convenient to stay there because we could pick veggies out of their huge garden and use their kitchen and facilities. Greg actually helped them a little with the SEO (search engine optimization) on their website. It was a really great place and friendly too!


And I loved the little artsy touches around the property.


We took a walk in the evening with the dogs and admired the gorgeous scenery!


Did a little dreaming about what it would be like to live there.


We walked till sunset…till it got dark. We decided we love our new camera too.


We did get into Taos as well to look at some art  galleries which was inspiring. I took notes on artists names of the art I liked so I could look them up on the computer when I got home.


When we were at Seco’s local Tea House, we heard about a nearby community of people who live in Earthships, a type of  home made of natural and recycled materials. There was a tour one could take and see some pretty unique housing and how it was built. So we did that one day too. And I’ll tell you about that and our stay in Santa Fe in my next post.

earthshipEarthship house.


~ L

3 thoughts on “Our Taos, New Mexico Adventure

  • November 3, 2010 at 4:12 am

    this whole trip
    looks like a parachute transport
    for your heart!!!

  • November 2, 2010 at 11:36 pm

    So you’re up late, too – but not that late for you. I wonder if I’ll ever get to Taos. When I visit Gin, I’m nearly there. But so much to do in Santa Fe with the fam, I hardly get to see Santa Fe! How lovely, the two of you up on that mesa, overlooking the entire world. I love seeing the world through your eyes.


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