Painting in the studio and other projects

Where does the time go? I meant to make more posts this week but have been busy with painting in the studio and working on our casita.

We have a big project happening in our kitchen. We hired some help to create our new palido counter tops. It’s quite a project and takes a few days to complete. So things are a bit chaotic at our place.


They’re doing a great job. I love the color of them. A yellowish gold with tiny flexs of red in it.


We’ll add some tile touches to the front vertical area below the sink. It will be fun to go look for tile. Greg is going to build some cupboard doors which will be great instead of the curtains we’ve had hanging to hide the area below the sink.

They’re still working on the counters today. It will be 3 weeks before we can put the sealer on them though and get to really start using them. That means they’ll be ready right before we have to leave.

We have some other projects in the works too but I’ll show you those at a later date.

So last time I wrote, I was pianting in the studio.

painting in baja studio
painting in baja studio

I’ve been working on my six newest birch tree paintings. I added fish to the blue pond in one of my paintings.


I added some baby birds and a star to these two pieces.


And the sixth painting I haven’t shown you yet.

It’s gone through some major revisions.

It’s the one painting of the six that is vertical and has only one tree.

I at first had a different larger figure under the birch but I painted over it. I added a black haired maiden instead. I’m beginning to like it now and I’m thinking it will make a nice greeting card. Which painting is your favorite of these six?


It’s hard from the photos to see the changes I’ve made but they are there. Still more touches are needed before they’re complete. Some of the next things to add are the background swirls and white dot details.

I always feel it is these last touches that really complete the piece. Sometimes I hesitate to show my work before it is done because people will assume it is done but I know it is not.

These pieces I’m showing you right now are about 3/4’s complete. So stay tuned.


I’ve mentioned before that baja sunsets are gorgeous and we enjoy them almost every night. One night I noticed how beautiful the archway of flowers to our casita looked in the setting sun and captured a pic of it. I love silhouettes with the sun setting in the background.


Another night, although the sky was not very colorful, the sun looked HUGE as it was setting! I took a photo but had to use the telephoto to have it look like the sun really was big. Some times the sun sets and then the clouds turn a beautiful pink color in the after glow. That’s always pretty.


Got to get back to the studio now.

Enjoy your day!

5 thoughts on “Painting in the studio and other projects

  • June 12, 2010 at 5:09 am

    if i had to pick one,
    it would be the one
    with the home.
    i love that they are big,
    love the variety,
    the joy, the palpable
    heart-beating LIFE
    in each & every one!
    & your setting that you
    are painting in
    is paradise!
    what a dream
    of a life
    you have & are!

  • June 6, 2010 at 2:58 pm

    Yes, and I understand EXactly what’s keeping you from writing more often. I have been schlepping everything we own from one floor to another, one cupboard to another, trying to work out method to my madness. And touch up painting.

    Now, I want to understand about the counter – is it cement, then? I don’t have any referent for what I’m seeing. I’m glad you’re adding the tile on the vertical. I’d miss it if you didn’t.

    Funny that you had curtains instead of cabinet doors. The house we lived in in LA – the one I grew up in, it was like that – a counter top and sink, and curtains along the front. It’s an old way of doing things, and it resonates with me in a strange and slightly nostalgic way. Doors are better, though.

    Now. Paintings. First – I LOVE all of them LOVE the colors – really, like the colors of the sunsets you love, but brought into the day light. And I love the parchment feeling of the trees. I can’t pick. You know it’s completely unfair to throw a horse into the mix and then expect me to choose anything else. But I am in trouble here. I love the arched trees. And the house. And of course, the bird – quail, partridge – and the fish, and the single tree with its maiden. All are vibrant and joyful and mysterious but somehow dear as home.

    Now my head hurts. I love it that you paint flat.

    I think, truly though – my favorite picture was the one of your cute, living, happy face. Better even than the big sun.

  • June 6, 2010 at 9:41 am

    if i HAVE to pick just ONE, I’m going to say the one that my eye was immediately drawn to — the two trees arching to center over the star! i am fantasizing about interning with a visual artist next winter when the jam kitchen closes for a couple of months — you and flora bowley are on my radar — love your work, the color, the organic nature, the iconography, all of it, yes indeedy! and the energy behind the work that emanates so beautifully from it…

  • June 5, 2010 at 6:22 am

    I like the one with the maiden the best. I think your artwork is lovely. Thank you for sharing! deb

  • June 4, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    you’re doing a great job and your new counters have a wonderful glow to them!

    picking a favorite is hard to do, but I’d say I like the quails, they are quails aren’t they? I especially like the new babies you added. but I’m really drawn to the fish in the pond too. And I love the horse! Oh I can’t pick a favorite I love them all!!


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