Christmas in Baja

This is where we’re staying. I’ve uploaded photos of the garden and the casita. We’re working on projects and will be painting the outside of the house and garage in the near future as well as working on all kinds of other projects!

We’re nearing Christmas but with the nice weather here in Baja it doesn’t quite feel like it. But on Tues. night we’re going to The Secret Garden restaurant for their Christmas dinner celebration which will get us in the spirit. They call it the Posada (means inn) and it celebrates Joseph and Mary’s search for a place to stay at the inn. The dinner guests participate by lighting candles in a procession and all of us reenacting going to the inn and being turned away until we’re told we can stay in the manger. We’re looking forward to the dinner.

Greg is building me a work table for me to use for my paintings. It will have shelves and places to put my supplies. I’m glad he is so handy and likes to build things. Yesterday he built a gate for the property that has a sun ray pattern on it. We’re going to paint it yellow and orange. It will look pretty cool when it’s done. I’ll try to post some more photos a bit later.

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