This 1964 International truck is inspiring me

1964 International Pickup

This truck is like a tank. It’s the hardiest vehicle I’ve ridden in. It’s our 1964 CL1100 Harvester International pickup.

I’ve been thinking of putting one in a painting. I’ve used other vintage vehicles in some of my paintings and this truck has been calling me.

This truck originally belonged to my late husband, Peter. The first time I rode in it I felt like I was in a tank because it’s so sturdy! It has 4 wheel drive and some special gears that make it jug, jug, jug a long if you want to go through tough, rugged territory. It’s an amazing vehicle!

It had a few mechanical problems over the years but last year Greg got it running! Yay!

We’ve had fun taking it to the beach. Belle likes riding in the back.

I like riding in the front.

International pickup at the beach

I’m inspired by it’s funkiness.

And it’s lines.

1964 International Pickup

I like the shape of the front end.

Some paintings I’ve made that were inspired by old vans (hippie vans) and cars (namely Bugs) were really fun to make so maybe a truck will be showing up soon.

I took a bunch of photos to refer to. I’m going to do some sketches from some of them.

What’s inspiring you lately?