Gnome Painting for Twitter Art Exhibit

gnome painting

Twitter Art Exhibit: NYC – 2016


Twitter Art Exhibit: NYC (2016)
Benefiting Foster Pride’s “Handmade” Program

Thursday, March 31, 2016, 6:30-8:30 PM
Show runs March 31st – April 21st, 2016


I’m finding myself really attracted to gnomes lately. I think it’s because we’re surrounded by some pretty wet, mossy, green forest where we’re living in Maple Falls, Washington.

When I go on hikes through the woods, I think about trolls, gnomes and fairies because it’s just that kind of forest. You can’t help but think about magical beings living in the enchanted forest.

I’ve been a big fan of gnomes since I was in my teens and I have this really great gnome book that I got in about 1977.

Gnome book by Wil HuygenGnome book by Wil Huygen

It’s one of my favorite books from when I was young. It’s about the life of gnomes. It’s pretty cute!

So the art I created for the Twitter art exhibit is a Gnome.

I’ve titled it “Spreading Enormous Joy under the Moon.” It’s acrylic on thick, postcard size, fine art paper.

Gnome painting
© Lindy Gaskill, “Spreading Enormous Joy under the Moon,” acrylic on paper



Tiny Art Collection and "Shortpants"

I like tiny art. I’ve always liked to collect things too. So I’ve started a Tiny Art Collection of some of my Lyrical World paintings as very small prints. They will fit neatly in your own 5″ x 7″ frame. The actual image size is 4.6″ x 6.7″. You can see and purchase the first two at my Imagekind online store. Buy them as a petite print and I suggest the UltraSmooth Fine Art paper as the paper choice. I think it will be fun to have a Tiny Art Print Showcase for you to choose from. I’ll be adding images periodically and will keep you updated when I add more.

Speaking of small. Belle and Cody, our two border collies, have befriended the neighbors dog next door to us. His name is Solo but we’ve started calling him “Shortpants”. He is so cute and has the shortest legs when he is standing next to our dogs. I took a photo of him this morning. There’s something about his stance. His short little legs and barrel chest that sticks out when he prances about that makes him look like he’d be a great cartoon character.

Solo aka “Shortpants”