Photos from our trip up to Washington


Here’s our plan – we want to move our home to Mexico for the winter and Washington in the summer. We want to be closer to family and friends near Seattle and Camano Island. So we traveled up to Washington to check out the communities between Camano Island and Bellingham to see where we might want to purchase property. We were gone for about 3 weeks. We did some camping and visited family and friends along the way. Here are…

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Our Taos, New Mexico Adventure

When we neared Taos we took a break and had lunch. When we stopped, I kept seeing lovely green rocks on the ground so I started a collection. We also stopped and took a walk along a path which led to this church. There was a gorgeous view of the surrounding area from the top of this butte that the church stood on. We stopped and took some pics of these wild horses out in the brush too. Finally we…

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We Camped at Playa Escondida on the Sea of Cortez

We’re back in Bend, Oregon. We left Todos Santos on the 25th. We stopped on the Sea of Cortez at Playa Escondida for a couple days of R & R. We love camping on the beach! We snorkeled and swam and caught the rays! It was hot! About 105, maybe more. We built a great little camp with a palapa hut. The views were beautiful! The water was my favorite color! I call it mediterranean green. But maybe I should…

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Painting in the studio and other projects

Where does the time go? I meant to make more posts this week but have been busy with painting in the studio and working on our casita. We have a big project happening in our kitchen. We hired some help to create our new palido counter tops. It’s quite a project and takes a few days to complete. So things are a bit chaotic at our place. They’re doing a great job. I love the color of them. A yellowish…

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Baja sunsets and night sky

We were walking home from our neighbor’s place on Saturday night and we saw this: Venus above the moon. Sure was gorgeous! Made me think of all the wonderful sunsets and night skies we’ve seen over the years. I save my sunset photos and looking at them brings back memories of camping on the beach or sitting with friends, eating chips and salsa and watching as that beautiful golden orb sets for another day. peace.

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