2019 Celestial Star and Planet Print

celestial star and planet print

I’ve always loved celestial things. They are magical. I love the stars and the moon and what they represent. For me, their symbolism is about how we are all connected. How the permanency of earthly things is fleeting but the universe is endless! The universe is always there and always will be. Long after we are not on this earth. Inspired by Celestial Quotes I am inspired by quotes that mention stars, the galaxy, planets and the universe. “I think…

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Painting Inspired by Niki de Saint Phalle Art

Big Girl Wings

A number of years ago I discovered the art of Niki de Saint Phalle, a French-Swiss painter and sculptor. She created some colorful, full figured sculptures which I love! Here’s an example: I had created a few drawings in my sketchbooks over the years inspired by her work. Then recently I did this painting and I’m pretty sure it was inspired by Niki’s art and my other painting titled She Wanted the Rainbow So She Put Up with the Rain.…

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She Wanted the Rainbow and a Rainbow Tattoo

She Wanted the Rainbow print

My painting titled “She Wanted the Rainbow, So She Put Up With The Rain” has inspired a tattoo on a woman who has admired it. She told me she found the image on Facebook and she was so inspired by it that she got a tattoo of it. She decided she wanted to find me to let me know. So she did a search and found the image which led her to my Facebook page where she was able to…

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