How to be a Happy Person

how to be happy

Wouldn’t you like to be a happy person? I know I do.

I’ve been thinking about happiness lately as I’ve been affected by the state of politics in the world.

I’ve felt anger, bitterness, sadness, disbelief and more! Not a lot of positivity in some of these feelings. Maybe you’ve felt some of these too?

Happiness Factor

So I thought I would make a printable PDF for you to download that might help you find your happiness factor.

It’s titled “How to become the happy person you are meant to be.” I try to do a lot of the things on this list daily! I hope it helps inspire you. And if you’re feeling down, may it help you implement some of the suggestions to lift your spirit!

Foremost, engage in those things that
make you feel happy.

• Surround yourself with positive, upbeat friends.
• Keep a gratitude journal to remind yourself of how grateful you are.
• Set an intention and then follow through.
• Stop reading negative, upsetting news online.
• Go outside and be in nature.
• Learn to say no and mean it.
• Watch some funny tv shows that make you laugh.
• Get engrossed in a good book.
• Help someone else. Make a donation of time, money or items you don’t need.
• Read an inspiring quote every day or say positive affirmations.
• Stop comparing yourself to other people.
• Learn to accept your body and love yourself just the way you are!
• Forgive others and move on by not dwelling on the past.
• Take a day off and do only the things you love to do.
• Have a tea party and invite some friends over.
• Be mindful, slow down, and notice the little things in life.
• Beautify your surroundings with colorful, uplifting art or a fragrant bouquet of flowers.
• Ask for a hug and give a hug to someone else.
• Spend time with a pet and care for them.
• Spread kindness by doing something nice for someone like buying them flowers
or doing a chore they don’t like doing.
• Take a new class, or try something you’ve never done before.
• Look in the mirror everyday and tell yourself how much you love and appreciate yourself.
• Engage in a hobby you love such as writing, music, painting, sewing, photography or hiking.
• Take things lightly and laugh often!
• Go for a massage or have a spa day at home.
• Have the courage to find out the truth.
• Exercise and get the body moving!
• Listen to your favorite songs.
• Indulge yourself in something you’ve always wanted to do or have.
• Bite into that piece of dark chocolate you’ve been craving.
• Practice meditation.
• Chant “Sat nam”. Learn about this powerful mantra used in practicing Kundalini Yoga at
• Claim adventure.
• Spend some quiet time with yourself, reflecting on good things and being grateful!

Repeat this affirmation every day:

I am supported by what I love. I live in abundance.
I feel peace and happiness flowing effortlessly in my life.

And if you are looking for more positive affirmations, check out these great cards that can help you stay uplifted and on a positive track!

Positive Affirmations Card Deck

A DIY positive affirmations card deck to help you commit to the possibility of your dreams! By saying affirmations and acknowledging where you want your life to lead, you will truly create a shift in your life. It will help you move toward creating the life you want to live!

Creative visualization and positive affirmations

Open Channel to Creative Energy

As many of you know, I’m a big believer in positive affirmations and using one’s imagination to visualize the life you want to lead.

Lately I’ve been reading the Shakti Gawain book “Creative Visualization.” It’s a book I’ve read before but I felt like revisiting it. I like how I can learn something new when I go back and reread something after it’s been awhile since I’ve read it.

One of the affirmations Shakti Gawain mentions is, “I am an open channel to creative energy.” I love that!

It is an affirmation that in the past I visually would picture in my head, being an open channel to a higher power, tapping into the creative force of the universe, but I had never actually stated it in words as an affirmation. When I read those words, it was an “ah ha” moment.

I’m pretty sure I will be thinking the words “I am an open channel to creative energy” now, as well as visualizing being an open channel, whenever I am in the creative mode.

Positive Affirmations Card Deck
Positive Affirmations Card Deck by Lindy Gaskill

If you’re interested in my positive affirmations card decks, I have them on sale in my Etsy Shop>

Inspirational Positive Affirmations Card Decks are here

Positive Affirmations Intentions Card Deck
Inspirational Intentions Card Deck

You may recall that in 2010 I designed some mini inspirational card decks. I did a blog post about them and sold them in my Etsy Shop.  I now have new card decks for 2013!

I’m a big fan of the idea that words are important! I was inspired by the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. One of the agreements is “Be impeccable with your word.”

Louise Gale says, “Choosing good thoughts and feelings and reacting to challenging situations positively raises our vibrational level and helps us attract the things we want in our life.”

The idea what I say and think is something that can attract what I want into my life often goes through my mind so I try to be “impeccable with my word” and choose the good ones. says that being impeccable with your word means, “Speak with integrity.  Say only what you mean.  Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others.  Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

Impeccable means “without sin” and a sin is something you do or believe that goes against yourself.  It means not speaking against yourself, to yourself or to others.  It means not rejecting yourself.  To be impeccable means to take responsibility for yourself, to not participate in “the blame game.”

Regarding the word, the rules of “action-reaction” apply.  What you put out energetically will return to you.  Proper use of the word creates proper use of energy, putting out love and gratitude perpetuates the same in the universe.  The converse is also true.

Impeccability starts at home.  Be impeccable with yourself and that will reflect in your life and your relationships with others.  This agreement can help change thousands of other agreements, especially ones that create fear instead of love.”

Positive Affirmations Card Deck

Choosing the right thoughts and words is important  because thoughts are energy and as it was said above, one attracts what one puts out into the Universe. So thinking positively can attract positive energy into your life.

Health and Wellness Card
Card from the Wellness Card Deck.

I believe we are all creators and we were made to create our intentionality. So put your intentions out there! I’ve created these two decks to help you do just that. Use these mini decks of 24 inspirational cards to help you visualize and create the life you intend.

There are two decks, one is the Intentions Card Deck with positive affirmations and the other is the Wellness & Weight Loss Card Deck with thoughts on staying healthy and losing weight. Each of these tiny decks is made up of 24 cards with a different saying on each card.

Inspirational Wellness & Weight Loss Card Deck
Inspirational Wellness & Weight Loss Card Deck

I love the feel of them in my hands. The cards are very, very smooth and printed on a heavy card stock with a matte finish. The colors radiate beautifully and each mini deck is tied up with a golden ribbon and put inside a shimmery cloth bag.

Card from the Wellness & Weight Loss Deck.

I have the cards spread around my art studio, on my window sill, and clipped to a string lining the wall.

Card from the Intentions Deck
Card from the Intentions Deck.

I think these little cards are a great way to start off the New Year.

My New Years resolutions in the past have been ones that I soon forget but these cards keep me on track. I take one out in the morning and concentrate on that particular saying for the day.

Intentions Card
Card from the Intentions Deck.

You can find the Card Decks in my Etsy Shop>.

Will you share some of your New Year’s resolutions and intentions here? I would love to know.

Peace ☮

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