Original Painted Steer Skull

steer skull art by lindy gaskill

I love the look of a southwest style painted steer skull. And I thought it would be fun to paint one myself.

When we were in Baja last Spring I got the chance.

A man stopped by our place one day with a pick up truck full of plain, white steer skulls. All of them were beautiful. It’s often hard to find ones that are so complete and not deteriorated. I chose one to paint and purchased it.

We cleaned it up and set it out to dry. But guess who got into it? Our little snoopy dog Belle. Here she is smiling at what she did.

smiling border collie

She chewed the end off it. You can see the ragged edge of the nose.

Plain Steer Skull

I ended up rebuilding that part with papier-mâché. In the end, one can’t tell at all so I was pleased.

Now, what to paint on it? There are so many ideas for painted steer skulls on Pinterest.

I didn’t want to be too influenced by others although it’s hard not to be.

I eventually came up with an idea and sketched it onto the steer skull with pencil.

I first put down a layer of white gesso in the area I wanted to paint. This will make the paint last longer.

And then I painted it using my acrylics.


Steer skull art beginning painting

I didn’t worry about going outside the lines as I knew the background color would paint over it.

I think it came out nice.

It went through changes along the way though.

Notice the design has changed by adding orange flowers instead of the fanned graphic below.

original painted steer skull

I made it with a yellow background at first but I didn’t like how it fought with the turquoise top portion.

Painted Steer Skull by Lindy Gaskill


Painted steer skull by Lindy Gaskill

I liked the turquoise so I decided to paint more of what I liked which is always a good idea.

I like it much better now.

steer skull art

original steer skull painting

I’m not sure if I’ll ever do another painted steer skull but this one was fun for my very first one.

What do you think?



Original Whimsical Acrylic Paintings for Sale

Original Whimsical Acrylic Paintings for Sale

I call these new whimsical, acrylic paintings my 2017 Baja Series as I created them while down in Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico this year.

They are acrylic on wood panel with 3/8″ to 1/2″ black painted sides and a 3/8″ to 1/2″ wood block glued on the back of the painting so they stick out from the wall. They are wired and ready to hang.

They all have vibrant colors and I love the way they came out!

The backs are painted black and I’ve signed, dated and titled each piece on the back with my lucky silver pen.

yoga girl painting

“Blond Haired Yoga Girl,” 6″ x 6″,
Acrylic on Wood Panel

yoga girl painting

“Black Haired Yoga Girl,” 6″ x 6″,
Acrylic on Wood Panel

yoga girl painting

“Brown Haired Yoga Girl,” 6″ x 6″,
Acrylic on Wood Panel

yoga girl pianting

“Red Haired Yoga Girl,” 6″ x 6″,
Acrylic on Wood Panel

whimsical hummingbird painting

“Blue Hummingbird,” 7″ x 7″,
Acrylic on Wood Panel

   whimsical fish painting

“One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish,” 7″ x 7″,
Acrylic on Wood Panel

yoga girl painting

“Life’s a Circus, Stay Balanced,” 12″ x 12″,
Acrylic on Wood Panel

birdie love painting

“Birdie Love,” 16″ x 20″,
Acrylic on Wood Panel

yoga girl and sun painting

“Sitting With the Sun,” 12″ x 16″,
Acrylic on Wood Panel

Yoga girl and lotus painting

“My Heart is Open and Receiving Love,” 6.5″ x 16″,
Acrylic on Wood Panel

lotus tree painting

“Light Energy,” 5″ x 17″,
Acrylic on Wood Panel

raven and bicycle painting

“Star Light, Star Bright, Let’s Go On a Ride Tonight,” 14″ x 16″,
Acrylic on Wood Panel

Prayer Flags and Trees Painting

“Shadow and Light,” , 11.5″ x 16″,
Acrylic on Wood Panel

They Sailed Under the Light of the Moon Owl and Pussy Cat

“They Sailed Under the Light of the Moon,” 10.75″ x 16″,
Acrylic on Wood Panel

yoga girl and tipi painting

“Eternally Grateful,” 12″ x 12″,
Acrylic on Wood Panel

Where two Worlds Meet painting

“When Two Worlds Meet,” 12″ x 12″,
Acrylic on Wood Panel

Lotus Garden painting

“Lotus Garden,” 12″ x 12″,
Acrylic on Wood Panel

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these whimsical acrylic paintings go to my Artwork by Lindy Etsy Shop under the Original Paintings section>

Thank you for supporting my art!

Just wanted to remind you I have a Facebook page which I use to post updates on the latest Art by Lindy news so if you haven’t already “Liked” my FB page, please do. It is located at https://www.facebook.com/ArtbyLindy

♥ Peace,


Would you like to know some acrylic painting techniques?

Studio in baja

I’ve made some acrylic painting techniques videos on my youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/c/lindygaskill

I’m going to try to post a video every week and see how that goes. If you have an idea for a video, please put it in the comments and I will try to address it.

Below are three new art videos that show some acrylic painting techniques.

The below video shows how I add black outline to my paintings and when I put a wash over the paint sometimes it makes the black line very dull looking. It’s important to go back over the black line with black paint to make the color pop!

My paintings have lots of layers of mark making. The below video shows more ways to add paint layers to a painting by using up some of my old paint.

After I have a lot of large areas of paint, I like to add some small marks. The below video shows some small mark making using some unusual tools.

If you would like to be notified of new videos, be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel!

Spirit Bear Painting

Spirit Bear Painting

I love it when the unexpected appears in my paintings.

This spirit bear showed up as I was painting and I love that he did!

There is much symbolism in this piece and it feels very special.

© Lindy Gaskill, “Spirit Bear Awakens the Sun,” 12″ x 12″, acrylic on wood panel, SOLD

The sacred spirit bear is the keeper of dreams and memory. I like that the symbols float above him as if the dreams and memories are floating through time and space.

Spirit bear paintingI really like the night sky with the stars and moon too!

spirit bear sky

Learn more about the spirit bear here.

To purchase a print, go here>

Still the Birds Darryl Purpose CD

Still the Birds Darryl Purpose CD

I told you earlier about doing a commissioned painting for the singer songwriter Darryl Purpose. Now I’m excited to receive my very own copy of the “Still the Birds” Darryl Purpose CD.

My painting was used on the cover! It’s so fun to finally see the real thing and hold it in my hand. Wow, I’m so honored! I love Darryl’s music! I’m going to listen to it right after I post this.

The art direction, design and layout of the CD is by A Man Called Wrycraft (Michael Wrycraft).

Still the Birds Darryl Purpose CD

I like the way the artwork was made into the background of the pages for the insert. And the hand on the CD label looks pretty neat too. 🙂

Still the Birds Darryl Purpose CD

Thanks Darryl, it looks great! Darryl is a wonderful storyteller and I love his lyrics and sound!

Order your own copy at www.darrylpurpose.com.


Dec. 17, 2013 – An Artist’s Day Notes

An Artist's Day Notes

to enjoy the lights on our Christmas tree

for Greg’s new job

thankful for where I’m at

a cute card on my desk that lifts my spirit

Christmas music

2 big paintings

eating dark chocolate

to keep doing yoga in the morning
on a regular basis in 2014

new marketing ideas for my art


The Whole World is My Home

© Lindy Gaskill, “The Whole World is My Home”, 5.5″ x 5.5″, acrylic on wood mini painting

My peace tree painting inspired 7th Graders in Illinois

On occasion, I’ll get an email from someone who has seen one of my images online or visited my youtube channel and lets me know they’re using my painting technique or image to inspire their own paintings or life.  I feel honored and humbled that my art is touching so many people! And I appreciate the feedback, it keeps me doing what I’m doing, creating uplifting art!

A couple weeks ago, I got three emails in one week from three separate individuals. I thought to myself, Wow, I love that my art is reaching out to people!

The painting of mine below, titled “The Trees Sing to the River,” inspired a classroom of forty 7th graders in River Forest, Illinois. I am so happy that the dancing, magical nature of my whimsical, peace trees have touched people.

 “The Trees Sing to the River”, © Lindy G. Gaskill

A woman contacted me and wrote about my painting, “I was looking for a project to do with some 7th graders. I was struck by the bold colors, richness and playfulness of it. My daughter goes to a Catholic school, and they have an auction at which the students’ class projects are auctioned to raise money for the school. The 7th grade students produced a 3’x4′ canvas collage that is very similar to yours…and it’s absolutely beautiful!”

She wanted to know if it was alright with me to use my painting as their inspiration and to auction off the kids work. I said yes.

When I get a request such as this, when the layout is so similar to mine, I ask that my name and website be mentioned to show where the inspiration came from. She was happy to do so.

This is the painting the 7th graders created.

They came up with their own twist on how to produce it. I was told, “The kids were divided into groups and given strips of black roof tar paper & oil pastels & white paint to make the trees. Each student was given a chance to work on the background also. Lastly, they all signed their names on one of the trees. It’s truly a beautiful masterpiece…” And you can see that it is!

You can also see the signatures in the bark of the tree below. What a great idea!

If you would like to go to the online auction, go here, item #319>

The description of it reads, “St. Luke 7th grade is packed with artistic talent! Each student artist has worked a bit of magic into this one-of-a-kind multimedia masterpiece depicting an enchanted birch tree forest with rich colors and whimsy. Try to spy your artist’s name hidden in the forest! The 7th grade collage project was inspired by a similar painting by Lindy Gaskill, a respected artist from Prescott, AZ. Her work may be viewed and purchased on her website: www.artbylindy.com.”

I’d like to say to the 7th graders who worked on this project, thank you for sharing your art with me and the world! I hope your creativity inspires others too!

If you’d like to see more of my whimsical, “peace tree” paintings, go here>

Take care,


Update on what I’m working on in the studio

These are the peace tree paintings I worked on yesterday in the studio. They still have more layers to go but this shows a good start.

I build up layers with the black. I especially like the way it looks like aspen markings in the tree trunk.


I mainly worked on the two on the left yesterday. Today the one on the right is calling to me. I like watching them progress by taking the photos.


Development of a painting – Protecting the Nest III

I was painting about a dozen canvases and pieces on wood while I was taking the Bloom True e-course by Flora Bowley. I’m still working on some of the pieces and they are developing and changing and don’t look anything like the way they started.

It’s always interesting to me to watch a painting develop. In the future I’ll be posting some of these pieces to show you.

What I love about the Bloom True e-course is you can take what you would like from it, what resonates with you, and leave the rest. Many of the things I was doing are things that I have learned in previous experimental drawing and painting classes but I had fallen away from them and this e-course got me back on track! Love that! One needs that as an artist to keep growing. And taking workshops is inspiring for that! And this one is amazingly inspiring! It is unique in that it combines more than just painting techniques. There is a whole mind, body, soul element to it. I highly recommend enrolling for the next e-course in June.

Letting images come spontaneously and intuitively, letting my own marks and color palette fill the canvas was a joy!

Below are some of the images of my painting, Protecting the Nest III, as it developed.

Some of the first layers and adding lights and darks.


more layers, keeping the raven shape, adding in the feathers


This is the awkward teenager stage where the painting looks yucky!

Protecting the Nest III, Acrylic on Wood, ©2012 L. Gruger

The final painting has some of my signature marks in it.

The marks I use with string, making spirals and swiggly marks with red and black paint. And the marks I use by scratching into paint on wax paper and pressing it into the painting. These marks are what Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D. from the smARTist Telesummit calls one’s fingerprint aka one’s artist voice with painting. The marks that make your painting yours. These are my marks and they are the one’s that a person can recognize an L. Gruger painting has. That and the black outline. I  love using the black outline and currently I’m experimenting with white outline too.

What are the things that make up your fingerprint?

Learning new approaches in my art

As I wrote earlier, I’m taking the super awesome painting e-course by Flora Bowley called Bloom True. But it’s not just about painting! It’s about intuition, meditation, playfulness, yoga, letting go, not judging, trusting the process, being open and a whole lot more!

I just love it!

I’m painting on 2 canvases (actually wood boards) for the class but then I have a bunch more pieces I’m working on too.  I’m incorporating what I’ve learned from the course with a mix of what I already know about painting. A lot of what Flora is teaching us incliudes things that I learned from Peggy Zehring a number of years ago but with a slightly different take. This e-course is just what I’ve needed to grow and further my path as an artist. I’m so grateful I signed up for the Bloom True e-course!

We’re using lots of different kinds of tools and brushes as well as our fingers and thick and fluid acrylic paint.


This is a large painting I started but since I took this photo it has changed. One starts with an undercoat of personal mark making.

Large painting

It transformed into this


and then this


Check back later for more of the progression on this piece.

It is so fun to play with paint and make different and unusual marks. Here are a few more I’ve started. They also have since been transformed since I took this photo.

Bloom True Paintings

Here’s some detail of early mark making.



Having fun with color is an artist’s dream! So I am really enjoying this!





Trust is a big part of this course. Because all the different mark making can feel chaotic and bring up different emotions, I have to trust that every mark I’m making is meant to be there and it’s all okay. It’s okay to cover up the different areas with new marks and experiment and try different things. There is no right or wrong and that is a good thing to remember as an artist.

Art is about creating and not about putting judgements on myself about whether I am doing it right. And that thought is very freeing. It allows me to just create and let the marks come from my intuition and feelings. Allowing the brush in my hand to stay loose and free flowing is something I need more practice on and I’m so enjoying this practice!

Check back later for more about my painting sessions.

Happy creating!

~ Lindy

"Touching the Light: One Danced with the Fireflies" New Acrylic Painting

I made a print from my new painting. The painting is titled “Touching the Light: One Danced with the Fireflies.”


On the print of this painting, I added these words:

May you be courageous in

spite of your fears and see that

as your life has changed course

you are surrounded with love.

May that light of love

illuminate darkened paths,

lighten your spirit and

help you to find your way.

Here’s the painting in my art studio. It is an acrylic on canvas that is 40″ tall x 30″ wide, the sides are painted black. The colors are very luminous from lots of layering.

This is the painting that started out being inspired from a rug that’s in our master bath. This painting came out completely different from what I intended. I was going to do a wall of petroglyphs between the trees but then lanterns and fireflies appeared and it turned another direction. Funny how things happen like that….sort of like Life.


I dedicate this painting and print to all those who are going through a tough time right now.




Wishing you peace and love to light your path.

– Lindy

2010 Life and Art in Review

Last year I did a post about my 2009 Life and Art in Review so I thought I’d do one for 2010. This is where I pair some of my art with some photos from 2010. I made 12 images, one for each month and then 3 at the end to wish you a Happy New Year!

In January of 2010, I began painting what I call “Mindscapes” from my Metaphysical Landscape series. I also had an art show at the Lodge at Black Butte Ranch in Sisters, Oregon. I did an artists talk to their Art Guild about my Artist’s Journey and that inspired me to start writing a 5 part series on my blog about my Artist’s Journey. It was fun to go back through my old journals and sketch books to gather images and read about what I was going through. It brought back a lot of memories and I felt very grateful for all that I’ve accomplished.  The Black Butte Ranch aspen trees inspired my whimsical Peace Tree paintings as well!


February found Greg and I building raised beds to make a veggie garden. We started building the beds using lava rock from around our property. My paintings reflected peace and love in my garden series. I was dreaming of warmer weather!


March 1, 2010 brought my first online art Giveaway which was a great success and very fun. I also did a blog post about 100 things about me which is an interesting exercise in self awaremess. But this was all over shadowed by the news that my Mother suffered a massive stroke while visiting San Francisco with a friend and died on Marth 24th. This was very unexpected and greatly saddened me! I spent a number of weeks in Seattle with my family and we had a memorial service where I was able to meet many of my Mom’s closest friends and reconnect with family.

Audrey Gruger May 17, 1930-March 24, 2010

In April, I got back into the studio to paint. At the end of that month, Greg and I packed and left on our road trip to Todos Santos in Baja, Mexico. I knew it would be a good getaway and Baja would be a healing spot for me. I sure missed my Mom! I started painting my aspen tree series and  took lots of photos of my paintings which I ended up making into a video.


In May I continued with painting and we also continued our work remodeling our casita and my art studio above the garage. We walled in the studio and put in French Doors. It came out really cool and I can’t wait to go back there this Spring and paint.


June arrived and we were still in Baja. I painted some old recycled washing machine drums and made them into planter boxes which was really fun. I painted some art for the Fur Ball which is a long time Todos Santos favorite which raises money for spaying and nuetrering cats and dogs in Todos Santos and Pescadero. Then toward the end of the month one of my best friends flew down to Todos Santos and drove back up the Baja with us to San Diego where she flew home to Seattle.

There are so many San Diego entertainment and cultural events that you can attend when visiting this Southern Californian city.

On our camping trip on the Sea of Cortez at Playa Escondida, Greg and I got engaged!


July found us back in Bend, Oregon. The grass in the yard had grown tall! We had planted our veggie garden before we left and friends watched over it while we were gone. We loved seeing all the plants spilling over the raised beds when we got home! Soon we were getting ready for a family reunion. One of the evenings of this 3 day event was at our house for a BBQ with 47 relatives! Fun!


August flew by! We did some camping and hiking. I painted a bunch. I was interviewed at Whopple.com We gardened and took great joy in growing our own food! Greg built a greenhouse over one of the raised beds.


In September we went on Bend’s first annual Backyard Farm Tour and got lots of ideas for our garden! We hope to be on the tour this year too. I created my inspirational card decks, pairing my art with positive affirmations. I was painting, framing paintings and preparing for my show at the Tumalo Art Co. gallery in October.


October was a great month for my show at the Tumalo Art Co. gallery in Bend. It featured my whimsical aspen paintings which I call “Magical Woodlands”. Then Greg and I left on a 3 week road trip through the Southwest. We camped out, did lots of sightseeing, rode bikes in Moab, explored new areas, looked at art in Santa Fe and Taos, met some new friends, and enjoyed hot springs a long the way. All in all it was a blast! But it’s always good to be home. We celebrated Halloween at the neighbor’s Halloween party. It’s always fun to dress up.


In November I painted mini paintings for my online sale and more Peace Trees paintings. Greg started putting together a pottery studio. We got really excited about finding some great deals on a pottery wheel and 2 kilns, one electric and one for raku. I started making plans to dabble in ceramics. We stayed home for Thanksgiving because of the snow and ended up going to a nice restaurant for dinner. That’s probably only the second time in my life that I have done that for Thanksgiving. I started gearing up for the holidays and painted Christmas ornaments for the Tumalo Art Co. gallery’s small gifts tree.


December brought snow and lots of it! It was so pretty! It felt strange to celebrate the holidays without my parents. It’s the first Christmas without them both being there. I started calling the Trees in my Magical Woodlands series “Peace Trees”. I signed up for the SmARTist Telesummit and looked forward to learning new things in January to help my art career!


And there you have it! 12 months of life and art!

And now here we are in 2011!

May everything you hope for, work toward and dream about be your reality for 2011. My wish for you is


to spread your wings,hatchyourplan

hatch your plan,
bethedreamand be the dream you wish for yourself!

Happy New Year!

Love and peace,


An Artist's Day Notes – December 27, 2010


to listen to what my body is telling me

for spending Christmas with my sister
and her family

overly sugared from eating too many sweets

a whimsical peace tree painting waiting
to be finished

the hum of the heater in my studio

a marketing plan for 2011

snowflakes falling softly by
my studio window

to exercise more in 2011

to make some pottery


Peace TreesPeace Trees, acrylic on canvas, 5″ x 5″, sold

To purchase this print, go to my Etsy Shop



Three Paintings I Would Never Sell

I know, I know, never say never. But I think, no, I’m pretty down right positive, that I would never sell these three.

I was asked this question the other day. Are there some paintings you would never sell? And it got me to thinking which ones that would be?

I’ve been told that an artist should keep a painting from each of their series. Or atleast a painting from each phase of their career so when they have a retrospective, there will be samples from each period of an artist’s career.

Well, I admit I do have a stack of paintings and a good sample from each of the phases of my career but 3 of my favs are:

Number 1.

A painting that I either gave to my Mom or she bought from me, I can’t really remember because it was in 1994. But I got it back after she passed away last Spring. So now I own this painting again and I’m not letting it go.

It’s titled “A Place No One Looked Quite Far Enough to Find.” Could be the longest title of one of my paintings or up there in the top 3. This is it below. It’s an abstract acrylic with collaged pieces of cut-out paper that I colored with oil pastel.


What do I like about it besides the title? The details. The markings and shapes. The transparency of the color. The mystical quality I feel when I look at it.


Number 2.

This is a painting I created when I moved to New York City and began painting at my art studio on 14th Street in Manhattan. It is titled “The Whole World is Full of Signs”. The year was 1997. It represents to me a period in my career where I developed my current style of painting using black lines and texture created from dipping string in paint. It was painted in acrylic on 3 postcard sized pieces of paper that I glued together.

What do I like about it? The shapes. The texture. The way the three upper shapes look like they are holding hands. I like the color, a darker color palette than I use today but I like the rich burgundy and light blue over red in it.


Number 3.

A painting I created after I was hypnotized. It was 1994 and my friend Ruth was studying to become a hypnotherapist and needed some people to volunteer so she could practice on them. So I volunteered. It’s a long story but the painting that I did afterwards represents that session.

It is acrylic on canvas with bits of collaged paper on it. I titled it “Feather and Sphere”.


There is much symbolism in this painting. I’ll go into that story in another post.

What do I like about it? I like the feather. The purple and orange together. The long braid. The memory it invokes of that dream-like state one falls into when one is hypnotized.


I like the memories and feelings I get from these 3 paintings. I love the way art can do that.

Are there some things, a painting, something you’ve created or been given that you would never get rid of? What is it and why do you hang on to it?

New Mini Paintings – Original Acrylic Paintings for Sale

I’ve been really busy getting some mini paintings created. I’ve been having a lot of fun making them!

Each one feels like a little colorful jewel. They look sweet all together especially when they’re hung on the wall in multiples. Some of them will be in a Small Works show opening on Dec. 3rd at the Tumalo Art Co. and some will be for sale on my website beginning Dec. 8th.


I especially like these bicycle paintings. They are a little larger than my mini size which is 5 x 5 inch. I made them 8 x 8 inch which I like. It’s a little bit bigger size but still small. They’re painted on canvas with gallery wrapped sides so the image wraps around the edge. They’re wired and ready to hang.

A Spectacular Day for a Ride, 8" x 8", acrylic on canvas, $225
A Spectacular Day for a Ride, 8" x 8", acrylic on canvas, $225

I made these little paintings with bicycles because I heard about the Cross Culture: Bike + Art Love event which coincides with the Cyclocross Nationals here in Bend, Oregon. There are lots of events happening around town Dec. 9-12 that are bike and art related.

The bikearoundbend.com website says the event “pairs bike-centric artists with Bend businesses, inviting opportunities to meet the artist while enjoying a festive atmosphere.” What a cool idea.

So that got me thinking about bikes! If you know me, you know I love my mountain bike. So I thought it would be fun to make some little paintings with a bike in them. And it was fun! I like how they turned out.

Ride and Fly, acrylic on canvas, 8" x 8", $225
Ride and Fly, acrylic on canvas, 8" x 8", $225

I also liked this mini raven painting. The colors just glow in it.

Preparing to Fly, acrylic on canvas, 5" x 5", sold
Preparing to Fly, acrylic on canvas, 5" x 5", sold

Another one of my favorites is this one with the bird’s nest and little bitty blue eggs. I imagine it to be a ravens nest. Although raven eggs have spots on them and aren’t this blue…but still…it’s all from my imagination so it can be whatever I want it to be. Oh, the beauty of painting from one’s imagination. Love it!

They Built an Elegant Nest, 5" x 5", acrylic on canvas, $95

I liked using the white paint to create the nest pattern. I might try some more of this. What do you think of this technique? I’d love to know your opinion.

Check out more of my mini’s on Dec. 8th where I’ll have them for sale on my website. If you would like to get a reminder email about the sale, sign up for my e-Newsletter.

I see it’s snowing a bit outside. It’s fun to watch.

Wishing you all things that glitter and sparkle!

~ Lindy

Never doubt the impossible.

Never doubt the impossible. Halleluja! I found our lost photos on our new camera! They’re some of my fav pics from our trip so when I thought they were deleted I was pretty bummed. They’re from when we visited Kristen in Provo on our recent road trip.

See my previous blog post about losing the photos. There was a folder on our camera called private1 and that’s where they were hidden. How I found them is a miracle. Truly. I really don’t know how I did find them but yesterday they appeared and man, was I surprised! I thought I would never get to see them again. So I’m pretty happy.

We braved  blinding rain and stormy skies to get to Provo when we hit Utah on our road trip to meet fellow blogger and writer Kristen Randle and her family.


And it was worth every minute because when we got to where Kristen lives, the sun was out and it was beautiful sky! We met some of her fabulous family and she took us down to the barn to meet her boys.

LindyandKristenBoys meaning her horses! And it was Greg’s birthday and he loves horses and riding. So it made his day when Kristen asked him if he wanted to go for a ride.

Kristen showed us the barn and arena and introduced us to her horses.


Greg loves horses and riding so it was fun to see him doing what he loves.

GregonhorseSmiles all around.

I think the horses were pretty happy too. Is that a horse smile below?


We visited with Kristen and the horses till it started to get dark. It was lots of fun. Thank you Kristen!!

To continue the photo journal of our Southwest adventure…I left off when we were headed to Gregg’s Hideout at Lake Mead after Mesa Verde.

GreggsHideoutRdGregg’s Hideout is down an 18 mile dirt road which we got drive in the dark because we spent most of the day crossing Arizona.


It took us all day…driving and driving. It’s pretty uneventful driving and not much to see but miles of desert and big sky.


But we finally got to Gregg’s Hideout on Lake Mead. Of course, my Greg loved the name and chose it for that very reason.


We got there in the dark but found an awesome camp spot.

night camping

and made a pretty nice campfire. I love camping and having a campfire and then watching the stars on a clear night.


It was perfect. Beautiful weather and a whole lot of doing not much.

I painted some during the day. And a few of my tiny paintings from the trip are for sale in my Etsy Shop.

I made shell designs in the sand. That’s always fun.


We took a little hike and set up the self timer. It was a windy day on the mountain.


Greg decided to take a big hike with Cody, our dog. I stayed back at the tent with our other dog Belle, and made art.

Greg hiked up to the bright spot on this mountain. To the very, very top.


He shared with me the photos when he got back.


There were some awesome views!

Lake Mead

Lots of cool cactus too.


Can you imagine camping up there? Someone did and left their firepit.


I was glad when I could see Greg and Cody on the side of the mountain. I get a little worried when Greg hikes by himself. He could see our tent where he was too. Except when he got to the very, very top.


Then he could see in all directions.


Part of me wished I had made the hike too. So I could see the views.

But then again….

I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed walking along these ridges.


So you can say I’m adventurous. But not as adventurous as Greg.

So what about you? Would you have taken a hike like this?


After Gregg’s Hideout we bee-lined to Oregon. We couldn’t wait to get home.


We camped out one more night and hit some snow as we neared Bend.


Finally we were home! I love coming home when you’ve been gone awhile.

Happy sunsets and pink skies to you!


I’ll share with you my hand painted Christmas ornaments and some new paintings in my next post.

We Went to Moab on our Road Trip

We loved Moab. It’s home to Arches National Park. A beautiful area with towering spires, big canyons and magnificent arches!


I loved seeing these huge, expansive arches!


And in Moab we found a cool camp spot near Slick Rock with an awesome view! Check out the beautiful fluffy clouds below. We had gorgeous weather.

The landscape makes me want to paint it!


I’ve only painted a few landscapes before. One of them was my “Superstition Mountains” painting from 2006. See below.

superstition-mtSuperstition Mountains, acrylic on wood, sold

I’m thinking I may want to try my hand at painting some more landscapes because I’m so inspired by the images we saw!


The red rock canyons were spectacular!



We did some biking a few times while we were there too which was fun!


One day we rode out to what I call “Dog Face Rock”. And yes, we took pics of us sitting in the dog’s mouth but this photo below is best for seeing the rock face.


I thought many of the bike trails in Moab were really advanced and too difficult for my abilities. But we found enough places to ride that were really fun that I would highly recommend going! The bike shops in town have maps. So if you go, just ask around and there will surely be someone ready to help out with a recommendation for where to ride.

Then we were off to Colorado where we saw more wonderful color!

More spectacular scenery.


And found another great camp spot. Along a river this time.

Tomorrow’s post will have more on Colorado’s wonders.

Till then…

Have a Happy Halloween!

Painting and Making Whimsical Recycled Garden Art

One way to bring a little color into your home is to make colorful garden planters using paint and recycled washing machine drums.


I painted the one above last year. It’s great for cactus because they don’t need much water.

I made a bright flower motif one this year.


I’ll show you the progression of one I decorated with a cactus design below.

I started with an empty washing machine drum that I cleaned up to look like this.


Next I added a layer of color using oil paint and let it dry.


Then I used black paint and sketched out my design from some drawings I made beforehand.


Then I started filling in with color what I’d sketched.




I’m able to get different shades of color by adding white or other colors together. For instance, the green is made with a yellow and blue mix. One shade has more blue in it and one has more yellow and white in it.


I tried to add a little dimension to it by layering some lighter shades over the darker shades.



Then the fun part comes in when I get to add the details. In this case the needles on the cactus and the border along the top.




I especially liked the little cross needles on the below cactus.


This one was a fun one to paint and I especially like the way it came out.


While I was painting whimsical garden planters, Greg was making this rustic chair. The back is made from palm stems that he recycled when he trimmed the palm trees. He had to cut the barbs off each stem or else one would get their clothes stuck on them.


The stems will eventually turn brown as the wood dries. We like the green color though, so he’s thinking of staining the legs and arms a green tint. We’ll see. Either way, I think it came out really cool and it’s comfy to sit in!

Have you made something lately? Would love to know what you’ve made.

Happy creating!

Painting in the studio and other projects

Where does the time go? I meant to make more posts this week but have been busy with painting in the studio and working on our casita.

We have a big project happening in our kitchen. We hired some help to create our new palido counter tops. It’s quite a project and takes a few days to complete. So things are a bit chaotic at our place.


They’re doing a great job. I love the color of them. A yellowish gold with tiny flexs of red in it.


We’ll add some tile touches to the front vertical area below the sink. It will be fun to go look for tile. Greg is going to build some cupboard doors which will be great instead of the curtains we’ve had hanging to hide the area below the sink.

They’re still working on the counters today. It will be 3 weeks before we can put the sealer on them though and get to really start using them. That means they’ll be ready right before we have to leave.

We have some other projects in the works too but I’ll show you those at a later date.

So last time I wrote, I was pianting in the studio.

painting in baja studio
painting in baja studio

I’ve been working on my six newest birch tree paintings. I added fish to the blue pond in one of my paintings.


I added some baby birds and a star to these two pieces.


And the sixth painting I haven’t shown you yet.

It’s gone through some major revisions.

It’s the one painting of the six that is vertical and has only one tree.

I at first had a different larger figure under the birch but I painted over it. I added a black haired maiden instead. I’m beginning to like it now and I’m thinking it will make a nice greeting card. Which painting is your favorite of these six?


It’s hard from the photos to see the changes I’ve made but they are there. Still more touches are needed before they’re complete. Some of the next things to add are the background swirls and white dot details.

I always feel it is these last touches that really complete the piece. Sometimes I hesitate to show my work before it is done because people will assume it is done but I know it is not.

These pieces I’m showing you right now are about 3/4’s complete. So stay tuned.


I’ve mentioned before that baja sunsets are gorgeous and we enjoy them almost every night. One night I noticed how beautiful the archway of flowers to our casita looked in the setting sun and captured a pic of it. I love silhouettes with the sun setting in the background.


Another night, although the sky was not very colorful, the sun looked HUGE as it was setting! I took a photo but had to use the telephoto to have it look like the sun really was big. Some times the sun sets and then the clouds turn a beautiful pink color in the after glow. That’s always pretty.


Got to get back to the studio now.

Enjoy your day!

Creating colorful, whimsical paintings in the studio


I unplugged last Friday and tried not to use my computer except for email so I could spend all my time in the art studio working on six new paintings on board. I have some minis and medium sized paintings in the works as well but I put those on hold to concentrate on the six.

I’ve accomplished a lot! I’ll share a bit of what I’ve done and then I’m back to the studio to keep working on them.

The first layer on my paintings is about getting some color down.

And working with creating texture. I use a ribbed t-shirt pressed into the paint to get some of the lines and layering of color. (See my art video on my youtube channel where I talk about creating texture.)


I knew I wanted to paint more birch tree paintings.

My imagination envisioned trees leaning into each other. Trees living near water or with animals. So I started seeing in my mind the trees in their surroundings and started laying down their white base.


I  really love painting these whimsical worlds because I can add anything I want to them such as organic forms…

detailsand horses and moons…


and water,

trees2hearts and homes


and birds.

birdAnd color. I love adding color! I can’t wait to get back to working on them!

They’re in that in between stage right now and I know after today they will look more the way I want them to. So check back tomorrow and I’ll share more of their progression. I’ll show you what is living in that pond of blue water and what else lives with this bird.

Until then, enjoy the colors of your life!

I'm unplugging for a few days


This computer can be so distracting at times. I’m sure many of you who are online will agree that it can suck up the time. So I’ve decided to unplug from my computer till Thursday morning.

Oh, the idea of it. Unplugging. What words come to mind? Liberty. Freedom. Flexibility. Disengagement. Unrestrained time for art. Enjoying free rein. Creativity. Managing time more wisely. Opportunity. How nice.

My friend, artist Amy Komar did this and unplugged for three days. When I read she was going to do that, I thought to myself, I should do that too. I thought it sounded like a great idea. I was inspired! So I’m doing it.


I’m going to the studio. I’m going to paint without the distraction of blogging, Facebook, Twitter, my Website, Etsy, etc. I’m going to soak up my surroundings, relish in my creativity under the palapa of my outdoor studio, feel the cool breeze on my face, concentrate on my art, maybe listen to some music and see what I can bring forth onto the 6 white boards I’ve primed and have ready to go.

I’ll be back next Thursday to share with you my new paintings and tell you how it went.

Okay, I’ll probably check email during that time, but that’s it!

Wish me creative abundance!

So have you unplugged recently? How did it go?

Life and Art in the Sun

Granted, it is has been gorgeous sunny weather since we’ve been in Baja. Just beautiful! But not every weekend is about the sun for us. One of the things we do while we’re down here in Baja is work on our little casita. We did a lot last year for sure but there is lots more we’d like to do.

This past weekend I tore out the tile on the kitchen counter tops that we’re going to replace with either smooth dyed concrete called pulido or some kind of smooth tile.

counter1I had installed these grooved tiles on the counter in 2003. Little did I know I would be tearing them out 7 years later. Back then it was my very first tile job. We used tiles we had on hand and it turns out they were the worst! So hard to clean with all the grooves in them. They drive me crazy! Anyway, it was a tough job chipping them out but I did it. I finished one side of the counter.


I’ll save the other side to do for another weekend. I’ll show you the end result with the new counters in a later blog post.

We’re loving having bananas to eat. We’re trying to space it out so they don’t all ripen at once. We have about 6 bunches in the trees. So far we’ve taken one bunch off the trees and hung them under the porch to ripen.


They are so tasty! Small but sweet.


We have lots more after these are eaten. We have a little corn growing too but I don’t know if we’ll be here long enough to eat it. We do have a basil plant that has grown huge and we’ve been snipping at it and adding it to fish and pasta dishes and to tuna sandwiches. I love growing our own food!


We also have the most unusual flies here. I call them fly-bees. The color is amazing on them! Iridescent turquoise! I love this shot with purpley lavender and green with the turquoise.


I have been painting lots too! I’m still doing birch trees and enjoying painting them so much! I was thinking about what it would be like to have something hanging in the trees so one of the trees is wearing a jeweled necklace.


Our neighbors across the way had some prayer flags hanging off their deck so I’m putting some prayer flags in one of the tree paintings too. Not sure if I like that one but I’ll keep working on it and see what happens. I took the below photo early this morning when there were still long shadows. I love that time of day in the early morning and just before the sun sets when long shadows come out.


And this is our dog Cody. His favorite thing to do is lay under the stairs in his “dog cave” and stay cool. This is him sitting just outside his cave. He came out to say hi. We think he’s awfully cute with one ear up and one ear down.


Today I’m working on my paintings so I’ll see you later.

hummingbird~~~ Enjoy your day! ~~~