Original Whimsical Acrylic Paintings for Sale


I call these new whimsical, acrylic paintings my 2017 Baja Series as I created them while down in Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico this year. They are acrylic on wood panel with 3/8″ to 1/2″ black painted sides and a 3/8″ to 1/2″ wood block glued on the back of the painting so they stick out from the wall. They are wired and ready to hang. They all have vibrant colors and I love the way they came out! The backs…

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Would you like to know some acrylic painting techniques?

Studio in baja

I’ve made some acrylic painting techniques videos on my youtube channel at I’m going to try to post a video every week and see how that goes. If you have an idea for a video, please put it in the comments and I will try to address it. Below are three new art videos that show some acrylic painting techniques. The below video shows how I add black outline to my paintings and when I put a wash over…

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Spirit Bear Painting


I love it when the unexpected appears in my paintings. This spirit bear showed up as I was painting and I love that he did! There is much symbolism in this piece and it feels very special. The sacred spirit bear is the keeper of dreams and memory. I like that the symbols float above him as if the dreams and memories are floating through time and space. I really like the night sky with the stars and moon too!…

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Still the Birds Darryl Purpose CD


I told you earlier about doing a commissioned painting for the singer songwriter Darryl Purpose. Now I’m excited to receive my very own copy of the “Still the Birds” Darryl Purpose CD. My painting was used on the cover! It’s so fun to finally see the real thing and hold it in my hand. Wow, I’m so honored! I love Darryl’s music! I’m going to listen to it right after I post this. The art direction, design and layout of…

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Dec. 17, 2013 – An Artist’s Day Notes

An Artist's Day Notes

I TAKE A MOMENT to enjoy the lights on our Christmas tree I AM GRATEFUL for Greg’s new job I AM FEELING thankful for where I’m at I CAN SEE a cute card on my desk that lifts my spirit I AM HEARING Christmas music I AM CREATING 2 big paintings I AM MISSING eating dark chocolate I AM HOPING to keep doing yoga in the morning on a regular basis in 2014 I AM PLANNING new marketing ideas for…

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My peace tree painting inspired 7th Graders in Illinois

On occasion, I’ll get an email from someone who has seen one of my images online or visited my youtube channel and lets me know they’re using my painting technique or image to inspire their own paintings or life.  I feel honored and humbled that my art is touching so many people! And I appreciate the feedback, it keeps me doing what I’m doing, creating uplifting art! A couple weeks ago, I got three emails in one week from three separate…

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Update on what I’m working on in the studio

These are the peace tree paintings I worked on yesterday in the studio. They still have more layers to go but this shows a good start. I build up layers with the black. I especially like the way it looks like aspen markings in the tree trunk.   I mainly worked on the two on the left yesterday. Today the one on the right is calling to me. I like watching them progress by taking the photos.  

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Development of a painting – Protecting the Nest III

I was painting about a dozen canvases and pieces on wood while I was taking the Bloom True e-course by Flora Bowley. I’m still working on some of the pieces and they are developing and changing and don’t look anything like the way they started. It’s always interesting to me to watch a painting develop. In the future I’ll be posting some of these pieces to show you. What I love about the Bloom True e-course is you can take…

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Learning new approaches in my art

As I wrote earlier, I’m taking the super awesome painting e-course by Flora Bowley called Bloom True. But it’s not just about painting! It’s about intuition, meditation, playfulness, yoga, letting go, not judging, trusting the process, being open and a whole lot more! I just love it! I’m painting on 2 canvases (actually wood boards) for the class but then I have a bunch more pieces I’m working on too.  I’m incorporating what I’ve learned from the course with a…

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Having Fun in the Studio

My new studio is shaping up. I’m working on some paintings that I started a while ago but got interrupted because of our move to Prescott, AZ. Now I can finally get back to them! Yay! I’m working on some mini’s and some pieces on paper. What are you working on?

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"Touching the Light: One Danced with the Fireflies" New Acrylic Painting

I made a print from my new painting. The painting is titled “Touching the Light: One Danced with the Fireflies.” On the print of this painting, I added these words: May you be courageous in spite of your fears and see that as your life has changed course you are surrounded with love. May that light of love illuminate darkened paths, lighten your spirit and help you to find your way. Here’s the painting in my art studio. It is an…

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