An Original Acrylic Peace Tree Painting

My newest Peace Tree painting is titled “A Peace Tree Gathering“. I like the way the trees have their arms around each other. They are standing in community.


The painting wraps around all the sides, top and bottom.


I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the cool things I like about aspens are that they share a root system deep under ground.

I like what I read on Wikipedia about them. There it says, “Each individual tree can live for 40–150 years above ground, but the root system of the colony is long-lived. In some cases, this is for thousands of years, sending up new trunks as the older trunks die off above ground. For this reason it is considered to be an indicator of ancient woodlands.”

My trees are from ancient woodlands.

The one I painted is on a wood box frame. It’s 11″ tall x 8″ wide x 4″ deep.

It looks good on the wall.

And it looks good sitting on a shelf. I like that it can do both.


I’ve noticed my aspen trees are getting more and more colorful. It just seems to turn out that way. Someone told me at the gallery where I show my art in Bend, “You sure aren’t afraid of color.” Indeed, that is one thing I am not afraid of.

To continue my blog post from the 3rd…We hiked Lava Butte again this afternoon. This time I took more pics of the surrounding area.


It was beautiful from up there! And we could see snow coming our way. It was chilly and a bit windy!


We went to the Fire Lookout again and went inside where it felt warmer. The room below the Fire Lookout feels like a solarium. I think they need some benches in it though. We ended up sitting on the floor.


The dogs rested outside. They were pooped from running and playing!


Then the dogs came inside and we had a family photo taken. Course it’s hard to get our doggies to pose nicely so Greg is holding Cody still (he’s really not choking him) before he sinks to the ground.   🙂


We ate some appetizers while we were there. Food always tastes better when you’re in the outdoors and just exercised! We admired the view and then headed home for some warm soup that we new was awaiting us. Happy Sunday to you all!

On Sunday we hiked Lava Butte

I love hiking in the outdoors. No matter the season, it’s all good to me!

What’s interesting about Bend is the diversity of temperature and weather because of the elevation gains throughout the area. Just a couple miles from our house the elevation rises and it is much colder and hence much snowier just south of us.

Yesterday we decided to go hike Lava Butte which is in this area. It ‘s a short drive and a fav, easy hike. It was goreous and sunny with just a few clouds in the sky. A great day for a hike!

Although it was cold at our house, there wasn’t any frost in the trees but when we got to Lava Butte there was frost everywhere and lots of snow!


I’ve never seen the road that winds up Lava Butte plowed before but it was and made things much easier for our walk since we didn’t bring our snow shoes. Our dogs had a blast running and playing!

We saw this big, beautiful bird along the way. If anyone knows what kind it is, I’d love to know.


Here’a a closeup.


Once we got to the top of the Butte we found that the room under the Fire Lookout was open. So we went inside, signed the guest book and looked at all the diagrams all along the top of the room. They point out the various mountains and buttes that you can see. It’s pretty cool.


We went up to the top of the Fire Lookout to check out the view! It was gorgeous seeing all the mountains in the distance. I wish I had taken a photo looking out at them but I forgot to. Instead I was wrapped up in getting a good pic of Greg and I.


But Greg got one of me and the dogs with Mt. Bachelor  in the background. This one cracks me up because Belle looks like she is saying “I don’t want my picture taken.” 🙂  Cody is being the good dog, posing sweetly.


We hiked around on the top of the butte.  We made snow angels and tossed little snow balls down the long, snowy banks of the butte, watching them make their trailing paths. We admired all the great views. What simple fun. And then we went home, built a fire and sipped hot, delicious drinks. It was a great afternoon!

Brrrr, it's a cold winter's day

It is so cold outside! I am grateful to be inside and have a wood stove sending toasty warmth into our home. I did get outside though to take a few photos and play with the dogs. It is beautiful with the light dusting of snow. Below are a few photos.
our border collies
Our border collies, Cody and Belle. "Let's play", they say!
Big snow covered Pine.

A snowy view.
A snowy view.

Our snow tipi.
Winter tipi.
A few light snow tracks
A few light tracks.

Wishing you peace, calm and warm thoughts!

Holding the Energy VIII by me.
Holding the Energy VIII by me.

Happy December 27th!
Happy, Happy New Year ahead!

High Desert Landscape

I was reading Kristen’s blog about the Lake drive she and her husband went on and where she took a bunch of beautiful photos of the landscape where they live. It inspired me to get outside and take some of my own photos. I live in the High Desert of Central Oregon. There are many who are inspired by this landscape and I am one of them. I don’t often paint pictures of the land though. In fact, the below painting is one I did awhile ago titled “Superstition” and it is one of only two landscapes that I’ve done of the  Central Oregon countryside. I liked the way I captured the color though and I am inspired everyday by the sights right out our front door.


So it was about the time of day when the long shadows are beginning to stretch across the land when I decided to go outside and take some shots.

landscape5This is Mt. Bachelor. It is one reason why Bend, Oregon is considered a resort community. People love to ski and play on the mountain.

landscape1I love the way things look when the sun is beginning to set and shadows stretch across the grasses and sage.

landscape2Central Oregon is known for it’s many Pine trees, native grasses and sage brush.

landscape3The colors in the landscape are muted this time of year yet the textures and patterns give it so much life!

landscape4We have tons of lava rock in these parts!

landscape6You can see the tip of my tipi sticking out amongst the Pine trees.

landscape7In 2004 I made a 70′ labyrinth (classical style, 11 circuit ) from bricks and stones and found objects from around our property. The labyrinth is beginning to age and look quite ancient as the bricks begin to break down and hide in the grass.

landscape8I like the way the circle of friends sculpture sits in the middle of the labyrinth, waiting to greet those who enter it’s center.

birdhouseBefore I head back to the house, I check out the birdhouse that oversees the labyrinth and make sure it’s still sitting sturdy and straight on it’s pole. It is. And I head back home as the sun begins to set deeper into the sky.