Still the Birds Darryl Purpose CD

I told you earlier about doing a commissioned painting for the singer songwriter Darryl Purpose. Now I’m excited to receive my very own copy of the “Still the Birds” Darryl Purpose CD. My painting was used on the cover! It’s so fun to finally see the real thing and hold it in my hand. Wow, I’m so honored! I love Darryl’s music! I’m going to listen to it right after I post this. The art direction, design and layout of…

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Commissioned painting and Darryl Purpose’s new CD “Still the Birds”

Still the birds painting

This is a little story of a commissioned painting I did for Darryl Purpose but it’s also a story of meeting Darryl, his music and how it’s touched me. When Darryl Purpose approached me to paint a commissioned painting to go on his upcoming new CD, I was thrilled! I immediately said yes! I’ve known Darryl from way back when I was living on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, Washington. That would be around 1996. I first met Darryl when…

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This is how I'm staying fit

Ever since I created my Inspirational Card Deck for Wellness and Weight Loss, I’ve been on a bit of a health kick. This mini Card Deck is one where I’ve paired my art with 26 Positive Affirmations that will help you along your path to greater health! It’s such a cute deck and it’s really inspiring me! The best thing I’m doing is…. dancercise …in my living room. Every other day or so, I’ve been working out to a remix…

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More Costa Rica Links

Greg and I have all the legs of our trip for the various ways of travelling in Costa Rica covered. We’re not renting a car so we’ll be travelling by bus, taxi and plane. This site has been very helpful And this site is great too: found a site about the night life/music scene in the Montezuma area which is on the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific side:’ll be staying in Montezuma for a few days…Looks like…

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