Painting on a sunlit morning.

art studio window with forest

Painting on a sunlit morning.

The forest shines beyond my window.

Soaking up the light through the window, paint is selected.

Cadmium yellow, Phalo blue, a vivid red, Mars black, white.

A clear mind. Tapping into intention.

I become a conduit of energy, conjuring images, my brush moves across the canvas.

Pattern. Shapes. Texture. String dabbled in paint.

Pattern scraped and printed, brushed and stamped.

More color here…

more color there.

The art is magic.

Harnessing the sacred moment of creativity, the enchanted feeling of pure joy, the painting is unleashed with vivid color and a heartbeat of wonder.

Emotions released.

To heal, to learn, living the bliss of the creative moment.

I am blessed.

Art embraced and welcomed with all my heart.

Grateful and honored to make art, to live the creative life.

To spread the joy of color and emotion, of images and pattern, of feeling and beams of light.