mini painting

This is my 6x6NW Art Show Submission

Follow the White Rabbit Painting

This is my 6″ x 6″ painting that I’m submitting to the 6x6NW Art Show put on by The Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Art Council.  I do enjoy donating art on occasion. It is titled “Follow the White Rabbit.” It is an acrylic on wood panel. It features a little white bunny in a dense yet colorful forest. Is the sun setting or rising? I think it is setting. What do you think? I grew up in Lake Forest Park so…

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More Mini Jizo Paintings

I really am enamored with Jizo. I get a peaceful feeling when I look at him. He makes me want to close my eyes and smile to the sky with a little prayer of gratefulness. 🙂 I’ve made more mini Jizo paintings below. Jizo Under the Mystic River Jizos Under the Medicine Wheel Jizo Says Bless This Child With Creativity Jizo Brings a Gift Jizo Under the Spirit Tree Jizos Humming a Lullaby Jizo Under the Eye of the Storm…

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Jizo Mini Paintings for Sale

Jizos Under Prayer Flags

First, I’d like to thank Rita of Nurturing Art for suggesting I paint Jizo. Thank you Rita for your inspiration and being a supporter of my art. I love Jizo. He is so adorable with his child-like features. I love his sweet smile and the way he puts his face up to the sky, beaming his joy and gratitude. I didn’t know who Jizo was when I heard the name and so I Googled it. I read in Japan, “Jizo…

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100 My Little Buddha painting series

I’m creating 100 My Little Buddha paintings based on a project I did awhile ago. Back when I lived in Bend, Oregon I did a project where I sketched a Buddha a day for 100 days. Now I’m taking these little sketches and making a My Little Buddha painting from them. I pick a sketch and use it for inspiration to create the 5″ x 5″ painting. Here are the first 5. I’ll put them here on my blog when…

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My Little Home Mini Paintings Sale

Each mini painting is 5-1/2″ x 5-1/2″, acrylic on 1/4″ wood that is set on top of a 1/2″ wood block. Sides and back are painted black. Each one has felt bumpers to protect your wall and a claw tooth hanger so they are ready to hang or wrap up for gift giving. I’ve signed, titled and dated each one on the back in silver ink. Click on the image to see more photos of the painting or click the…

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Mini Art Paintings on Canvas

There is something about miniature art that I love. Just saying “tiny art” makes me want to either buy some, see some or paint some. It’s probably goes way back to my childhood when I liked small things such as stuffed animals and tiny dolls. I remember collecting miniature glass animals with my sister, rearranging  them, displaying them, playing with them and adoring their tiny size. I’ve been looking at ACEO paintings on Etsy and Ebay. ACEO is an art format…

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