Amazon Tshirts for sale by Art by Lindy

amazon tshirts for sale

One of the things that lights me up is making things. That is probably obvious since I’m an artist. But I really like making art and putting them on products to send out into the world! Spreading the love you might say. So I sell prints of my work on Etsy and I have a Zazzle shop.

With the same thought in mind, I applied for a Merch account on Amazon and now I have Amazon Tshirts for sale! That means I can now sell Tshirts on Amazon. I have about 25 tshirt designs there. Amazon Merch is a tier system. So I started with 10 designs and once I sold 10 tshirts, they bumped me to 25. Once I sell 25 tshirts, they bump me to 50 and so on and so forth.

You can search Amazon under Art by Lindy and some of my Tshirts for sale will show up.

I am doing a blog post series that will feature some of my Amazon Tshirts.

First I will start with this fun one below as it is one of my favs. The Be Happy. Follow Your North Star tshirt.

Be Happy.

Follow Your North Star.

It is inspired by all those people working hard to follow their dreams! Like me and many of my friends and family! What about you? Are you following your dreams? If so, be happy and keep on keeping on!

My next Amazon Tshirt is We Are One. Let’s Love One Another Yoga Girls shirt. I love this 60’s / 70’s design with the flower power art and seated yoga women holding their hands in prayer, in meditation and grace. This T celebrates diversity! Spread the love!

Next up is my Om Symbol Tshirt. A favorite as I love meditation and I love symbols plus I love this color of blue! It’s a great combination.

I have put the om symbol inside a lotus flower which is another symbol I am attracted to. I have colorful lotus art for sale as a print and a pillow in my zazzle shop.

Hope you like my Tshirts on Amazon! Stay tuned for more.

Art by Lindy Products on Zazzle

Colorful pillows

This is a post about some of my products on Zazzle.

First I want to share my new phone case which I love. It is so bright, with vivid color!


Here’s a detail of it.


The great thing about zazzle is you can customize things. So if you want to add words or move the image around you can do that.

zazzle phone case

I recently had someone request a product with one of my designs on it. They wanted to know if I could put my teardrop trailer raven image on an apron.

I said yes! I can do that. So if you have an idea for a product that you would like to see my art on, send me an email to

I’m always happy to create new items for people to purchase. Spreading the joy of art is one of my goals. And putting art on products is a great way to do that.

hippy teardrop trailer camper with ravenTeardrop trailer camper with raven apron

One of my favorites is my raven pillow.

Raven PillowLaughing with the Moon Raven Pillow

I also like this round clock.

Owl and The Pussy Cat ClockThey Sailed by the Light of the Moon
Owl and the Pussy Cat Clock

My art for She Wanted the Rainbow, So She Put up with the Rain
is a popular image and I like it displayed on a mug.

She Wanted the Rainbow MusShe Wanted the Rainbow,
So She Put Up With The Rain

Hope you enjoyed seeing these items.

To see more, check out the other items in my Zazzle Shop >>