DIY Aluminum Star Christmas Ornaments

DIY Star Christmas Ornament

If you have a few aluminum pie pans left over after Thanksgiving for recycling, here is a simple DIY aluminum star Christmas ornament to make with them.

What you’ll need:
a couple of empty aluminum pie tins
thick needle
embroidery thread (red or green)
a small phillips screwdriver
hammer (optional)

First, cut off the bottom of the pan from the sides. This will leave you with a flat, circle of aluminum. Using a pencil, draw a star on it. Cut the star out with scissors.

Take the phillips screwdriver and either using your hand or the hammer. Tap a hole around the sides of the star like below.


Turn the star over and tap a second row of holes around it on that side.


Turn it back over and tap any other design you would like on the star.


I tried to make a holly pattern on the above star and daisies on the lower star.

Homemade Star Christmas Ornament

Thread the needle with green or red embroidery thread.  Thread the needle through the top hole of the star, make a loop for hanging on the Christmas tree and knot and tie a little bow. Trim the thread ends and there you are!


Hang the stars around the house, on a hanging light like I did or on your Christmas tree.


It’s a fun way to recycle your used aluminum pie tins.


Have you made any homemade Christmas ornaments yet?

Have fun creating!

Handpainted Raven Christmas Ornaments for sale

Each year Tumalo Art Co. gallery in Bend, Oregon puts out their anticipated trees full of original, fine-art ornaments for sale. Many are hand-painted originals made by the gallery’s artists!

I’ve made a few handpainted raven Christmas ornaments and sent them up to the gallery.

raven christmas ornament

These are snowy ravens on ceramic snowflake and star shapes and tied with a festive red ribbon. I wrote Merry Christmas and dated and signed them on the back with silver ink.

If you would like to own one of my original ornaments and you’re not in Bend, Oregon, call the gallery asap and let them know you would like to purchase one. Ornaments go quickly and I only sent a few.

Tumalo Art Co. Gallery

Phone: 541-385-9144

450 SW Powerhouse Dr. #407

Bend, Oregon 97702


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I’m decorating for the Holidays today. And we’re supposed to get snow tonight!

It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas! 🙂

Christmas Greetings and Salutations to You from Lindy and Greg

Christmas2010LindyandGregI just want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. Greg and I are spending Christmas with family who are here in the area. We’re looking forward to visiting with them and being wrapped in the warmth of their company and enjoying our family celebrations.

We also want to extend our gratitude and love to all of our friends and family, and folks who have supported my art and my online friends who comment on my blog and follow my tweets on Twitter and “like” my art on Facebook…all those people out there in the world! We send you smiles and hope you have a holiday filled with peace and joy and hope your New Year finds you healthy and happy. We hope your 2011 is brimming with fulfilled dreams and goals which take you to where you want to go! That you can be who you are and keep growing with courage and great bountiful blessings of energy and enjoyment of life!

We’ve been talking about our next travel adventures for 2011 and I hope to take you on some of these fabulous experiences through this blog next year.

Greg has put together a way cool pottery studio so I am hoping to learn some of his craft in 2011. I think my art on pottery will be a very fun thing to try. Remember one of my wishes from my list of “100 things about me”?  One of them was number 12, “I dream of living by the sea and being a painter AND a potter when I’m old.” Watch out for what you wish for is what they say….so maybe this will be the year for dabbling in a new art form for me. I love that new paths are opening up for me on my artist’s journey.

Peace to you,

~ Lindy

Our Christmas Tree and Ornaments

Yesterday was the perfect day for getting our Christmas tree.


It was the first time we’ve had a pine for our tree. And we didn’t have to go far as it was on our property. Gotta love that.

Snow Tree Greg

Our dogs love the snow and so do I!


They posed sweetly for a photo with me.


This is Belle with Cody showing off the snowballs she got from playing in the snow.


We waited till dark to decorate the tree. The house was cozy and warm. Hearts frosted the window.



It’s fun to look at the ornaments collected from years past.




Jolly fun.




Wishing you joy and love!

~ Lindy

Christmas Tree Expedition

On Sunday we went on an excursion to get our Christmas Tree. We packed our lunch with yummy tuna salad sandwiches, some easy to peel satsumas and hot spicy chai tea. We got our snow gear together and loaded the doggies and off we went. Happy the 4 wheel drive got fixed on the truck cause it was pretty snowy where we were headed. First stop, the Vistor’s Bureau located down at the Old Mill District to pick up a Forest Service permit. We like to travel over to a place near Sisters, Oregon to get our Tree. It was snowing and felt very festive with the snow drifts and light flakes. IT WAS FREEZING COLD though so glad we dressed warm!!

Lindy with TreeMe with the doggies.

We found a really cool tree. It was one that had grown out of someone’s previous chop. So it had lots of branches shooting straight up that looked like mini trees themselves. So from a distance the one tree looked like a small grove of trees. We called it the “family tree” cause it looked like multiple trees.

greg with treeG. made the big chop.

snow dogs

good snow dogs.

Family Tree photo

Happy family.