You are invited to my Online Art Sale


You are invited to my Online Art Sale where I have mini paintings of Peace Trees, ravens, hummingbirds, an angel, bicycles and more for sale.

Many of these paintings will also be available as prints in my Etsy Shop and some are on bookmarks and magnets.

If you’re thinking that an original piece of art might make a nice gift for yourself or someone else, I wholeheartedly agree.

I always liked the saying I once saw in a gallery in Portland that said something like, “The happiest people in the world own original art.” I like that. Makes me feel good about the original art I have on my walls. Happy, happy. 🙂

Another saying I like that Greg reminded me of when he saw my Peace Tree paintings, is “Peace, back by popular demand.” That is a good one, I applaud whoever thought of it.

If you like that saying, I found this bumper sticker online at Cafepress.

For all you peace lovin’ patriots, go here

Peace to you all!

~ Lindy

Whimsical Peace Tree Paintings

This time of year is a reminder to me to hold Peace in my thoughts and prayers for others and the planet. I’ve been feeling the peace and quiet around our house because we have lots of snow in the yard. It feels quiet and still in the morning.

Peace has been on my mind lately.


I find it very peaceful to look at the snowy trees.

Snow-TreeAnd the snow on the mountains.


I hope it snows some more because it feels peaceful to watch it fall. Especially those big, fluffy flakes.

I’ve been sending peaceful thoughts out into the world. Peace. Maybe that is why I’ve decided it is a good name for my whimsical aspen trees in my Magical Woodlands series. I like the name. Peace trees.

Peaceful and joyful and their colorful tattooed bark radiates happiness.

Adventure Awaits, 5" x 5", acrylic on canvas, sold
Adventure Awaits, 5" x 5", acrylic on canvas, sold

And I made some bookmarks using the images from a few of my Peace Tree mini paintings.

Raven Bookmark by L. Gruger
Raven Bookmark by L. Gruger
Bike, Peace Trees and Ravens Bookmark by L. Gruger
Bike, Peace Trees and Ravens Bookmark by L. Gruger

You can purchase bookmarks in my Etsy Shop.

I made some magnets too. Made from the individual squares that are featured on the bookmarks. I love them. I can never have too many magnets on my fridge.


So I decided to give some away as a free gift when you buy 3 bookmarks up until Dec. 8th from my Etsy Shop. You get to pick which magnet you would like. Fun!

I hope you’ll get some of my Bookmarks to use as stocking stuffers or a small gift for the readers in your life or even get some for yourself.

I just love making things with my artwork. What have you been making lately?

Peace to you.

Inspirational Card Deck and New Whimsical Greeting Cards

As some of you know, I’ve been doing my positive affirmations on a daily basis. I like to pick an affirmation and then repeat it during the day. If you don’t know this now, then I will tell you…this commitment to yourself, committing to the possiblities of your dreams by saying positive affirmations and acknowledging where you want your life to lead, really works! It creates a shift. A movement toward  creating the life you want to live.

I decided to make myself a little card deck to help with this and now I’ve created some for you too. They’re in my Etsy Shop if you would like to purchase one.

Positive Affirmations Inspirational Card DeckInspirational Card Deck for the Creative Soul

I also made a card deck to help with people’s health goals. I call it the Positive Affirmations Card Deck for Wellness and Weight Loss. I put them on my fridge to remind me to stay healthy. You could tuck them in your pocket, purse or lunch bag for a little reminder during the day. Let it be a little whisper of inspiration for your soul.

healthdeck-3Positive Affirmations Card Deck for
Wellness and Weight Loss

I also have made some new greeting cards of my Magical Woodlands series.


Magical Woodlands Greeting Card Set

The smooth finish on these cards and the vivid colors are just the way I like them.  I think they printed beautifully. You can see these in my Etsy Shop too. I also have some other new greeting cards and bookmarks too. Hope you’ll check them all out.

namastecard-2Namaste Greeting Card

hewhisperedcard-2He Whispered of Love’s Journey Greeting Card

aspenbookmark1Magical Woodlands Bookmarks

Wishing you a little magic!

Spring into a Whimsical Bird Art Giveaway

Spring is coming!
I am celebrating March with a Whimsical Bird Art Giveway!

The winner will receive 3 things featuring my Whimsical Bird Art:

"Singing a Fiesta Song" ACEO Print

One whimsical bird ACEO print titled “Singing a Fiesta Song”.
See all three of my ACEO prints in my Etsy Shop.
Whimsical Bird Notecards
Whimsical Bird Notecards
7 different card designs
7 different card designs
One pack of my whimsical bird notecards that
features 7 different card designs in each package.
Whimsical Bird Bookmark
Whimsical Bird Bookmark

And one whimsical bird bookmark.

The contest giveaway will run for one week from March 1st to March 7th, and the winner will be announced on my blog Monday, March 8th.

I will use a random number generator to choose the winner.

Also, please remember to leave your email in the posts so I can contact you if you’re the winner!

Note: Please remember to list each comment separately. If you put all your entries into one comment, it will only be counted once!

Here’s how to enter:

Do one (or all) of the following:

1. Go to lgrugerhanson Etsy shop and pick out your favorite item then come back here and post your choice (1 entry)

2. For new followers, follow this blog, and tell me you did so as a separate comment (1 entry).

3. Tweet about this giveaway, and tell me you did so as a separate comment (1 entry).

4. Follow me, lgrugerhanson on Twitter, and tell me you did so as a separate comment (1 entry).

5. For new Fans, fan me on Facebook, and tell me you did so as a separate comment (1 entry).

4. Blog about this giveaway, and tell me you did so as a separate comment (1 entry).

5. Heart  my lgrugerhanson Etsy shop, and tell me you did so as a separate comment (1 entry).

6. Sign up to receive my Art  e-Newsletter and tell me you did so as a separate comment(1 entry).

7. Make a purchase from my lgrugerhanson Etsy shop and tell me you did so as 5 separate comments (5 entries).

Thanks for participating and supporting living, working artists…like me!

Good luck  and good thoughts,

~ Lindy

More Colorful Art Bookmarks and Inspiring Things

I did a blog post about my colorful, whimsical art bookmarks back in November but I’ve made a few more so I thought I would share them with you.

My bookmarks are printed by me on a heavy fine art paper card stock and coated with 2 coats of satin acrylic varnish which protects it, brings out the vivid color and gives it a smooth finish! You can buy them at the Tumalo Art Co. in Bend, Oregon and at my Etsy Shop online.

A new one is my raven bookmark. I wanted to make one that was more masculine compared to my others. These images were taken from 3 of my raven paintings. The top image is titled “Basking in Moonlight”, middle one is titled “Two Ravens Protecting the Moon” and the bottom image is taken from my painting titled “Two Ravens Sit and Reflect III”.

Raven Bookmarks
Raven Bookmarks

Then I made a bookmark with my whimsical birds. I used three of my favorites. Top image is titled “One Lived in an Enchanted Garden”, middle is “Singing a Fiesta Song” and the bottom image is “Shimmer and Shine”. It is more pastel in color and feels lighter visually than the others.

Whimsical Bird Bookmark
Whimsical Bird Bookmark

Then I have another “Dream Garden” bookmark and I think it is my favorite of all.

Dream Garden Bookmark
Dream Garden Bookmark

On this one I’ve used images titled “Flying Toward a Slice of THe Night”, middle image is “Meditation Garden” and the bottom one comes from my painting titled “Namaste”. All three images are calming to me and just make me feel happy when I look at them.

L. Gruger Bookmarks
L. Gruger Bookmarks

I really love my bookmarks. I might have already done a blog post about this but I just wanted to share some more photos of them.

Bookmarks on my fridge
Bookmarks on my fridge

I’ve always been one to have inspiring things surrounding me. I think it started when my folks put up a huge cork board in my bedroom on one wall when I was a kid so I could tack up my drawings and things that I found that I liked to look at. I just like to have inspiring things around me. It sparks something inside…it taps into creativity that is waiting to soar!

My art studio is surrounded with things that I like and I have my bookmarks hanging about, taped here and there. I like things that dangle and make tinkly music or reflect light or if they do both, that’s even better!


I have fun things on my window sill, like my Gnome “Oleg”.

The Knome "Oleg"
The Gnome "Oleg"

And the magnetic words that I can play with inspire me.

Magnetic words in my art studio.
Magnetic words in my art studio.

What 3 things do you have sitting about that inspire you?

Colorful Bookmarks made from Mini Paintings

Lately there’s a couple things I’ve been collecting from my travels and one of them is bookmarks. I love having different bookmarks from places I’ve been. I have bookmarks from Italy and Baja that I especially enjoy using. And I do love art bookmarks that feature the work of artists I admire. So on that note, I decided to make some of my own bookmarks featuring the artwork of some of my mini paintings.

Dream Garden Bookmark
Dream Garden Bookmark

I used my large format printer to print out the images on heavy weight fine art paper. I put 2 coats of acrylic satin varnish on them which makes the colors really vibrant and the surface super smooth. So far I’ve made three different bookmarks. The first one I call my Garden Dream Series and it features 3 abstract flower paintings. I decided to attach them to a 5″ x 7″ card with clear plastic corners and put them in a cello sleeve so someone could use it as a gift. I was going to put an envelope in with them but decided against it. But one could mail it in an envelope and write on the back of the 5″ x 7″ card.

Jeweled Sky Bookmark
The next set I made are images from my Jeweled Sky mini paintings. So I call it the Jeweled Sky Series Bookmarks.

The back of the bookmark has some hand printed type at the bottom of it that says the date and my website URL. I don’t want folks to forget where it came from. The back of the 5″ x 7″ card has some small handprinted type at the bottom of the card as well that reads “Hand Made by Lindy Gruger Hanson” “Bend, Oregon” ”” I always like when things say the date and where they came from. I have a few things I’ve picked up in my travels that say that. I have a Santa Christmas Ornament from Hawaii with the date on it. It reminds me of that trip every time I hang it on the tree and I smile inside remembering how silly it seemed to be buying a Christmas Ornament in Hawaii when it was near 90 degrees.

Holiday Bookmark

Then I made a Holiday bookmark that features my “Angel Guide The Way” painting, my “Fly with Joy” and “I Love The Seasons” images. I think they would make great stocking stuffers! I might make a more masculine bookmark so I can give them to my nephews …oooo, I hope they’re not reading this 😉  My best friend might like one but she’ll probably stick it on the fridge for decoration…hmmm, that’s an idea, I might put one on my fridge just for fun to decorate it… and then my sister who reads a lot might like one and then there’s my Mom who enjoys reading and uses bookmarks…maybe you know someone too who might like one? Find them at my Etsy Shop at Enjoy!