This 1964 International truck is inspiring me

1964 International Pickup

This truck is like a tank. It’s the hardiest vehicle I’ve ridden in. It’s our 1964 CL1100 Harvester International pickup.

I’ve been thinking of putting one in a painting. I’ve used other vintage vehicles in some of my paintings and this truck has been calling me.

This truck originally belonged to my late husband, Peter. The first time I rode in it I felt like I was in a tank because it’s so sturdy! It has 4 wheel drive and some special gears that make it jug, jug, jug a long if you want to go through tough, rugged territory. It’s an amazing vehicle!

It had a few mechanical problems over the years but last year Greg got it running! Yay!

We’ve had fun taking it to the beach. Belle likes riding in the back.

I like riding in the front.

International pickup at the beach

I’m inspired by it’s funkiness.

And it’s lines.

1964 International Pickup

I like the shape of the front end.

Some paintings I’ve made that were inspired by old vans (hippie vans) and cars (namely Bugs) were really fun to make so maybe a truck will be showing up soon.

I took a bunch of photos to refer to. I’m going to do some sketches from some of them.

What’s inspiring you lately?

I've been taking a little vacation

Hi, I’ve been taking a little vacation in Seattle to celebrate my birthday. It’s been a week of celebration. It’s been really terrific. We spent some time at the beach on Camano Island. It’s been raining but it’s still been great!

We’ve been sitting by the wood stove, reading, listening to the rain.
We took long beach walks.


We collected cool, patterned wood.


And colorful rocks.


And admired what the neighbors did with their collected beach rocks.


So pretty in the rain.
We admired the colors of green and red and how the rain makes colors so intense!
It’s been very relaxing and peaceful.
And then my sister and I are spending some time together and sorting through some of my Mom’s things. Mom passed away last March. We sure miss her. Since my sister and I don’t get together very often, we decided it would be a good way to celebrate our upcoming birthdays — to spend some time together reminiscing and  sorting.  So that is what we are doing for the next couple days.
Today I found a prayer in some of my Mom’s things that she had hand written on a small piece of yellow note paper. I liked it and thought I would share it with you. I thought it powerfully well written. I don’t know who the author is.
Alzheimer’s Prayer

Please grant my visitors tolerance for my confusion,

Forgiveness for my irrationality

And strength to walk with me

into the mist of memory my world has become.

Please help them to take my  hand and stay awhile

even though I seem unaware of their presence.

Help them to know how their strength and loving care

will drift slowly into the days to come

just when I need it most.

Let them know when I don’t recognize them

That I will… I will

keep their hearts free from sorrow for me.

For my sorrow, when it comes,

only lasts a moment, then it’s gone.

And finally, please let them know

how much their visits mean to me —

even through this relentless mystery

I can still feel their love.