art studio

My art studio nestled in the forest

art studio plants

I painted my art studio green. I may have a lot of bright colors in my paintings but I love earthy colors too. Green seemed perfect for my art studio as it is nestled in the woods. I think I will paint the trim brown but that will be another day. There is a path down to it. Here it is before I put some shade loving plants in front of it. You have to walk down some wooden stairs…

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Original Painted Steer Skull

steer skull art by lindy gaskill

I love the look of a southwest style painted steer skull. And I thought it would be fun to paint one myself. When we were in Baja last Spring I got the chance. A man stopped by our place one day with a pick up truck full of plain, white steer skulls. All of them were beautiful. It’s often hard to find ones that are so complete and not deteriorated. I chose one to paint and purchased it. We cleaned…

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Update on Art Studio Remodel

sweeping walls of art studio

We’re back in Sedro Woolley and Greg and I have been working on my art studio remodel. I’m excited to say it’s almost done. I loved my old studio and this one is similar and about the same size. Both are sheds turned into an art studio. More Work to Do We still need to paint the outside of it and put some molding around the floor but then I can start moving stuff in! I can’t wait to start…

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This shed is getting a remodel into an art studio

before studio shot

So many of you know we moved to Sedro Woolley to a place on the Skagit River. So I haven’t had a usable art studio for awhile. Today, we were finally able to empty out this little shed. It was used as a storage shed this past winter and has been waiting to have it’s contents moved into the garage! And now it’s done! I’m so excited because this is going to be the home of my new art studio!…

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Creative Joy by Jennifer Louden

Creative Joy Art Studio

I just signed up recently for Jennifer Louden’s Newsletter.  One get’s a free download of her Guide “How to Follow Through on Your Creative Desires” when you sign up. It sounded intriguing so I signed up. She also has a free download on her website titled Creative Joy Journal + Playbook. She says about it, “Write in, draw in, and dribble crumbs on, paint on, and cry tears over! Download for free at (near the bottom of the page).…

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Painting on a sunlit morning.

art studio window with forest

Painting on a sunlit morning. The forest shines beyond my window. Soaking up the light through the window, paint is selected. Cadmium yellow, Phalo blue, a vivid red, Mars black, white. A clear mind. Tapping into intention. I become a conduit of energy, conjuring images, my brush moves across the canvas. Pattern. Shapes. Texture. String dabbled in paint. Pattern scraped and printed, brushed and stamped. More color here… more color there. The art is magic. Harnessing the sacred moment of…

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Painting in the studio today

Artist Lindy Gaskill working in studio

It’s cloudy and rainy today. A good day to be working on my paintings. I love painting in the studio! It’s not that cold out but I am bundled up so I can have the door open and the fresh forest air come inside. This is what’s on my art table. Belle likes keeping me company. 🙂 What a sweetie! I like using my old 2007 Jubelale six pack packaging to store some supplies. My studio gnome “Oleg” watches over…

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What I'm Learning in the Bloom True e-course

I am really loving the Bloom True e-course by Flora Bowley. It’s such a nice mix of video’s, instruction, interviews, sketchbook time, gratefulness, yoga, etc. It is truly a mind, body, spirit type of class and it is just what I had hoped it would be. I understand why it is titled the “brave, intuitive you” e-course. It definitely takes being brave to push oneself to make authentic paintings based on the symbols, and marks from one’s intuitive and true…

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Having Fun in the Studio

My new studio is shaping up. I’m working on some paintings that I started a while ago but got interrupted because of our move to Prescott, AZ. Now I can finally get back to them! Yay! I’m working on some mini’s and some pieces on paper. What are you working on?

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Transforming my art studio

I was going to do a post about 2011 and my story about getting to where we are now in Prescott, AZ but then I decided nope, I’m going to start blogging about today, right now. Sorry the story is getting a skip in it since I haven’t been writing much lately. But just know that things are straightening themselves out and I’m getting back on track with my art. First thing up, getting my art studio ready to work…

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Video of my Baja Art Studio

It took me awhile to finally make a video of my Baja art studio but here it is. We were there in May and June of this year. I’ve had people ask me what it looks like so I thought this would help you visualize it. It’s pretty nice to have walls and big windows with shutters to let the light in. They also keep out the dust and wind when it picks up. Take a look.

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The Journey Continues

I love the Brave Girls Club email from today. (Header art by the Brave Girl’s Club) Dear Lovely Girl,Are you suffering from destination frustration? It’s quite amazing that we often really really really let ourselves believe that ‘someday’ we will get ‘there’. Someday we will have it all figured out, someday we will have the perfect day, or the perfect body, or the perfect year, or the perfect family, or the perfect marriage. And then we hold on to that…

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See My Curiosity Cabinet

I came across a website called There is a pdf one can get for free that is about 5 Ways to Rally Criosity, Delight & Dee[ Connnection into Your Creative Profession & Life. in a nutshell # 2 was: Keep a personal or professional curiosity cabinet I had an ah ha moment when I read the words Curiousity Cabinet. That is exactly what I made one time but never had a word or title for it. I just alled…

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We're going travelling

We’re going on a road trip to Baja. It’s going to be a nice getaway especially after the past month we’ve gone through with my Mom passing. Greg and I will be gone for 2 months. I sure am looking forward to it! I have to say we don’t think of this time as a “vacation” though because we both will be working while we’re gone except when we’re driving of course, but we will be having fun and enjoying…

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Painting in the studio

I’m enjoying painting in the studio under the palapa. It gets sorta windy up there though and I’ve had to put up some tapestry blankets on one side to cut the wind. It works pretty good. Today I’m working on more bird paintings (raven) and lyrical worlds. I’ll post some images of these new paintings soon.

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