I Made Another YouTube Art Video

It’s not that making videos is that hard on my MacBook. I use iMovie and it’s pretty intuitive. But it’s hard to find the time! And I can’t seem to figure out how to get rid of that annoying sound, the hummm, that is in the background of my voice talking. Oh well, it is an exercise in letting go and saying, “things do not have to be perfect.” I just wanted to get it done and share with you a bit about making it.

I’ve had the video pieces on my Mac since June but finally put them together last night. This is a video about the painting I made for the Fur Ball Auction in Todos Santos that benefits the dogs and cats there. You can read info about that in an earlier post. I believe the auction will be in January in 2012.


New Moonheadmama Painting Video on Youtube

The making of the first Moonheadmama painting is now on my youtube channel. It is a short video that shows most of how I made this art. And painting No. 1 is also listed on ebay! 20% of the proceeds will go to a non-profit called Acres of Hope which helps homeless women and their children.

UPDATE: This painting was SOLD on ebay.

First Moonheadmama Painting Finished

“She Sang a Garden Lullaby
to Moonbaby”

14″ x 11″
Acrylic on Paper

I finished my first Moonheadmama painting this afternoon. #1 in the series. I’ve always loved the title Moonheadmama and I’ve had a web site by that name for about 5 years. It was here in Todos Santos over a couple margaritas and some creative brainstorming that the name Moonheadmama was born. But since then I haven’t done a lot with the Moonheadmama.com web site so recently I decided to use it to showcase Moonheadmama paintings! I will also be putting these new paintings on ebay and auctioning them off to the highest bidder. 20% of the proceeds will go to the non-profit Acres of Hope. Acres of Hope is a long term housing program for homeless women with children. I also made a video on the making of the first Moonheadmama painting and I’ll be putting it on my Youtube channel soon!

I’m positive this series of paintings will evolve as I continue to paint them. I enjoyed it immensely because I pretty much let this painting create itself. I like the title too which is always a big part of my paintings. “She Sang a Garden Lullably to Moonbaby”…I think it’s sweet. The Moonheadmama series will celebrate love, hope, joy, peacefulness and the ties between mother and child.

Art at Auction

I’m celebrating being back from Costa Rica by putting a painting on eBay. I’ve made the starting bid discounted by $200.00! This is the first time I’ve put my paintings on eBay.

Title of painting: Red Dog Sleeps by the Light of the Moon, size: 20″ x 16″, acrylic on canvas. Ready to hang, color wraps around a 2″ edge.

See listing at this link: eBay. I hope you’ll take a look.