We're Living in a Shoe

Greg said the other day, “We’re living in a shoe.” That cracked me up! We are staying in a small space!

It may feel like a shoe but it’s a a Supreme Rocket!


A Silver Streak trailer.


And it’s magical at night when we turn on the star lights at dusk.


And look out at the canyon.


And the reflections bounce about from the breeze and cast diamond shaped shadows.


We are enjoying ourselves and I know all those times we lived down in Baja in our little casita has prepared us for these close quarters. No problemo…only a few more weeks till we move to Prescott!

And I am so enjoying painting in the tipi!


Sitting on the floor creating  – my paintings surround me.

I hung up a star to remind me to think of the things that bring me joy! Like star light!


I can see blue sky and juniper above me.


My paintings catch a little sunshine to help them dry.


A few are almost complete…stay tuned for more.


What’s bringing you joy lately?

I have a tipi art studio for 5 weeks

For the next 5 weeks, my art studio is a lovely tipi! It’s awesome! I feel like I’m on a painting retreat.

Many of you know that I own my own tipi so when I found out that the place where we are temporarily staying at had a tipi on the property, I was very happy! There’s just something about tipis that I love. Maybe it’s the cozy womb-like feeling inside a tipi. I knew it would make a great art studio for me.


It’s in an enchanted spot too – nestled in a mini canyon.


Surrounded by old, mossy juniper and lava rock.


It’s set on a playwood platform so it has a solid floor.


Every tipi needs a mascot and I chose the coyote. We can hear the coyotes at night howling in the desert.

Not long ago, my friend, Ingrid Lustig, sent me one of her coyote notecards so that is sitting on the table inside. I love Ingrid’s use of color! It inspires me!


I like to work on the floor so I’ve spread my paints out with a couple rugs and have set to work on creating some new work.


Here’s a small sample of what I’m working on. I’m loving that mossy green color!

art-in-tipiI’ll show you more in my next blog post.


Also, if you’re interest in where this tipi was made….Check out http://www.tipi.com It’s a company called Nomadics and they’re located between Bend and Sisters, Oregon. This is who made the one I own as well!

Native American Images in my Art