New Whimsical Tree Painting with Floating Moon Shadows

Whimsical Tree Painting

Floating moons. A tattooed tree. Brilliant shades of blue.

This is my latest whimsical tree painting titled “One Stood in the Shadow of the Floating Moons II.” I call my whimsical trees with the tattooed bark “Peace Trees.” Peace Trees represent peace and good will. Often times I will have prayer flags with them. This one has floating moons.

Whimsical Tree Painting

“One Stood in the Shadow of the Floating Moons II”, 12″ x 24″, acrylic on wood panel, $575

Whimsical Tree Painting

When I first created painting #1 with the same title, I was in Prescott, AZ. I had never heard of floating moon shadows. I just came up with the name after I painted it. This painting was one of three whimsical trees in a triptych. I was showing it at the gallery in Prescott, AZ called Van Gogh’s Ear. It sold quickly.

One Stood in the Shadow of the Floating Moons 1

(Above: detail of painting titled One Stood in the Shadow of the Floating Moons, sold)

I liked it so much I made a card and a print out of it. You can find the print in my Etsy shop.

Moon Shadows

Last summer, during the solar eclipse, I definitely saw moon shadows! I immediately had to take photos! The moon shadows (or maybe they are reflections of light?) were floating on our garage.

Wow, it was amazing! They were all over our property. It was pretty cool.

solar eclipse moon shadows

Recently I was thinking about the floating moons and decided to paint another peace tree painting with them.

Favorite Titles

I have to admit I love the title. “One Stood in the Shadow of the Floating Moons” sounds like a lyrical poem when I say it which makes me happy. Just like my paintings.

Some of my other favorite titles are “Big Sun, Hidden Buddha,” “She Built Her Nest with Flowers and Bits of Sky” and “Red Dog Sleeps Under the Light of the Moon.

Did you see any floating moons during the solar eclipse? Any fav titles that you can share?





Finally in our new home

Happy New Year! We’re celebrating because we finally got into our new home in Prescott, Arizona! Wow, it was a challenge to get here but we finally made it!

We love the property and the view and the quiet. This house is a fixer upper though. We’re already on hands and knees, tearing up carpet and taking down the stuff we don’t need like the old shelving and yucky wood wall board in my art studio. There is cat fencing to take down and all kinds of junk that makes a huge pile to haul away!

But we love watching the transformation and getting rid of the things the house no longer needs.

And we’re loving the town of Prescott which was a wonderful, magical light show during Christmas and New Years.


I just couldn’t take enough photos of the magical tree forest in the Courthouse Square.


These photos just don’t do it justice. It was so beautiful with all the glowing, colorful lights!



And the Courthouse was pretty magnificent the way it was lit up too.


I hope to be back with more regular blog posts but we are super busy so I may be sporadic for awhile until we get more settled and into a routine.

Here’s hoping you had a wonderful Holiday Season and I wish you the very best for 2012!

I can’t wait to see what new art comes out of my Prescott art studio.