Art interview with Rita Loyd

Rita Loyd Art - Seeking Comfort

I’ve been an admirer of Rita Loyd’s art for quite some time. Her paintings healing messages touch me. She uses images of women which symbolically represent different aspects of all women’s lives and this really draws me in.

I love the whimsical imagery and color and I’m a big fan of symbolism so this is just my kind of art!

I put together some questions for Rita to learn more about her art and creative process. Read her artist interview below. And you can find some of my other artist interviews on my blog here>>

Artist Rita Loyd,
Rita Loyd

Rita, will you tell us a little bit about your journey to creating your art and being an artist?
I began painting my art in 1996 as a way to cope with chronic illness. I wanted to create art that was uplifting for me to look at and that would give me hope of recovery. I painted myself as I was or how I wished to be.

How long did it take you to develop your own style and when did you know this is what you wanted to do?
I developed my own style within a year I think of painting in my early 30’s. At first my painted women looked similar to an Asian artist’s style that I had admired. They were jeweled, tall and thin women. But then I decided to paint my women with a more realistic appearance and who were plainly dressed to put more emphasis on the message of the painting rather than on the details of what they were wearing.

I knew I wanted to create healing art from the first painting that I did in my early 30’s. I named this first painting Hearts Touching. It was while painting this image that a message came into my mind that said, “You will continue to paint and the art that you paint will help you and others to heal.”

Foundation of Inner Strength by Rita Loyd
Foundation of Inner Strength by Rita Loyd

What drives you to come up with ideas for your work, what are your sources of inspiration?
My art is my therapy. It helps me to look for my answers in life and to share the advice that helps me the most. Its also a reflection of my self-love journey and what I think can happen when we love ourselves.

Can you explain your creative process?
The way I decide on what to paint next is that I ask myself the question, “What’s bothering me?” And, then I reflect upon my spiritual studies and personal wisdom to find advice on how to best handle this problem. Next, I think of the symbolism I can use to get that message across and that is what I paint.

Do you throw much work away? Do you ever paint over a painting you aren’t happy with?
I recently threw a painting away because I painted another one that I thought conveyed its message more clearly. But then an on-line magazine wanted to share the one I threw away and it made me regret tossing it. Luckily they were able to use the image of it that I shared on Facebook a while back.

Other paintings I have thrown away were because they were not coming from my heart and from my deep authentic process. They were painted just to paint. So I didn’t have a heart connection with them.

Love Yourself Unconditionally by Rita Loyd
Love Yourself Unconditionally by Rita Loyd

What has been a turning point in your art career and why?
A huge turning point came years after I began painting. It was when I discovered that my art and creative process were teaching me how to unconditionally love myself. I had known that my art was healing and nurturing but I didn’t know what it was healing or what it was nurturing. Turns out it was nurturing self-love and healing self-hate.

Knowing what my art was about gave me direction in life and from there I wrote a book about self-love and my book is just about to sell out so I am working on its 2nd edition. This book is even being used in domestic violence centers to help survivors of abuse find self-love and I am very happy about that. My dream is to one day get my book into more domestic violence shelters and centers and it become the gold standard in teaching self-love to survivors.

How do you want someone to feel when he or she views your work?
I would love for people to walk away from my art having a deeper sense of how to connect with unconditional self love.

How important is the title of a painting to you and when and how do you title a piece?
My titles are very important because they convey the message of the painting. The title is based on the advice I am trying to convey. So I know the title or the basis of the title first.

When you feel self-criticism setting in or feel overwhelmed or unfocused, what do you do to get back on track?
When I feel unfocused or blocked I walk away from the drawing and rest. Sometimes taking a walk will help clear my head if I have the energy to take a walk. My inspiration comes in slowly and I can’t hurry the process. It might take months to visualize what I want to paint. I only paint about 3 paintings a year.

Fill in the blank: In the last five years, I’ve become better at __________.
Loving myself. Self-love is a gradual awakening and I am learning to take better care of myself.

You Are Bigger by Rita Loyd
You Are Bigger by Rita Loyd

If you could get a message out to millions or billions of people or even the entire world population — what would it say and why? 
Heal and empower your life through unconditional self-love. Believe in yourself and believe in what you have to offer. Now, more than ever, we need everyone to wake up to their abilities and to use their abilities to help save the planet and humanity.

What’s your current or next art project?
After I finish revising the 2nd edition of my unconditional self-love book I want to focus getting that book into more domestic violence centers.

I also want to create an interactive art exhibit teaching people how to nurture unconditional self-love. So I want to paint the main lessons that I teach about self-love. For example, one lesson is to slow down and take the time to listen to how you feel. So I have a painting to convey that message. Some messages are harder to paint than others and I am trying to visualize those concepts.

Anything else you want people to know about you?
My art and story will be in the mindfulness issue of Where Women Create Magazine in late November. It will not only feature my own art but some of the art from artists I have interviewed on my website. I can’t wait to see it!

Thank you Rita for sharing your journey with us!

I hope you all will visit Rita’s lovely website at


Art + Healing continued

Inspiration and Dedication
Every artist finds inspiration in a different way. For some, their creativity is as essential as breathing. It is an absolute necessity to life and frequently an unconscious but burning desire, part of their psyche and their persona. But this creativity simply has to be expressed and they come to know this yearning and hunger early on in life.

Theirs is a gift that brings great joy and also a deeper understanding of the world around them. That understanding is one we can all share when we communicate through the art we create.

Others, of course, come to art and its healing powers from a very different perspective. Personal tragedy, trauma and bereavement are every bit as much part of the human condition as triumph, hope and good luck. Few of us are blessed enough to avoid the bad things in life and the path out of the despair and misery caused by life traumas can often seem too dark and terrifying to travel alone. Imagine your joy then if, just as you feel life is too bleak to go on, you find a way to the light through art.

Nurtured by Nature

Nature is the most wondrous of inspirations – think of those magnificent landscapes created by the likes of Turner and Thomas Cole. Immerse yourself in Monet’s extraordinary water lilies and drink in the vivid colour of Van Gogh’s sunflowers. All around us are quite magnificent vistas, the smallest of flowers and the tallest of trees anchoring us to the earth and sparking our imagination and our desire to create. Nature has a magic, an aura that has the capacity to move us to tears but also to catapult us into another world. Such a world is a blissful alternative to what might be a painful reality and it is a world in which the only boundaries are the limits of your imagination.

Continuation of a Family Healed by Art

I love nature and use it for inspiration when I’m creating my art. Yesterday I was telling you some thoughts on how I’m a big believer in the power of art to heal. I believe nature and art both have healing powers and when you put the two together to create an image, it can be transformative.

I was telling you about how I received an email from a woman who found my art and used it to heal herself and her family.

My “Peace Tree” paintings of which you can see two below are some of my favorite images to create. As said above, Nature has magic in it, and I wanted to capture some of that magic in my art.


Left: The Trees Sing to the River: Right: The Trees Sparkle and Sing

The woman who found my art, watched some of my youtube videos, and on the suggestion of a therapist tried her hand at painting her own “Peace Trees.” She put herself and her family under the trees, dancing under the healing light of the moon with starlight and magic and swirls of positive energy surrounding them. I love this painting!

Dancing People Under Peace Trees


Although she may not call herself an artist, I would say she definitely is! And although it was her first painting, one would never know it because it tugs at the heart strings and I know that is how great artists paint, affecting the emotions of their viewers!

The artist wrote me about her process of making the painting, how she was using positive thinking and how the art she created felt healing. She wrote,

…”I thought of what I wanted, to hear the news that this nightmare was over. I felt the joy, I pictured us dancing with absolute joy amongst the Peace Trees, free at last and happy and whole.

And so I painted it. With every brushstroke, I let the joy ooze into the canvas. I danced in the twilight with my husband and my son, among the trees, the fireflies and the stars. Joyous and free like children in nature. The painting that resulted was my first. I love it and what it represents. It gave me peace as we battled for those two years to prove my husband’s innocence. It gave me hope.”

She goes on to tell me what happened in her community and the injustice of the police investigating the accident and the rumors that were spread that took advantage of her husband’s memory loss. It was tragic and I admire this woman’s strength and courage to stay the course, having faith that things are going to turn out okay.

Eliminating the Negative

Here is one of the most wondrous things about art: talent isn’t everything. That’s right, you don’t “have” to have the extraordinary ability of a Michelangelo or a Picasso to become at one with art. What matters when you come to art as a way of healing is that you are willing to embrace and accept your emotions, your strengths and, yes, your failings. For art to help in the healing process, you must be willing instinctively to commit to the process as the best way of expressing your pain and hurt – and ultimately of letting it go, all that negativity washed away like sand on the beach.

More on This Family’s Story

“…We will file complaints about how poorly it was investigated and how so much evidence was not collected. They will never care nor be made accountable for the suffering caused. But at least it was over.

When we got the news, we screamed, we cried and we danced. My painting now symbolizes the joy we felt after the struggle. All things are possible. Miracles really do happen. We got through this very difficult time in our lives and we came out dancing. Things can still be tough, as dealing with an acquired brain injury is difficult for all involved, but we will get through it.

I just needed to let you know how much your art has impacted our lives and has become an inspiration for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating that magical place that was my escape for so long. Your art became my lifeline and the act of painting became the prayer of my soul. There is no way to say a big enough thank-you to really truly compensate for what you have done. I realize this letter is extremely long and probably borders on too-much-information, but I really need you to understand the depth of the darkness I was facing so that you can see just how much you helped.

With overflowing, heartfelt gratitude”

And my heart is overflowing with gratitude and good energy for this woman and her family! I am so happy it all turned out well and although they have challenges ahead of them, they are dancing!


Parts of this article on art + healing were written by Lisa Jones.

Art + Healing

I believe in art and healing. They go hand in hand as far as I’m concerned. From way back, I’ve felt that art had healing powers. It is why when I was in my late 30’s I decided to go back to school to become an art therapist (that’s another story). Although I didn’t become an “actual” art therapist, I’ve used art as a tool for my own healing and I’ve seen it help others lives as well.

And with those words, I am honored to be the featured artist on the June 2013 issue of Arts & Health magazine.



Healed by the Power of Art
Art has an extraordinary power that inspires creativity piques curiosity and unleashes all kinds of emotions. Creating a simple pencil drawing can have an incredibly intense and positive effect on an individual, while viewing a powerful piece of work can give us that same intoxicating, almost spiritual experience.

Art is instantly accessible to all – all you need is pen and paper and, of course, your imagination. And as feelings and emotions are expressed through sketching, drawing or painting, the burden of pain and hurt can often be lifted.

Seeds of Hope in Depths of Despair
The power of art has been harnessed by psychotherapists who use every aspect of the genre, from the visual arts to music and dance, in a therapeutic environment to aid healing and treatment. Substance abusers and alcohol addicts are particularly helped by this type of therapy. Some treatments in Utah, for example, offer recovery programs that offer in-patient services where the individual can find hope for a sober and addiction-free future by expressing their fears and concerns through their creativity. Even if only for a fleeting moment, art has the power to remove the recovering addict from the grimness of their situation and can help to set their spirit free.

How Art Helped Heal a Family

A few months ago I received an email from one of my Facebook followers. It was a heartfelt letter about how my art and her family’s healing process were intertwined. I’m not going to say who the person was to protect her privacy but it was very touching!

I’ve received other correspondence such as this through the years but none as powerful as this one. It really touched me to my core. It began,

“I need to tell you how your artwork saved my life.

I know that sounds very dramatic and cliché but it’s the truth.

Nearly three years ago, my husband was in a horrible car accident that took the life of his friend and nearly took his life too. Because of his injuries, he has been forever changed and now lives with a brain injury.”

I was gripped by this letter. I read on with intense interest and concern plus the question, how did my art help this person and her family?

She went on to tell me her story about her husband, his loss of memory, the false accusations about the accident and how they prayed for healing and for things to get better. She wrote,

“I have no idea how I found your website. It was fate or Divine intervention. Your Peace Trees spoke to me. They reminded me of our cabin in the forest, surrounded by poplar and birch trees. They also seemed to have such a magical spirit to them. A magic I so desperately needed. I stared at them, willing myself to enter that forest and be sheltered by their magical tattooed branches. I cried so many tears under those branches, felt the breeze tame my fears and started to heal.”

I had goose bumps reading her story.

“I had started trying my hand at painting, at the suggestion of one of the therapists at the hospital. I have no training and very little talent but I saw your videos on youtube and thought I would try….”

To be continued….

Check back tomorrow for more of this inspiring story.


Parts of this article on art + healing were written by Lisa Jones.


Inspirational Positive Affirmations Card Decks are here

Positive Affirmations Intentions Card Deck
Inspirational Intentions Card Deck

You may recall that in 2010 I designed some mini inspirational card decks. I did a blog post about them and sold them in my Etsy Shop.  I now have new card decks for 2013!

I’m a big fan of the idea that words are important! I was inspired by the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. One of the agreements is “Be impeccable with your word.”

Louise Gale says, “Choosing good thoughts and feelings and reacting to challenging situations positively raises our vibrational level and helps us attract the things we want in our life.”

The idea what I say and think is something that can attract what I want into my life often goes through my mind so I try to be “impeccable with my word” and choose the good ones. says that being impeccable with your word means, “Speak with integrity.  Say only what you mean.  Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others.  Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

Impeccable means “without sin” and a sin is something you do or believe that goes against yourself.  It means not speaking against yourself, to yourself or to others.  It means not rejecting yourself.  To be impeccable means to take responsibility for yourself, to not participate in “the blame game.”

Regarding the word, the rules of “action-reaction” apply.  What you put out energetically will return to you.  Proper use of the word creates proper use of energy, putting out love and gratitude perpetuates the same in the universe.  The converse is also true.

Impeccability starts at home.  Be impeccable with yourself and that will reflect in your life and your relationships with others.  This agreement can help change thousands of other agreements, especially ones that create fear instead of love.”

Positive Affirmations Card Deck

Choosing the right thoughts and words is important  because thoughts are energy and as it was said above, one attracts what one puts out into the Universe. So thinking positively can attract positive energy into your life.

Health and Wellness Card
Card from the Wellness Card Deck.

I believe we are all creators and we were made to create our intentionality. So put your intentions out there! I’ve created these two decks to help you do just that. Use these mini decks of 24 inspirational cards to help you visualize and create the life you intend.

There are two decks, one is the Intentions Card Deck with positive affirmations and the other is the Wellness & Weight Loss Card Deck with thoughts on staying healthy and losing weight. Each of these tiny decks is made up of 24 cards with a different saying on each card.

Inspirational Wellness & Weight Loss Card Deck
Inspirational Wellness & Weight Loss Card Deck

I love the feel of them in my hands. The cards are very, very smooth and printed on a heavy card stock with a matte finish. The colors radiate beautifully and each mini deck is tied up with a golden ribbon and put inside a shimmery cloth bag.

Card from the Wellness & Weight Loss Deck.

I have the cards spread around my art studio, on my window sill, and clipped to a string lining the wall.

Card from the Intentions Deck
Card from the Intentions Deck.

I think these little cards are a great way to start off the New Year.

My New Years resolutions in the past have been ones that I soon forget but these cards keep me on track. I take one out in the morning and concentrate on that particular saying for the day.

Intentions Card
Card from the Intentions Deck.

You can find the Card Decks in my Etsy Shop>.

Will you share some of your New Year’s resolutions and intentions here? I would love to know.

Peace ☮

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The Beauty of Blogging

The beauty of blogging is that it’s your blog and you can blog about anything you’d like!

My blog is about my art and artist’s journey and offering tips about things that can help other artists with their biz and about our travels when we’re not making art but sometimes I sway off course and blog about other things.

This is one of those “other” things.

This post is about beauty products. There have been a couple people that have asked me what beauty products I like to use on my skin. So I will tell you.

But first I’ll tell you a story. I am 52 yrs old. But when I was in my 20’s one of my best friend’s let me read one of her books about how to get good skin and stay young looking. I can’t recall the exact name of the book but I think it was something like “The Good Skin Diet”. Some years later I tried searching online for that title again and haven’t come up with that book so it must be called something else.

Avalon Organics Vit. C Lotion

But anyway, I read the book and I got a couple things out of it.

One, a diet high in wild caught salmon is good for your skin. The health benefits of fish oil or omega-3 fatty acids are well written about. Some of them regarding skin condition are oil production regulation, increased hydration, reduced acne and fewer wrinkles. And I do believe these are true. If you’re not going to eat fish on a regular basis then I recommend a purified, high quality fish oil supplement. I do both.

Another thing I got out of the book was the use of ester-C on one’s skin is beneficial. Since then, I’ve used a number of Vitamin C lotions and come up with two that I love.

The first one is by Avalon Organics. It’s called the Vitamin C Moisture Plus Lotion with SPF 15. I LOVE this lotion. I usually buy it when it’s on sale at Fred Meyer’s. But recently, I found it on Amazon and also at I’ve also used just about all of the other Avalon Organics Vitamin C products over the years and love them all but this one is my fav.

So, the other skin care lotion I love is Derma-e’s Ester C Cremé with E which you can also find at Freddie’s in their natural foods dept. or at Amazon or So there you go. These are my favorite skin care products.

The other thing I do is take anti-oxidant supplements on a regular basis and I think it keeps my skin in good shape.


And if you’re wondering, I’m not an affiliate for any of these products. I’m just sharing because I love using them!

What are some of your favorite skin care products? I’m always open to trying something new.

UPDATE: My friend who I mentioned in the beginning of this post reminded me the book we read in our 20’s was called The Wrinkle Cure by Dr. Perricone. So funny how our mind changes things over time, I was sure it was something similar to the “Good Skin Diet”, but no. Maybe we were in our 30’s, that would make more sense thinking about wrinkles. Ha ha.

I'm Celebrating with an Art Giveaway

It’s St. Paddy’s day and I’m celebrating being on a health kick! No green beer for me but that’s okay because I’m feeling really, really good!

I’m celebrating the 2 week mark of my 30/30 program which is 30 minutes a day of exercise for 30 days! So far so good! I’m turning 52 in April so I want to be feeling and looking good for my birthday.

Last Sunday, we moved our treadmill inside that was out on the deck. That sure has helped me get my 30 minutes in and I’m so glad I don’t have to run in the cold! I don’t consider myself a “runner” so it is a challenge to do any kind of running for me! But I’m doing it. I started out walk/running and gradually I’m adding in more running than walking. And it’s working. I’m feeling great! I’m also doing yoga, bike riding, weight lifting and dancercize on days when I’m not on the treadmill.

Plus I’m roughly following a healthy diet by Ann Louise Gittleman. She’s written over 25 books on nutrition, dieting and staying healthy. I love what she has to say. I know her from her Fat Flush Plan and Fast Track Detox diet books. If you’re interested in nutrition like I am, you can get lots of info on Gittleman’s website.

Turns out it’s been a year since my last art giveaway so I’m due for another one. I meant to start it on March 5th when I began my exercise program but I forgot.

So here’s how it will work. One person will win two of my inspirational card decks  –  one Inspirational Card  Deck for Wellness and Weight Loss and one Card Deck to nurture your Creative Spirit. I love these cards and I use them myself! They feature my artwork paired with positive affirmations!

Inspirational Card Decks

The two decks will come tied up with golden ribbon in a cute little celestial drawstring bag. I love stars and moons!


They’re tiny cards but they pack a lot of punch with their inspirational words and the colorful art!


The positive affirmations will help you stay on track with your health goals or inspire your creative spirit.


I put them on my window sill.


The contest giveaway will run for one week from March 17th to March 24th, and the winner will be announced on my blog Friday, March 25th.

I will use a random number generator to choose the winner.

Also, please remember to leave your email in the posts so I can contact you if you’re the winner!

Note: Please remember to list each comment separately. If you put all your entries into one comment, it will only be counted once!

Here’s how to enter:

Do one (or all) of the following:

1. Let’s inspire each other, tell me your favorite way to stay healthy or jump start your creativity and post it as a separate comment (1 entry).

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And if you just can’t wait to have one of these little decks, you can purchase them from my Etsy Shop >.

Thanks for participating and supporting living, working artists…like me!

Good luck  and wishing you
good health and much happiness!

~ Lindy


Our Backyard Garden in Bend, Oregon

A couple weeks ago we went on Bend’s Backyard Farm Tour. It was really fun. I think there were about 18 backyard gardens to go to. There was a handout and map to follow. We hit about 7 or 8 of them before we had to be somewhere else.

Backyard farmers are a happy bunch. They love sharing their knowledge and the fruits of their labor. I got some great seeds from one farmer. We talked to a Master Gardner for quite awhile at one community garden here in town. And we came away with lots of ideas.

We got really inspired. Greg got especially inspired. So much so that he came home and started building a solar greenhouse over two of our raised beds so we can grow food as long as we can into Fall and Winter.


He build a cool door that lifts up.


The door has a natural wood handle.


He dug down into the earth between the raised beds to make more head room for when we go in there.


He added twinkly lights to the ceiling and we can sit in there and pick veggies, even when it’s dark out. We added wood chips to the path too so we don’t get muddy.


I’m thrilled. Maybe by next year, we’ll be in the Backyard Farm Tour as one of the stops. Maybe. People do.


This is Greg surveying his work. The solar part of it hasn’t been built yet. It will have tubes with water in them that will get heated by the sun.


This is what we see from our back deck. I love the below shot. Those are aspen in the background that will turn a beautiful yellow as Fall progresses.


Happy full moon and sweet smell of fresh pine!


Surround Yourself with Supportive People

I was reading a post over at the called Nurturing Right Connections written by the artist Daniel J. Keys. He was talking about how important it is to surround ourselves with people, a community, who will help us to reach our full potential, to be lifted up and encouraged, to be understood that our passions and dreams bring us joy.

Keys says, “We must consider our friends and companions wisely, and take into account that the right connections can further us, and our careers, beyond what we could have ever dreamed; and the wrong connections can keep us at ground level for the rest of our lives.”

"You Are Free To Go" by L. Gruger
"You Are Free To Go" by L. Gruger

Connecting with like-minded people will help us to stretch our wings and fly! Fly toward the goals and dreams that we strive for and that will bring us happiness,  joy and the success that we were meant to live. I like that. It resonated with me as I read the article. Oh, no wonder I paint birds! They fly, they travel to new heights. It’s what I want for myself, to tap into my higher self, reach my full potential as a person, and an artist.

It made me think of the people that I know and have known over the years that have been supportive of my life and art. Who have supported me as I have followed my own path, creating it from my own design, not conforming to patterns made by others. These are my peeps! My community of friends, family, patrons…they are so cool.

"My Family Plays with Color" by L. Gruger
"My Family Plays with Color" by L. Gruger

How grateful I am to the people who connect with my colorful paintings and encourage me to paint more!  And the people I’ve met online who are contributing to the joy in my life. They enrich me with their passions and stories they’ve shared.

I’m grateful for like minded people, those who say “yes” to themselves to live their dream!

I believe choosing the right people and the right path…one that contributes to my growth and makes me feel joy and peace within is the way to go. Hope you are finding that as well.

The Way of Art and Healing

Meditation Garden by L. Gruger
Meditation Garden by L. Gruger

I have always felt art has the power to heal. At one point in my life I thought I wanted to be an art therapist. Art Therapy is a form of therapy that uses art as the tool for helping people heal. The wikipedia definition says, “Using their skills in evaluation and psychotherapy, art therapists choose materials and interventions appropriate to their clients’ needs and design sessions to achieve therapeutic goals and objectives.” I talk more about this in my One Artist’s Journey, Part 3 blog post coming up on February 4th. I didn’t become an art therapist but I still believe in the powerful connection between art and healing.

I believe art can have a healing impact on the artist, the viewer and really the whole planet, as art is in every culture all around the world! There are stories that attest to art having the power to heal the body, as well as the mind and spirit. I just read a story about art and heart health. They talked about the connection of participating in creative activities such as the making of art, using music therapy and relaxation techniques to help lower a cardiac patients stress and anxiety which can reduce the liklihood of a cardiac event.

I think we are all creative and desire wellness. Christina Grant, Ph.D, a holistic healer located on the Monterey Peninsula says ” The two desires, participating in creation and maintaining wellness, walk hand in hand.


You too, can tap into your inner creative being, and lift your spirits, release energy, maintain your wellness but it first takes a longing to reveal your creativity in a physical form, whether making marks on paper, writing, with clay, food, color, photos, metal, jewelry making, paint on canvas, wood sculpture, fabric, scraps or paper mache. It’s almost endless, the types of materials one can use to make something. And then it takes an action, a movement toward making something! I have some other blog posts under the tag “Go Make Something” that you can read and maybe be inspired from. Creative visualization is an expressive means of creativity as well! Imagine yourself doing art, being well, achieving your goals, living your dream. This is all creativity!

I like what Shifra Stein says on her Living Artfully website about being in the presence of serene and calming art. How being in it’s presence can connect you to a spiritual level of being and that can help one relax and be less stressed. I like it when I hear people talk about my art in that way. That they are calmed or energized or feel happy when they look at my paintings.

Today I found an interesting blog titled the Healing Power of ART . It is so nice to find a community of like minded souls. I love that about the web.

Manhattan Arts has an art competition that promotes art and healing called Celebrate the Healing Power of Art 2010. “Celebrate The Healing Power of Art” is an international project that celebrates Art’s tremendous healing benefits. Renée Phillips, Director of Manhattan Arts International, presents an online exhibition of positive art that uplifts the spirit, plus profiles and writings to inspire and promote Art and Healing causes. I will submit some work to this project and see what happens.

Maybe you will be inspired to go make something! Let me know if you do.

Birds and Gardens by L. Gruger
More Birds and Gardens by L. Gruger